In the past few years, more states than ever have voted to make marijuana legal. In fact, Colorado and Washington have passed measures to make cannabis legal for recreational use. While this has been a huge step forward for the cannabis industry, it doesn’t mean you can just go out and buy weed from a dispensary. In fact, whether you live in a state where marijuana is legal or not, it is illegal to consume marijuana in most public places. So, what are the things you can do besides smoking it?

Last year, California became the first state to legalize the consumption of marijuana, and we’re finally seeing a boom in its legalization and use. With this new trend in mind, we asked: “What can you do with it besides smoking it?” We found a few ways to get our hands on the stuff, and we don’t just mean smoking it. There’s some cool stuff you can do with it that can help you chill out, relax, or just have a good time.

If you want to know how to use cannabis to help you, this is the place to go. Inside you’ll find helpful information that will help you use cannabis to its full potential. From determining your ideal consumption, to finding the best way to consume, to learning how to get the most out of edibles, all the way to finding the right strain to help you with your condition, cultureofhealthequity is the place to go.

Do you like cannabis? If you answered yes, then this article is for you. If you love cannabis as much as I do, you could smoke it, eat it, smear it and talk about it all day. But not everyone who loves cannabis knows much about it. Some like the material, but are relatively new to the culture and still have many questions. Newcomers often ask what you can do with cannabis besides smoking it.  There are several answers to this question. As I mentioned above, you can not only smoke it, but also eat it and rub yourself with it. But that’s not all. Let’s see what else you can do with cannabis besides smoking it.

Cannabis can be used in addition to smoking

Besides smoking cannabis, as you may have guessed, you can also eat it. You can eat them raw by picking fresh leaves or buds and making a salad of them if you like. That is, you don’t get high, because fresh cannabis contains both THCA and THCV. If you know how to add cannabis to your favorite recipes, you can also use it as one of many edible treats, such as brownies, cookies, chocolate, hard candy, gum, or just about any other food item.

You can also drink cannabis

We know you can smoke cannabis, and we know you can eat it, but did you know you can drink it too? I’m not talking about the good old drink-a-shot where you pour into a small shot glass with ice at the bottom and then tip it over like it’s an iced drink. I am talking about the actual consumption of cannabis in the form of coffee, juice, tea, lemonade or other cannabis-infused beverages. Cannabis can be added to almost any liquid. This means that not only can it be smoked and eaten, but it can also be drunk.

You can even put cannabis on your skin

We now know you can smoke it, eat it and drink it, but did you know you can rub yourself with it? That’s right, you can rub it in and it can be good for you too. Using topical cannabis remedies won’t necessarily give you the euphoria that many people are looking for, but it can help you get a much more desirable effect. Desired effect, for example B. Relief from arthritis or skin problems that cause discomfort. Applying cannabis to the skin is also a great way to protect the skin, help heal wounds and eczema, and even reduce swelling and inflammation in certain areas.

You can grow cannabis

One of the best things you can do with cannabis, apart from smoking, eating, drinking and rubbing your body with it, is to grow it. The cultivation of cannabis is beneficial in many ways. It takes a relatively short time for a cannabis plant to grow from seed to maturity, about four months or less on average. Growing your own cannabis not only gives you the satisfaction of seeing the plant go through various growth cycles until it reaches maturity, but also allows you to reap the rewards of your work with sweet cannabis at the end.

Cannabis may be used for the production of medicinal products

In addition to being able to be smoked, eaten, drunk, rubbed and grown, it can also be used to make many different medicines. You can learn to decarboxylate cannabis at home and infuse it with MCT oil or make tinctures with PGA, which is pure grain alcohol. These activated tinctures and oils can be added to all kinds of products, from capsules, lotions, soaps and creams to your favorite foods, to use as you see fit.

Use of cannabis that you may not have considered

Finally, many of us use this popular plant to create works of art. Cannabis leaves can create beautiful works of art. From the stems and stalks, fibers can be extracted, of which all kinds of things can be made. I even took a small cannabis plant and removed everything to dry out the stem structure. After drying, I wrapped it with crystals and copper wire to create a clear crystal tree from the cannabis stems. Cannabis use also promotes creativity!

You now have a little more knowledge about the use of this plant that so many people love. The question now is what are you going to do with it?

Ashley Priest is a patient, mother, entrepreneur and activist fighting for the abolition of drug prohibition around the world, for a better future for all. Ashley is passionate about sharing knowledge about the divine plant that is cannabis. She believes that one seed can make all the difference and that together, through education, we can end the stigma that prevents cannabis from reaching its full potential worldwide.There are many ways to consume cannabis. Some prefer edibles, others prefer vapes, some prefer to get high from cannabis oil, some prefer to smoke, and some prefer to grow their own. However, no matter how you choose to get high, you’ll probably be drinking a lot of it. So, here are a few ways you can drink and get high that don’t involve smoking.. Read more about smoke without smoking and let us know what you think.

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