If you are looking to improve your performance in cycling, there is no better place than indoors. It’s easy to get motivated and stay focused when you ride indoors because it can be a break from the outdoors or can be done without expensive equipment.

The “scenic videos for indoor cycling” are the best videos to use when training indoors. They provide a great workout and also help you get in shape.

The 7 Best Indoor Cycling Training Videos

ERock is awesome! A 100-Mile Virtual Ride Indoor Cycling Instruction

ERock is awesome! A 100-Mile Virtual Ride Indoor Cycling Instruction

The ERock Rocks! This four-dimensional indoor cycling workout video encourages weight reduction, strength training, and aerobic endurance. This exercise includes numerous challenging interval sets that include leg strengthening and heart-pounding intervals. 

It’s a training film that stimulates your senses, makes the process fun, and gives you a sense of success. Each virtual ride is a thrilling journey full with excitement, tiredness, danger, and breathtaking scenery. This enjoyable exercise requires a concentrated mind and an active body. The film is five and a half hours long. To keep things interesting, there are various audio tracks. 

The Good

You may view an actual ride in this video. New interactions, scary roads, stunning scenery, and people give each ride its own individuality. This four-disc collection (1 Blu-ray) includes the full century journey and is organized into four sections, each with its own distinct vibe, personality, and level of difficulty. It includes real-time bike trip road video to help you visualize and concentrate. The overlay visual dashboard suggests a suitable tempo and resistance level, while an aerial map serves as a speed and elevation tracker.

The Bad

Ride Fit Beginners Virtual Indoor Cycle Training is a virtual indoor cycle video training series that offers a pleasant, interesting, and goal-oriented exercise. It creates an amazing atmosphere that aids indoor riders in being focused and motivated.


  • Indoor bicycle training in four dimensions  
  • Weight reduction, strength training, and aerobic endurance are all encouraged. 
  • Video workout that involves your senses  
  • Each virtual ride is a thrilling experience.  
  • You may see a video of an actual ride with various obstacles. 
  • A bike trip with real-time road video is shown.  


  • The graph on the screen that indicates gearing has a modest text size.
  • The talking rider is disliked by certain users.
  • A little pricey

The “free scenic videos for indoor cycling” is a list of 7 videos that are the best for someone looking to train indoors. The videos are free and can be found on YouTube.

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