Be Still Yoga is a studio in the heart of downtown New York City that offers a range of classes and workshops taught by practitioners who are experts at what they do. The studio also has state-of-the art equipment, including yoga mats made from natural rubber trees – eco friendly + high quality materials make this a one stop spot for anyone looking to practice their mat skills.

Be Still Yoga is a studio located in the heart of downtown. The studio offers yoga classes, workshops and retreats for all levels of experience. They offer an array of events to help you get the most out of your practice. Read more in detail here: be still yoga studio.

Studio Spotlight: Be Still Yoga

Meet the proprietor of Be Still Yoga, Beth McGowan!


Helmin, Anna: Tell us about your studio and the positive vibe it offers to the town of Bangor, Wisconsin. What is Be Still Yoga’s objective or goal?

Beth McGowan: In our little town of Bangor, Wisconsin, Be Still Yoga was the first yoga studio and wellness facility. As multiple new companies operate and new residences are developed, the town is experiencing great expansion and buzz. Everyone, we think, should be treated like a person, precisely where they are. They should be unconditionally embraced and welcomed into a place where they may find community. We believe this not just in our studio, but also in our community. Our God has kindly provided us with the skills and resources we need to create and train individuals to live in peace, and we are glad to be able to do it every day when students pass through our doors. Our classroom is unique in that it has fewer courses, allowing for more customized attention and interaction with each individual.


Helmin, Anna: What professional guidance do you have for us when it comes to starting a yoga studio?

McGowan, Beth: Be aware that you will not be able to satisfy everyone. It may seem easy to say and hear, but our human brains want us to be able to do everything, listen to all recommendations, and be the best location for everyone. Unfortunately, all of those notions are impractical, so let them go and avoid the stressful situations.


Anna Helmin: What are some of your strategies for attracting new students to your yoga classes?

McGowan, Beth: Right now, we’re finding that word of mouth is the most effective approach to recruit new students in our region. With the enthusiasm of launching, we noticed a lot from our Facebook presence at first. We’re beginning to see current students bringing their friends to athletic events, or conversing with their parents at neighborhood restaurants, etc. The more we are present in our community, the more we create connections with people, who subsequently feel at ease joining us in the studio.


Helmin, Anna: At Be Still Yoga, what kind of yoga courses do you offer?

McGowan, Beth: At our studio, we provide lessons for various levels and styles. Yin and gentle yoga are more restorative courses, whereas vinyasa flow and yoga fusion are more powerful and heat building practices (fitness-based strength and cardio class). We believe that by offering a diverse range of programs, our students will be able to discover a mix of restful and strength-building sessions that are not standard yoga methods. 


Helmin, Anna: Is there anything more you’d want to share with our readers about your experience, Beth? Could you tell us about your weekly yoga routines?

McGowan, Beth: My own yoga experience began many years ago as a result of an injury that still bothers me and causes me problems now. The more I want to study about my own body and why it works the way it does, as well as the reasons of flare-ups, the more I want others to be able to do the same. My current yoga practices are tailored to a variety of physical therapy exercises (also known as yoga postures) in order to support my body while I teach a large number of lessons. As the owner and lone instructor at the moment, it’s critical for me to find methods to give my body the rest and care it requires outside of physical exercise. This also entails scheduling massages, sauna sessions, chiropractic therapy, and other body-care methods. Through my own path, I’m also learning not to get upset or defensive when individuals attempt a class and don’t return or never try a class. Every day, I remind myself that I have chosen to follow Jesus’ example of loving others without expecting anything in return. It’s difficult…on some days, quite difficult! That’s why we call it a journey and a practice!


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