Yoga is a great way to tone your body, but did you know that it can also make your skin look younger too? You might be surprised by how yoga can help maintain youthful-looking skin and even improve the texture.

facial yoga before and after” is a blog post that discusses the benefits of facial yoga. The article includes pictures of before and after pictures to show the results.


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Face yoga is the current rage. It seems to be inexpensive, non-toxic, non-invasive, and startlingly efficient. Face yoga is preferred by well-known celebrities like Meghan Markle and Madonna who swear by its benefits for tightening the muscles and improving the skin over a facelift.

Is face yoga as beneficial as it seems?

Read on to discover:

  • the advantages of face yoga, according to specialists in face yoga
  • Whether face yoga really tones your face is a matter of debate.
  • the possible negative consequences of face yoga.

What is face yoga? 1/4

Face yoga is just as it sounds: facial toning yoga. Face yoga is regarded as a natural and inexpensive way to enhance the look of your face by minimizing wrinkles, increasing collagen production, and giving you that healthy, glowing complexion.

The facial yoga approach uses a range of exercises to strengthen the facial muscles and massage to increase lymphatic flow in order to target your face, neck, and shoulders.

Face yoga doesn’t only include physical exercise, however. Gaining self-awareness and paying attention to your facial expressions need a lot of practice. For instance, Marie-Veronique Nadeau, the author of The Yoga Facelift, mentions the spiritual component of face yoga as a crucial component.

“Yoga exercises may produce transformation from inside by bringing the mind and body into harmony,” as Marie-Veronique puts it. […] We find that with deliberate effort, careful application, and some time, we can effect [sic] change once we become aware of what we’re doing with our faces as we are with our bodies.


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Does facial yoga really tone the face? 2/4

The advantages of the face yoga technique’s toning are praised by its devotees. Some even claim that face yoga may change your face’s anatomical features, like the curve of your nose, for example.

According to Marie-Veronique Nadeau, the creator of Yoga Facelift, as time passes and gravity drags us lower, our muscles lengthen. This causes drooping eyelids and sagging cheeks. By exercising, we may shorten and tighten our muscles, combating gravity and reducing aging symptoms.

Additionally, according to Marie-Veronique, face yoga is much more beneficial over the long run than a surgical facelift, the results of which are not only transient but also noticeably artificial.

There is conflicting evidence about the advantages of face yoga for toning.

A 2018 research provided some encouraging data and re-emerged face yoga in the public eye. Participants had a substantial improvement in 18 out of 20 facial traits after 20 weeks of face yoga, and they also showed better upper and lower cheek fullness.

However, a 2014 review of research on facial exercises came to no firm conclusions about the rejuvenating effects of face yoga. Even if they were all favorable studies before, none of them were of high quality.

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Can yoga make your face better?

By releasing tension in your jaw and forehead, traditional relaxation poses like Savasana, Seated Forward Fold, and Easy Pose may help you look younger.

The following yoga postures are referred to as Face Lifters by yoga instructor and author Annelise Hagen because they “one the muscles beneath the skin of the face and neck via specialized muscular isolation in the facial region.”

Among the Face Lifters are:

  • fish posture
  • Lion Head
  • Cat/Cow

According to Annelise, inversions are a fantastic series of positions to do for face rejuvenation. Poses like the plough, shoulderstand, legs up the wall, and downward dog fill in sags and bags and plump the skin.

However, you may want to put a priority on leading a balanced lifestyle if you desire skin that is more young and bright. As vital as building muscle is getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and eating well.

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Is face yoga bad? 4/4

Doctors and dermatologists have varying views on face yoga.

Some specialists concur that it might be difficult to determine if workouts and face massage really have any initial effect. But if you want to give face yoga a try and are searching for a non-invasive and affordable “facelifting” solution from the comfort of your home, there probably isn’t any damage done.

Others think face yoga may have unintended consequences. A lot of the oil and germs on our hands may worsen acne, block pores, and result in outbreaks.

Can face yoga exacerbate facial problems?

Face yoga, according to some experts, might actually accentuate wrinkles and make you seem older. Dr. Spiegel claims that in addition to repeatedly making the same motions, which exacerbates wrinkles, you are also tugging and stretching your skin.

It’s difficult to define the limit of face yoga. It’s conceivable that in trials where individuals saw benefits after doing face yoga, they didn’t undertake the exercises for long enough for their wrinkles to deteriorate.

Try relaxing your face throughout the day rather than doing face yoga. Not only will you avoid developing new wrinkles, but you’ll also avoid paying for a face workout.

“Best face yoga exercises” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to the question, however, is not as clear-cut as one may think. Reference: best face yoga exercises.

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