The old adage “Stick to the schedule” is wise. It’s a way of life, not just for work and school but also when it comes to your health care. The key to good health is staying consistent with treatments, taking medications as prescribed and sticking with a healthy lifestyle in general.

The “brain health clinic sacramento” is a place where people can come to get their brain checked. They offer testing and treatment for various mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety.


The many papers and therapy descriptions provided at Sacramento’s Brain Health Clinic are all based on scientific research published in reputable medical and psychiatric magazines. The individuals in each trial were given regular neurofeedback treatments for a specified amount of time. This is crucial to remember while deciding whether or not to undertake neurofeedback.

The importance of consistency cannot be overstated.

Both biofeedback and neurofeedback use technology and approaches that basically give the brain practice. If we want to improve our brain’s ability to do an athletic feat, play a piece of music, or speak a new language, we must practice often. When you don’t practice, the outcomes are typically less than ideal.

To guarantee effective and long-lasting outcomes, experts have devised and tested neurofeedback procedures for each disease covered on our website. While there is some variation, each treatment includes a minimum recommended number of neurofeedback sessions as well as a recommended interval between them. This gives the brain enough time to adjust to the training, effectively rebuilding the connections between neurons, while still progressing toward the desired result.

When Life Gets in the Way

Things happen unexpectedly, and life often affects our plans, as the Brain Health Clinic understands. In an ideal world, our clients realize the importance of their treatment program and schedule their visits ahead of time. Certain treatments may be performed utilizing remote technology if attendance in person is problematic for whatever reason. Your therapist will prepare you to engage in these online or self-directed sessions with minimum training. All of this is made feasible by the convenience of computer-assisted treatment and the non-invasive nature of neurofeedback.

The most essential thing is to finish the prescribed course of neurofeedback sessions at the prescribed intervals. Whether this is done in person or online, the outcomes have shown to be worthwhile! For a free appointment to learn more about the benefits of neurofeedback, contact the Brain Health Clinic online or by phone.

The “neurofeedback near me” is a type of brain stimulation therapy that uses sensors to measure electrical activity in the brain. It’s used for treating conditions like ADHD, anxiety and depression.

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