There are various types of yoga, each with its own benefits. One type is called Yoga Kali and it’s designed to help you prepare for a fight or flight scenario. It uses exercises like running in place and jumping jacks to build muscle endurance so the body can last longer during physical activity when faced with danger.

The “tpe vs nbr yoga mat” is a question that has been asked many times before. It is important to know the difference between these two types of mats, and what they are best used for.


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If you only had thirty seconds:

Good news: Yoga doesn’t need you to be able to pretzel yourself. Or you can position your feet behind your neck. or to do a complete split. or to have any abracadabra abilities, like this youngster right here.

Flexible toddler getting into Full Wheel Pose from standing position

In fact, you can achieve some really difficult positions without even touching your toes.

The trick?

So, for starters, stop caring what others may think of you or how you seem in the stance.

Get your yoga strap next.

Fortunately, if you don’t already own a yoga strap, you can. We’re going to cover the following today:

  • Who should wear a yoga strap and what it is (spoiler alert: it’s not only for beginners!)
  • How to use a yoga strap (with two extraordinary but fantastic ways to use it even if you have god-like flexibility)
  • Which yoga strap is most useful and long-lasting?
  • How long should your yoga strap be?
  • cleaning your yoga strap
  • Every yogi’s top choice in yoga straps

1/ 5 In a Rush? Here Is The Best Choice

Meet our favorite selection from Yogakali, an eco-friendly yoga strap that is kind on both your skin and the environment. This US-made yoga strap is pleasant to the touch yet strong enough to support you in those deep stretches since it is constructed from organic cotton canvas that is locally sourced.

BEST YOGA STRAP - CAROLINA MORNING DESIGNS (Click here to check the price)

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

What Is A Yoga Strap? 2/5

A simple and enjoyable tool for alignment, support, and increased flexibility is the yoga strap, sometimes known as the yoga belt. This useful tool may be utilized in other and more strenuous yoga forms, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Power Yoga, however it is often employed in Iyengar or Restorative Yoga.

A yoga strap may first seem to be merely a long belt, but you’ll be astonished by how much it may benefit your body and your yoga practice.

To begin with, it’s a necessary prop for yoga beginners who may not have the flexibility or range of motion to do specific asanas.

Consider forward folds as an example. The mild pressure of the yoga strap may assist you in lengthening and extending, which can encourage a healthy spinal alignment if you have a tendency to slouch and round your spine while leaning forward.

Although a yoga belt is often described as a prop for beginning yogis, it may also be useful for more seasoned practitioners. Use it to improve inversions, deeper stretches, and spinal twists, as well as to combat slouching.

3/5 Benefits of Yoga Straps

The yoga strap really shines when used for flexibility exercises.

But even if you’re already flexible, you shouldn’t overlook this yoga prop. There are a lot more benefits to using a yoga strap.

In addition to increasing your flexibility, utilizing a yoga strap has six other fantastic advantages.

Promotes Healthy Alignment & Form

You are aware of how yoga blocks help to support proper alignment by bringing the floor closer to you? Well, a yoga strap serves a similar purpose.

Your limbs will be longer thanks to a yoga strap, which prevents hunched shoulders and stimulates spinal lengthening when necessary.

You will be able to breathe more easily and comfortably and maintain the pose for longer stretches of time if you keep your chest open as necessary. Second, it will lessen the chance of straining too much and being hurt.

Contrary to the widespread belief that yoga is completely safe, it may cause some rather serious injuries (it’s about time you quit believing these other yoga misconceptions too!).

If you have tight hamstrings, Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose) is a great illustration of how a yoga strap may help you maintain proper posture. And these days, who doesn’t?

See how a yoga strap may assist you in raising your leg at a comfortable angle and how it protects your spine from bending in the video below.


A yoga strap is used for standing and seated forward folds, another class of asanas.

Place the strap over your feet and begin lowering yourself by leaning forward from the hips, as opposed to attempting to reach your toes and arching your back. The aid will assist you in maintaining a long spine and relaxed shoulders as opposed to hunched shoulders.


provides assistance

Unexpectedly helpful for yoga poses that require balance is a yoga strap. All due to the additional assistance it provides.

Hasta Padangusthasana, please (Extended Big Toe Pose). When each limb must perform a distinct function, finding stability will be difficult for anybody, even the most flexible yogis. If you’ve never seen this posture before, here it is: Expand through the torso, stretch the leg outward, and root the standing foot firmly to the ground.

Therefore, don’t worry if you feel like falling while stretching your limbs in different directions; everyone does.

Check out the video below to see how a yoga strap provides assistance for the extended leg in Extended Big Toe Pose and helps maintain the spinal integrity.


Supports Inversions

Arm balances are challenging. But if you have a yoga strap on hand, they don’t have to be.

You could wonder, how’s that?

Undoubtedly, having a strong arm and core are necessary. However, the majority of novice yogis are unaware that easing into arm-balancing postures can assist you retain your arms at shoulder distance.

Even though it’s not always simple, you may get control of your limbs if they have a tendency to stick out during the inverting asana by wrapping a strap around them.


Helps With Slouching & Backpain

One of my favorite use for a yoga strap is this.

Since I “chronically slump,” shoulder and back discomfort are all too common for me. A yoga strap may help me when I can’t perform yoga since I don’t always have the time or opportunity to.

Here’s a guide on how to utilize a yoga belt as a posture-improving anti-slouch tool.


While working at the computer or performing household tasks, you may wear a yoga strap. Additionally to releasing back tightness and opening your shoulders and pecs, it will serve as a regular reminder to sit straight.

Tracking Progress Aids

You can examine how you improve your flexibility and advance in your practice by utilizing a yoga strap.

The foot you’re attempting to hold in Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Big Toe Pose) will eventually become closer and higher, requiring less strap length. At the same time, Forward Folds’ leg straightening will become more easier.

In Place Of A Yoga Mat Sling

While not directly related to the practice of yoga, this yoga strap advantage nonetheless deserves to be included.

You may convert your yoga strap into a yoga sling for carrying your preferred mat if you want to save money on the yoga mat bag or if anything happens to yours.

Here is a video lesson showing you how to carry your yoga mat using your yoga strap.


However, because a yoga mat bag helps shield your mat from the elements, filth, and grime, and ultimately lengthen its life, I do advise investing in one.

Yoga Deals & Discount Codes

the brands I love and use

Here is a list of businesses and products I’ve used and loved. They are divided into 4 categories by me. Each category’s brands are listed alphabetically and have a link to my comprehensive assessment, a brief description, and a promotional code (if available).

How To Pick A Yoga Strap, 4/5

The premium yoga strap will be strong, comfortable to wear, and simple to use.

However, aren’t all straps the same way?

Actually, no. The minute variations in material or even closing design may be quite uncomfortable (and disappointment). So before buying, let’s explore yoga strap characteristics in more detail.


The first thing you should think about is the yoga strap’s length.


You need to make sure the strap is long enough to grip onto securely since you’ll be utilizing the prop largely in a loop.

Yoga straps that are 6 and 8 feet long are the most common nowadays. To give yourself more “space” to explore, though, if you’re on the taller side, opt for a 10ft yoga strap.

By the way, length isn’t necessarily a good thing when it comes to yoga straps. mostly due to the likelihood that you do not like to struggle with additional strap cloth throughout a yoga practice.


The most common materials used to make yoga straps include cotton, organic cotton, hemp, nylon, and stretchy rubber-like material.

Cotton is sticky, very resilient, and simple to clean. It often requires a little break-in time and at first may be a little too abrasive for delicate skin.

Consider a yoga strap made of organic cotton if your skin is really sensitive, since it is often a little gentler. Additionally, choose a smooth-textured yoga strap rather than one with a rope-like texture.

When it comes to softness and tensile strength, hemp is pretty comparable to regular cotton. However, hemp production is less resource- and climate-intensive than cotton and organic cotton, making it a more environmentally responsible option.

Remember that nylon, hemp, and cotton are stiff materials for props. Rubber-like materials, on the other hand, will have some give, much like resistance bands. Although many yogis prefer the latter for practice (especially in inversions and arm balances), the choice of material is mostly a question of personal taste.

Yoga straps (aka yoga belts) are mostly fabric is cotton., organic cotton, hemp, nylon, or stretchable rubber-like material.

The most common materials used to make yoga straps include cotton, organic cotton, hemp, nylon, and stretchy rubber-like material.

Closure & Design

Plastic/Metal Buckle The most adaptable choice for any yoga practice is definitely a strap with a buckle fastening. With the strap, you may make a loop and adjust the breadth to fit your flexibility and asana.

These yoga straps are easy to use and adjustable with only one hand (once you get the hang of it).

Yoga straps with a fast plastic release or cinch clasp are lightweight and won’t interfere with your practice since they make very little noise when they touch the ground. Although they are noisier than plastic D-ring straps, metal D-ring straps are more robust.

Loops. Yoga straps with loops often need less effort to use than those with buckles. They eliminate the need to adjust the strap for each asana and guarantee a seamless transition between your positions.

Looped straps are excellent for keeping track of your progress and quickly convert into mat carriers.

5/5 Yoga Straps Cleaning & Care

Every yoga strap is simple to maintain and doesn’t need much of your attention.

The majority of cotton and hemp straps may be washed in a machine on cold.

Yoga straps with vivid colors or prints may need to be hand-washed to prevent color bleed.

Lacking the time to physically clean the strap? Simply wash it in soapy water and hang it to dry.

Yoga straps that are stretchy should be cleaned with a wet towel. Avoid soaking them in water if they contain latex. Additionally, avoid washing them with soap since it might harm the fabric and drying them in the sun.

Yoga Straps: The 11 Best For All Levels

There are plenty of possibilities, whether you want a classic cotton yoga strap or a fresh take on an age-old style.

I searched the internet for some of the top yoga straps available today to assist you choose which strap is ideal for you. Here are my top 11 yoga strap picks for your collection.

Morning in Carolina yoga strap

a set of colorful yoga straps - Carolina Morning Designs

Check the Price & Reviews

Key Elements

  • eco-conscious & ethical brand
  • produced in the USA
  • Featuring a D-ring fastening, soft organic cotton canvas
  • smooth texture ideal for delicate skin
  • lovely natural hues
  • durable
  • offered in two lengths

A traditional yoga strap is reimagined by Carolina Morning Designs for optimal comfort and yogis’ peace of mind.

Each strap is really green since it was produced in the US from organic cotton that was cultivated nearby. You can be confident that your strap will be packed sustainably (with no plastic whatsoever). Additionally, all of the remaining fabric scraps are given out for upcycling.

This eco-friendly item is unlike any other yoga belts on the market since it has a smooth and plush touch. Which means there won’t be any irritating friction or harsh weaving on your delicate skin anymore.

Align Yoga Strap by Manduka

Align Yoga Strap by Manduka

Align Yoga Strap by Manduka

  • ALIGN YOGA STRAP: The renowned BKS Iyengar’s classic strap design is combined in the AligN yoga strap. This strap will support and improve your technique since it is made from natural unbleached cotton webbing and an innovative sure-secure interlocking buckle.
  • STRENGTH SUPPORT: Offers safe, non-slip support in even the most difficult postures. Excellent for stretching, yoga, pilates, therapy, and fitness

Key Elements

  • ethical & eco-conscious brand
  • made from natural unbleached cotton
  • 1.75″ wide
  • unique interlocking buckle for sure-security
  • AZO-free dyes
  • adorned with the phrase “Practice On”
  • durable
  • offered in two lengths

Think About

You can trust that Manduka products are of high quality when you purchase them.

With its thick and rigid webbing, the Align Yoga Strap should last you for many years. Even jokingly calling it “made like a tank,” one reviewer

The yoga strap is broader than the majority of comparable goods, which helps it remain in place and provide superior grip. The Align Yoga Strap also has a unique, simple-to-use locking mechanism that keeps the loop securely fastened even while under stress.

Think About that the strap comes in long sizes (8ft & 10ft), which is great for tall yogis. But in case you’re short, you might want to check out other yoga belts on this list.

Natural Cotton Alignment Strap by Ananday

Key Elements

  • ethical & eco-conscious brand
  • One strap plants one tree.
  • made from natural unbleached cotton
  • 6′ long & 1.5″ wide
  • sturdy & durable
  • includes a free e-book about using a strap.
  • thirty-day money-back promise

Think About

  • might be too short for tall & inflexible yogis

Ananday was founded as a result of the founder’s unable to locate any really green yoga props (as opposed to “greenwashed” ones). As a consequence, the company bases its operations on sustainability and usability.

All yoga gear are manufactured with yogis in mind and in an ethical, environmentally friendly manner.

For instance, this yoga strap is constructed from 100 percent unbleached, toxic-free, biodegradable cotton and recyclable metal D-rings.

In case you get stuck or don’t know how to use a yoga strap, the Ananday belt includes a free e-book with 22 postures using a strap and yoga blocks.

Stretching Yoga Strap infinity

Stretching Yoga Strap infinity

Stretching Yoga Strap infinity

  • The STRETCH material is a high-tech, high-resistance hybrid that stretches like the human body!
  • zero hardware: Nothing that might cut your hands or feet, nothing that would make a loud noise if you dropped it on a hard surface, and nothing that you would need to fiddle with or adjust during your quiet practice.

Key Elements

  • produced in the USA
  • nylon & rubber mix
  • 1.5″ wide
  • special 2-loop structure
  • slight extensible
  • excellent for chest openers and inversions
  • durable & compact
  • has three sizes
  • offered in a variety of colors

Think About

  • You may need two different sizes to advance.

Infinity Strap has the tagline “No Buckle, No Fuss.”

The hardware-free Infinity Strap has a patented two-loop design. This means there won’t be any more unpleasant buckles that hurt your hands and feet or make distracting sounds when a yoga strap hits the ground.

You may transition from one asana to the next without pausing to alter your strap or the length of the loop while using the Infinity Strap.

You may not receive the same level of adaptability that you would with a typical buckle strap. Nevertheless, the STRETCH is effective for the majority of asanas and is especially beneficial for inversions, shoulder opening poses, and heart opening poses.

A composite material with great resistance and minimal give makes up the Infinity Strap STRETCH. However, if a non-stretch strap is more your style, have a look at this Infinity Strap made of organic bamboo (it’s also green!).

The Yoga Strap, by YOGA DESIGN LAB

The Yoga Strap, by YOGA DESIGN LAB

The Yoga Strap, by YOGA DESIGN LAB

  • THE YOGA STRAP: Created to help you adore, connect, and go deeper into every facet of your lovely practice. yoga straps that are extra long and very silky.
  • Yoga straps with vibrant patterns that are eco-friendly and made of natural water-based ink.

Key Elements

  • a charitable company with integrity
  • fabric is cotton.
  • 8′ long & 1.5″ wide
  • soft & supple
  • distinct non-fading patterns
  • Water-based, eco-friendly dyes

Think About

You can be certain that no one else will ever confuse your yoga strap with theirs owing to YOGA DESIGN LAB’s distinctive, vibrant designs. By the way, all straps from YOGA DESIGN LAB are coloured with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes, which prevent them from fading over time.

fabric is cotton., these yoga straps are pleasant to touch, soft, and don’t require a ‘break-in’ period like most other cotton straps do. They’re also non-slip and don’t slide around your foot.

The majority of practitioners will be comfortable wearing the yoga belt, which is 8 feet long and 1.5 inches broad. However, if you’re under 6 feet tall and quite flexible, you could find certain positions difficult because of the additional strap.

Busy bees, Think About that the YOGA DESIGN LAB strap cannot be machine washed and requires the only hand wash. jrV7/

Yoga Strap for Stretching with Ingenuity

Yoga Strap for Stretching with Ingenuity

Yoga Strap for Stretching with Ingenuity

  • How to do any yoga posture comfortably and safely: Our yoga strap is ideal for helping beginners ease into poses they can’t quite attain at first without straining or losing their balance. If your practice has progressed, you may attempt new, challenging postures while keeping your alignment and posture in check.
  • Increase flexibility and posture: You may use the strap to help with basic stretches, which will gradually make your body more flexible. Additionally, it may be worn as a Physical Therapy Strap during PT sessions to assist greater mobility.

Key Elements

  • female-run business
  • fabric is cotton.
  • metal D-ring fastening
  • 1.5″ wide
  • sturdy & durable
  • has two lengths
  • offered in a variety of colors
  • lifelong promise

Think About

  • stiff materials need time to “break-in”

For lesser yogis, Clever Yoga offers an 8-foot yoga strap, while a 10-foot one is available for taller practitioners. It is 1.5 inches wide and has two metal D-rings to provide a tight fit.

The yoga strap is made of thick cotton, so Think About that the material may feel stiff at first. No worries, though – it will soften after a few washes. By the way, the cleaning process is super-easy. Just toss the strap into the washing machine and air-dry.

The reviewers loved how affordable and functional the strap is. Plus, the Clever Yoga customer service is at its highest. The company provides its customers with a lifelong promise. In case you’re not happy with the product, they will either send you a replacement or give you money back.

Quick-Release Strap for Hugger-Muggers

Key Elements

  • produced in the US
  • cotton, all cotton
  • 10′ long & 1.5″ wide
  • closure with a plastic quick-release buckle
  • Webbing with a 500 lb tensile strength
  • lightweight & quiet
  • durable

Think About

  • some yogis may find it to be too lengthy
  • only hand wash

Finding it difficult to locate a sturdy yoga strap that is long enough for your height?

With 10ft in length, this Quick-Release Strap for Hugger-Muggers is great for extra-tall yogis or those who like to have a bit more strap length at their disposal.

It has other nice features as well. To save time, the Hugger Mugger yoga strap has a quick-release buckle closing instead of D-rings and cinch buckles. Additionally, because the plastic buckle won’t produce a bothersome clinging noise when it hits the floor, you can enjoy your exercise in peace.

Since Hugger Mugger is a respected company with high-quality yoga equipment, you can count on the strap to withstand pressure and normal wear and tear without breaking.

Exercise Book with the Original Stretch Out Strap by OPTP

Key Elements

  • produced in the USA
  • using nylon
  • 6’4″ long & 1″ wide
  • 10-loop configuration without hardware
  • includes a free workout book
  • excellent for monitoring progress

Think About

  • Rough nylon often nicks the skin.
  • may be inadequate for taller yogis.
  • Some folks may find loops to be too tiny.

The OPTP stretching strap is 6’4″ long, 1 inch wide, and made of firm nylon. It is ideal for practitioners up to 6 feet tall. Nearly 30 stretching exercises are included in the instruction book that goes with it to help you loosen up and increase your flexibility.

In contrast to its rivals, the OPTP strap is made of 10 distinct loops and without hardware. This gives you more control over the stretching and makes it simple to monitor your improvement in flexibility. Additionally, you won’t have to struggle with buckles and other closing mechanisms throughout your yoga practice.

Think About though that the added comfort of loop design comes with less versatility. For example, you won’t be able to use the strap in asanas that require one big loop, such as Reclining Dandasana or Head Hammock. Some yogis can also find it hard to get their feet inside since the loops are pretty small.

The hard material and narrow breadth of the OPTP strap, according to some reviews, may feel overly abrasive and have a tendency to cut into the skin.


8′ Cinch Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap from YogaAccessories

Key Elements

  • fabric is cotton.
  • 8′ long 1.5″ wide
  • closure with plastic cinch buckle
  • more convenient than the D-ring
  • offered in a variety of colors

Think About

  • The webbing may feel overly thin and fragile.

YogaAccessories’ 8-foot yoga strap is a good length for both small and tall yogis. It is comprised of thin cotton, which people claim is cozy and kind to hands and feet.

The trap is best suited for beginning yogis who focus on their flexibility but don’t yet perform hard postures since it is a little bit thinner than its competitors. Additionally, this is one of the most affordable yoga straps available. As a result, if yoga isn’t your thing, you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

The yoga strap is light and silent because of a plastic cinch clasp. Nevertheless, the plastic won’t survive indefinitely. Once you’re prepared to do tough poses that exert a lot of strain on the strap, you’ll probably need to update your yoga strap.

Yoga Mat Strap Sling: A Smart Yoga Move

Yoga Mat Strap Sling: A Smart Yoga Move

Yoga Mat Strap Sling: A Smart Yoga Move

  • Comfortable, Simple and Secure: Our thick cotton, all cotton yoga mat strap is a simple and convenient way to carry your yoga mat. Loops at both ends can be adjusted and tightened to securely fit over any size mat.
  • There are two lengths available: Our 66″ normal length strap will work well with yoga mats of the usual size. Try the 85″ length if you wish to carry two mats or have a mat that is very dense. For taller yogis or if you want to carry the mat across your body rather than merely over your shoulder, the longer strap is also wonderful.

Key Elements

  • female-run business
  • fabric is cotton.
  • 1.5″ wide
  • offered in two lengths
  • multifunctional
  • durable
  • offered in a variety of colors
  • lifelong promise

Think About

  • scaly fabric (gets softer with use)
  • The sling cannot be adjusted to fit the user’s height.

Do you detest carrying around your yoga props and would rather keep things as simple as possible?

Clever Yoga has discovered the answer.

The dual-purpose Yoga Mat Strap Sling is designed to hold your mat in place when traveling to and from a yoga class. Users claim that the combo works well.

Two loops on the yoga mat strap sling may be made as wide as you want. Yoga mats that are exceptionally thick will fit, maybe even a towel.

During practice, you may untie the loops if you need more length or utilize them for a stronger grip.

The strong cotton fabric can survive regular wear and tear since it is robust. The strap, however, could feel stiff because of how thick the cotton is, and some customers have reported that the sling left very minor indentations on their mattresses.

Think About that the Yoga Mat Strap Sling is designed as a single strap sewn and folded into loops. Because of that, it is always a tad twisted and may not look very aesthetically pleasing.

But just in case you’re not happy with the purchase, the company offers a lifelong promise for their products so you can get a replacement or a full refund.

Yoga Mat Sling Oeco Plus

Key Elements

  • made of organic cotton & hemp
  • incorporates a yoga strap
  • zero hardware
  • both sides have adjustable loops
  • organically bacterial
  • thirty-day money-back promise

Think About

  • abrasive texture (but gets softer with use)
  • might be too short for tall & inflexible yogis

With this Oeco Plus yoga attachment, you may stretch longer and more deeply while still being able to transport your bulky yoga mat.

Made of organic cotton and hemp blend, the yoga strap features two adjustable loops and zero hardware for a seamless and comfortable yoga practice.

Think About that the Oeco Plus is slightly on a shorter side. But in case you find it too short, the brand offers a thirty-day money-back promise.

Use any yoga straps?

Comment below and let us know!

The “tpe yoga mat” is a popular item on the market. It has been around for years and is still going strong. The Yoga Kali is a great product that will help you to achieve your goals in life.

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  • is nbr foam toxic
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  • cork yoga mat pros and cons
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