The world of yoga has quickly become one that is very much a part of modern society. The ancient practice has come to be seen as more than just strength and flexibility training, but also as an overall lifestyle choice. Whether you want to improve your wellness, focus on creating healthy habits or find somewhere safe in the hustle and bustle of life, there are plenty of reasons why people might choose this traditional form

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that can help you to find peace of mind. Yoga Kali is a yoga wheel pose that will help your body feel grounded and open.


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There is a vast array of yoga equipment available, which keeps the practice enjoyable and open to individuals of all ages, skill levels, and body types.

This comprehensive guide to yoga attire and gear will walk you through both basic props and more complex ones that will enhance your flexibility, balance, and strength.

It makes no difference how long you have practiced yoga. Maybe you’re just learning and have no idea where to begin. Or maybe you’re an expert with years of expertise who wants to mix up your daily activities. This book has every piece of attire and accessory you might possibly need to enhance the comfort, security, and adaptability of your practice.

Yoga Wear half

Yoga clothing will become an integral part of your practice if you haven’t yet committed to doing nude yoga (see out my interview with a naked yogi here).

Truth be told, yoga attire is not designed to look attractive (but it is a crucial component to take into account when choosing a purchase). They are designed to be useful. In fact, the appropriate yoga attire will help you concentrate only on your practice, removing any distractions and making you forget you’re even wearing anything at all.

Choose safety and comfort. You’ll be astonished at how these two simple factors might improve your yoga practice.

Yoga pants

Yoga Pants & Leggings

If you like to sometimes practice at home, a pair of casual track trousers can be appropriate. However, they are only useful for slow, meditative yoga poses when you won’t be leaving your yoga mat too much. You want to feel more at ease the more you move. You do not want to wear pants that are overly heavy, restrict your mobility, or prevent perspiration from evaporating.

No need to worry if you still can’t differentiate a yoga pant from a pair of leggings. You won’t again be confused again about yoga pants vs. leggings thanks to this simple explanation!

Are you looking for a new pair of yoga pants but are unsure of what qualities to look for? See our advice on selecting yoga pants. See our best yoga pants and leggings for men and best yoga pants and leggings for women for suggestions on the finest goods available.


Yoga Pants

Shorts are a great alternative to long slacks during warmer months. They let your skin breathe and make the sweat evaporate faster, keeping you cool and dry. If you find yoga pants or leggings too restrictive or just enjoy a hot practice, Yoga Pants might be exactly what you need. Check out these best Yoga Pants for men.

Athletic bra and pants

Yoga Top

There are a wide range of items available, including tank tops, baggy shirts, crop tops, breathable tops, and much more. Always keep in mind the sort of yoga you’re doing. In a hot or Bikram class, you would want a top with enough airflow, but during an intense practice with several inversions, you would prefer a tighter-fitting shirt.

The greatest yoga shirts for men are available here, as well as our collection of the best tops and tanks for ladies.

Athletic bra and pants

Athletic bra

Female or trans yogis need this item more than anybody. Yoga is regarded as a low-impact sport, yet going from Monkey Pose to Chaturanga may not seem like it at all. Since there aren’t any bras made specifically for yoga, the good news is that you can practice yoga while wearing your workout bra.

Check out some tips on what to look for in a bra in this post if you don’t already have one.



When pulled down over the eyes during Savasana, this fashionable and multipurpose item may even aid in relaxing by helping to tame flyaways and wick away perspiration.

hang out

sock yoga

This yoga accessory will protect your feet from bacteria on rental yoga mats and studio floors, keep you warm and add stability even on the slippy yoga mat. Thanks to rubber nubs on the bottom, sock yoga are also designed to grip any surface including carpets, tiles and wooden floors. This makes them a perfect travel companion if you have no space in your luggage for a yoga mat or towel.

Check out how to choose your perfect pair and what are the best offers on the market in our article on best sock yoga.


Grab Gloves

Just like sock yoga, Grab Gloves are designed to increase traction with the surface and prevent slipping. Forget about wobbling and sliding in your Downward Dog when your palms get sweaty. Pair the gloves with non-slip socks, and you’ll be able to enjoy your yoga practice anywhere with minimum equipment.

7-Piece Yoga Set Kit

7-Piece Yoga Set Kit

  • The best yoga equipment on Amazon: You have everything you need with our seven-piece yoga kit to begin started or improve your practice. Everything you need for Pilates or other general exercises is included in the bundle. Due to its great quality and amazing pricing, our kit was included in Yoga Journal’s Best Yoga Props Accessories and is still very popular today.
  • The set includes our most popular yoga mat: The Better Grip Yoga Mat is extremely thick (6mm or 1/4 inch) and was created to provide you with the best level of comfort possible as you practice without sacrificing support and stability. For your yoga practice, the double-sided, reversible design provides you with traction on the floor as well as a sticky surface for your hands and feet. Additionally, it is larger than the typical yoga mat, measuring 72″ long by 25 1/2″ broad.

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

2/2 Yoga Equipment & Accessories

Whatever kind of yoga you decide to practice, pay attention to your body’s requirements and don’t be scared to try new things. Even while certain yoga props can seem frightening or strange at first, they all end up being a great supplement to your practice.

Yoga mat

Yoga Mat

The first and most important piece of gear you should think about purchasing is a mat. For studio lessons, it offers much more than simply a sanitary solution. The non-slip surface of the mat makes exercise more pleasant and offers additional joint cushioning.

Read our buying guide for the best yoga mat, complete with our picks for the best mats for beginners, traveling, sweating hands, and general practice.

yoga mat

Bag for yoga mat

Carrying a yoga mat to the studio in a regular field bag is usually not an option. Juggling separate bags with a yoga mat, clothes, extra yoga props, and a purse is also no fun. Thankfully, there’s a variety of Bag for yoga mats to meet your needs: from minimalist slings to roomy and multi-functional backpacks.

A Bag for yoga mat will not only make your travel to and from studio easier but will protect your accessories from dirt and rain.

You may choose the design and features of the ideal bag for you using our guide to the finest yoga bags and carriers for men and women.

clean your yoga mat

Floor Cleaner

Regular cleaning of your yoga mat can increase its longevity and keep bacteria and viruses at away. Nobody likes to lay face down on a stinky surface, after all. You may either purchase a specialized disinfecting mat spray or make your own! Before taking any action, check the maker of your mat’s cleaning recommendations. Some of the mats become more slippery when exposed to essential oils.

yoga towel

Mat towel for yoga

It prevents you from sliding during a sweaty session and keeps you dry. While some have side pockets, other yoga towels have sticky bottoms that attach to your mat and keep it from bunching. Yoga towels are useful for yogis who are prone to perspiring as well as for those who like hot yoga.

Check out our guide to the best yoga towels to learn what makes a decent yoga towel and why your bathroom towel is bad for your yoga practice.

Yoga block

Yoga Blocks & Yoga Strap

These accessories are intended to increase flexibility, assist with alignment, even enhance posture and lessen back discomfort. They are often offered as a beginner’s yoga kit, but they are also helpful for seasoned practitioners.

In our comprehensive guide to the best yoga straps and the article on the best yoga blocks, you’ll find all the information you need about the advantages, potential applications, and various varieties of blocks and straps.

Balance disc

Sponge Wedge

This lightweight yoga prop is somewhat similar to a yoga block, but instead of offering a flat brick-like surface, a Sponge Wedge features a forward slant. It is designed to support your sore wrists, lower back, and tight hamstrings so that you can ease into challenging yoga poses.


Wheel of Yoga

This circular yoga prop helps to massage your spine, relieve back pain, increase flexibility (especially nail those backbends!) and improve your balance. Only 10 minutes of daily rolling on the Wheel of Yoga will make a world of difference for your back, tired of constant slouching. But considering how fun this yoga prop is, you will most probably turn the 10-minute routine into a full-length practice.

Learn your first poses with a Wheel of Yoga and how to choose one in our review of the best Wheel of Yogas.

Yoga Support

Yoga Support

Bolsters are supportive pillows that are used in restorative yoga to relieve stress and promote deep relaxation. These cuddly accessories are also very beneficial for breathing exercises and meditation.

Check our post here for the round-up of the best bolsters for studio and home practices as well as tips on using and choosing Yoga Supports.

Yoga towel

a yoga mat

Also known as Mexican blanket, this yoga accessory is super versatile and can substitute several other props. Not only will a a yoga mat keep you warm and cozy in Savasana, but it can also be rolled up into a small bolster and used as a support for your hips in seating postures and as an extra cushion for your joints. It also usually comes in tons of colors and patterns to match your taste and personality.

Here’s your a yoga mats 101. Read about why a yoga mats are awesome and how to choose one here.

balance board

Yoga Pads

Yoga mats are utilized to support and cushion your body’s “sharp” points, such as your knees and elbows, as well as to ease wrist discomfort. They are also quite helpful if you have a slight injury and need to train on a softer surface. Yoga mats, which may also be used as mat extensions, are typically available in two varieties: thick and small yoga mats and flexible silicone discs that resemble jelly beans.


Bottle of Water

It is a great idea to think about and look out for your surroundings while taking care of your health and mind. We firmly advise you to get a reusable flask and cut down on your use of plastic. especially if you like doing hot yoga.

Read more about how to choose the Bottle of Water here.

Balance ball chair

Seat for yoga

This useful prop will help get back on the mat after an injury and improve the practice for people with disabilities. Seat for yoga is used to increase flexibility as well as add support in twists and backbends.

Learn more about the benefits and types of Seat for yogas in this article.

Healing Eye Pillow

Although eye cushions are intended to block off light during Savasana, study indicates that their effects go well beyond that. According to this brief article, eye pillows may control our mood, encourage more relaxation, and perhaps even make us happier over time.

yoga strap

Yoga Trapeze & Swings

With yoga trapeze, you can defy gravity and experience what it’s like to soar through the air. You may hold yourself while inverted, develop core and upper body strength, and get back pain relief by using the aerial swing. It’s also a lot of fun to include it in yoga routines, such as this one.

Balance ball

Stability ball for yoga

For the best results, people who want to mix weight training with yoga should use this accessory. The stability ball is available in various sizes and may either make your postures more difficult or provide more support in others.

To change up your everyday routine, try this stability ball-based at-home yoga program.

Cork Yoga Mat Set With Blocks and Strap, Premium Eco Friendly Product on White Background

The Simplest Things For Novices

If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to stock up on all the available yoga equipment. Many props are multi-functional. For instance, a a yoga mat can be rolled up into a small bolster and cushion sensitive joints instead of yoga pads; smaller Yoga Supports can double as yoga blocks for developing better alignment and opening the chest; sock yoga can be replaced by a full-sized Mat towel for yoga that will soak up sweat and minimize slipping.

However, there is certain equipment that is worthwhile investing in right away. First and foremost, you must arrive to the class wearing something, and it is best if this item is comfortable. Good yoga trousers and a yoga shirt are essential. The last thing you would want to deal with during class is chafing seams, scratchy fabric, or trapped moisture. In order to remain dry and move with you throughout your practice, choose a breathable and flexible material for your yoga attire.

For your initial yoga courses, you won’t need a lot of equipment. Yoga mats and other minor objects are often available for hire at studios. You’ll probably want to get your own yoga mat at some time in order to practice safely at home and reap the many advantages of yoga. A full-sized yoga towel may protect you from the germs found on rental mats, keep you from sliding, and wick away perspiration during a strenuous or hot practice if you’re not yet ready to commit to an own yoga mat.

To establish perfect alignment, boost flexibility, and avoid injuries, a set of blocks and a yoga strap will be quite beneficial. When there is no yoga teacher there to guide you in proper form, you may improve your at-home practice with the help of these props.

You might require other props or equipment if you’re planning to take up specialized yoga. A Bottle of Water, for example, will always come in handy in the hot yoga or Bikram class whereas a bolster and an eye pillow will make a world of difference in the restorative yoga session.

Yoga is a great way to get your body in shape and relieve stress. Yoga Kali is an app that offers free yoga classes, poses, and videos for beginners. Reference: yoga wheel pose chart.

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