The most common cause of sweaty palms while doing yoga is that you’re not using the right size hand towel. Use a small one to wipe your hands and let it dry before placing them back on your mat. If you find yourself slipping with both hands, use the inside thumb to apply pressure where needed.,

If you are looking for a way to fix your slippery hands on your yoga mat, the “yoga mats for slippery hands” is a simple solution. The “yoga mats for slippery hands” comes in many different styles and colors.

Why Do My Hands Slip On My Yoga Mat? 7 Simple Ways To Fix It


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Many things might cause your hands to slide on a yoga mat. It might be anything from poor hand placement to the age or quality of your yoga mat.

Investing in yoga gear such as a yoga towel, grip gel, or grip gloves, as well as learning effective Hand placementing methods, will help protect your hands from slipping on your yoga mat.

1 What is causing me to slide on my yoga mat?

Do you have trouble keeping your hands in Downward Facing Dog? Here are three of the most common causes of your hands sliding on your yoga mat:

Hand placement

Imperfect Hand placement will not only make weight-bearing postures such as Downward Dog or Chaturanga Dandasana more uncomfortable and “slippery” but also may cause wrist pain in the long term. Hasta Bandha, aka the hand lock, is a yoga technique that will help you find the perfect hand grip in your poses and support your wrists.

How to Perform Hasta Bandha:

  • To expand the surface area of your hand, spread your fingers as wide as you feel comfortable — this will assist you balance and grip in weight-bearing postures.
  • Rotate your hands such that your middle finger is straight forward and in line with your wrist.
  • Make three strong points of contact with your mat: the tips of your fingers, the heel of your palm, and the top of your palm.
  • Begin grasping your mat with these points of contact in mind. If you’re having trouble, imagine that you’re attempting to wrinkle a yoga mat beneath your hand.
  • The greatest weight should be carried by your thumbs, index fingers, and little fingers, so make sure they are firmly planted on the floor.
  • In the arch of your hand, there should be practically little weight and no strain. Instead, you should see the center of your palm pushing up slightly.

Why Do My Hands Slip On My Yoga Mat? - Hasta Bandha, aka the hand lock, is a yoga technique that will help you find the perfect hand grip in your poses and support your wrists.

Mat material for yoga

Some Mat material for yogas such as PVC lose their grip when wet. No matter how great your hand grip technique is, your hands are bound to slip the moment you break a sweat in your yoga class. The slipping gets worse if you’re doing hot yoga or Bikram and the room temperature is scorchingly hot and humid.

When dried, however, certain yoga materials, such as cork, may be rather slippery. To start the grip, spritz it with a little water.

Yoga mat is brand new.

It’s also pretty common to slip on a Yoga mat is brand new.. This is because new yoga mats often get a thin, protective layer of film on the surface during the manufacturing process. This film layer wears off with usage and the mat will get grippier the more you practice on it.

Why Do My Hands Slip On My Yoga Mat? - A yoga mat towel is a must-have accessory for people who have sweaty hands and feet and wish to make their yoga practice more comfortable.

Essential Yoga Equipment of My Choice

My yoga gear is really important to me.

I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created, eco-friendly, and long-lasting goods that will help me maintain a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle.

2 What is the best way to protect your hands from slipping around on a yoga mat?

Here are seven tips for keeping your hands from slipping on a yoga mat and improving your grip.

Check your alignment.

The mechanics of your Downward Dog, such as the positioning of your hands and feet, as well as your core engagement, should be your first priority. Make sure to use Hasta Bandha, as indicated previously.

You may also use your feet to do the same movement. Spread your toes and make sure your feet’s balls are securely anchored while your arches are raised.

Try turning your mat over.

This isn’t a piece of universal advice and won’t work for all mats. But if your mat is made of two different materials, for example, cork and natural rubber, you might want to Try turning your mat over. and see if your hands stop slipping.

This is what happened to my new Vida Hyndia cork yoga mat. The smooth cork surface took many weeks to break in, and certain stances were quite unpleasant. In a basic Downward Dog, my hands and feet were sliding. So, while I was breaking it in on the cork surface, I also switched the mat over and utilized a natural rubber bottom anytime I needed additional traction in my yoga positions.

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Make use of a yoga mat towel.

A yoga mat towel, also known as a hot yoga towel, is a clever yoga item that covers your yoga mat to make it grippier during a sweaty practice and to preserve it from sweat and grime.

A yoga mat towel is a must-have accessory for people who have sweaty hands and feet and wish to make their yoga practice more comfortable.

If you don’t want to cover your whole mat with a yoga towel, a little microfiber hand towel may be kept right next to you to wipe your hands when things become hot and sticky.

Obtain a firm grasp

Do you dislike towels? An option is a chalky grip gel like this one from Manduka. Remember that it works best on closed-cell yoga mats.

Scrub your yoga mat before using it.

If you have a new yoga mat and are searching for a low-cost strategy to make it grippier and keep your hands from sliding, salt and vinegar are your best friends.

Here’s how to use sea salt to break in your new yoga mat and make it more grippable (just make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions first to be sure it’s suitable for your mat’s material):

  • Sprinkle your mat with a mixture of sea salt and warm water.
  • To clean it, use a cotton washcloth or a stiff-bristled brush.
  • Remove the salt cleanse and air dry your yoga mat.

This technique may assist in breaking down the first layer, letting you to slide less and retain stability in your postures.

Do you have some vinegar but no sea salt? It may also be used to break in your yoga mat. Vinegar’s acidity will dissolve the oily surface coating while being mild enough not to harm the carpet. This is how:

  • Combine white vinegar and water in a 50/50 solution. Add 2 to 4 drops of essential oil to the container to softly smell the spray. Tea tree oil, for example, has been shown to have antibacterial effects.
  • Fill a spray bottle with your selected concoction and spray it all over your yoga mat.
  • Spread it evenly over the surface using a sponge.
  • Paper or paper towels should not be used since they will crumble into the mat and cause a huge mess.

Replace your yoga mat with one made of cotton.

Consider obtaining a cotton yoga mat if your hands become wet and yoga towels are too distracting and irritating. Mysore yoga carpets are another name for these yoga mats.

Natural cotton mats are not only gentler on the skin, but they also absorb excess perspiration from your hands, enhancing your grip and strengthening your grip.

Another option for preventing sliding is to wear grippy socks and gloves. These yoga accessories are normally coated with natural rubber or have sticky spots to promote grip and keep your hands and feet from sliding even during the most difficult yoga postures.

The “how to prevent yoga mat from slipping” is a problem that many people experience when they are practicing yoga. There are 7 simple ways to fix this issue.

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