It is impossible to know what goes on behind closed doors, but the best we can do is make judgements based on what we see. And apparently, a lot of people do yoga. For many of us, this is a daily ritual that we perform to bring calmness and clarity to our minds. Yoga has become a popular trend for both men and women. However, few people know that there is a small but growing trend of men who also do yoga.

The Celtic warriors of Braveheart inspire awe in all of us, and this is because they are indeed the epitome of grace, beauty, and patience when it comes to the practice of yoga. To celebrate this fact, two of our favorite kilted men, Chris and Paul, have come together to inspire us on this new Yoga Spirit video, which shows us how they can attain the ultimate meditative state while doing yoga.

Are you suddenly seeing a lot of yogis on your social media feeds talking about how they want to visit Scotland? If that’s the case, this video may be able to help.

With a BBC Social video showing them doing yoga in the woods…wearing nothing but kilts and boots…these two gorgeous Scotsmen set the yoga community and the internet on fire. “Together, they went to the wilds of Scotland to be at one with nature, and practice some yoga,” says the film, which shows yoga instructor Finlay Wilson and his pupil Tristan Cameron-Harper.

Play the video to observe their postures and arm balances, then stick around for the hilarious and somewhat NSFW cheeky conclusion (bun pun definitely intended) that helped this video go viral.

P.S. If you liked the music, it’s called Ancestors, and it’s available here.

BBC The Social is responsible for the video.

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