Have you ever heard of a drug called DMT? This powerful psychedelic is the most potent naturally occurring serotonin receptor agonist. It goes by many different names, including “Ayahuasca” and “Diplodocus” on some websites (yes, it was commonly used in ancient Greece). For people who have never taken any hallucinogenic drugs before, this sounds like an incredibly scary prospect – but there’s actually good reason to try it out.

The “what is dose-response effect” is a term used to describe how much of a drug or treatment has an effect on the body. A person’s response to drugs and treatments can be measured in dosage, which is the amount of drug that has been given.

We’ll examine this well-known nootropic in-depth in our Aniracetam review. We’ll also discuss where to purchase Aniracetam online, its advantages, disadvantages, and how it affects the brain.

A member of the racetam family of nootropics, Aniracetam enhances cognitive performance.

The primary factor making it the smart medicine of choice for many individuals is often its quick-acting ability to elevate mood and lower anxiety.

Is it excellent, though?

What exactly does Aniracetam do?

Review of Aniracetam in brief

In Conclusion, research has demonstrated that the nootropic drug Aniracetam improves memory and cognitive performance. It increases the synthesis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter crucial for memory and learning. Because it is a fat-soluble nootropic, it reaches the brain swiftly and produces benefits immediately. It is also thought to have anxiolytic and neuroprotective properties.

Aniracetam is a nootropic that you should think about using if you want to enhance your memory and cognitive abilities.

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  • improves thinking
  • you become more aware and attentive
  • decreases anxiety
  • effective for a variety of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Glutamatergic neurotransmission is improved.


  • might make some individuals irritable and sleepless.

Aniracetam: What Is It?

Since Hoffman-La Roche, a pharmaceutical corporation, created Aniracetam [R] in the 1970s, it has been a contentious substance.

An aminotetrahydrofurane called Aniracetam is a nootropic substance. The compound’s full name is 2-pyrrolidone acetamide. It was created in 1972 for use in clinical practice by Dr. Alexander Shulgin.

Later, he made the formula available to other researchers so they could make it. The medicine is a stimulant for mental stimulation that keeps you up and aware. Vendors support its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic features.

Image buy Powdered aniracetam online
Name Aniracetam
Class Nootropic
Effects enhanced mental clarity, decreased anxiety, and enhanced cognition
Possibly Adverse Effects Headache, nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness, and irritability
Half-Life 1.5 – 2 hours
Typical Dosage 500 to 1000 mg per day
Content 30 g
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Because of its capacity to improve mental performance, it is sometimes referred to as the synthetic equivalent of caffeine. It is supposed to enhance memory while keeping your attention and concentration.

Aniracetam reviews

To verify its efficacy, proper scientific proof is needed. However, even in the absence of this, some individuals continue to take it as a kind of therapy or to help reduce the risk of neurodegenerative illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and even anxiety and depression [R].

Aniracetam structure

It was created to be a nootropic that was more effective than Piracetam. These two are racetams that function largely to assist the synthesis of neurotransmitters and have a similar chemical structure with other racetams.

The Mechanism of Action of Aniracetam

A nootropic substance called aniracetam is used to improve mood, learning, and decrease anxiety. By preventing acetylcholine’s breakdown, it does this by boosting the neurotransmitter’s activity in the brain.

Aniracetam has been proven in several trials to not significantly affect general cognition and memory.

Aniracetam was discovered in the 1970s as a part of the Racetam family along with other nootropics such as Piracetam. Because it is fat-soluble, it should be taken with food or milk to prevent potential motion sickness.

While drugs that act as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) can potentially increase its effects by causing central nervous system receptors excitation, which can lead to anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and hypertension among other things, there are no known serious side effects if taken at normal doses.

The particular mechanism by which this medication enhances mental performance is unclear to researchers. However, they have speculated that it could be connected to the synthesis of AMPA, a neurotransmitter that is in charge of better cognition.

Their research also clarified how nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in neurons are affected by nefiracetam and aniracetam (nnAChRs).

Serotonin and dopamine are two more neurotransmitters that aniracetam is known to impact in addition to AMPA, which may help explain how it improves mood and happiness in general.

What Is the Purpose of Aniracetam?

A nootropic drug called aniracetam has the ability to alter neurotransmission in the brain. Through a number of receptors, it is thought to have a strong impact on cognitive and emotional behavior.

what is Aniracetam used for

Additionally an anticholinergic and anxiolytic, aniracetam may benefit those who struggle with sadness and anxiety.

The stimulating impact of aniracetam is superior than that of caffeine. In addition to improving attention and concentration, it is used to treat illnesses of the central nervous system.

Unverified sources also claimed that it might lower anxiety and that it is effective for helping those who are depressed.

The medication is available for purchase by residents of various European nations as a remedy for specific diseases. However, selling it is not permitted in the US.

Due to its ability to raise dopamine levels in the mesolimbic regions of the brain, aniracetam may boost pleasant emotions.

The regulation of emotions and rewarding actions is thought to occur in this region of the brain. Our ability to control our emotions and moods relies heavily on dopamine.

Aniracetam Effects & Benefits

Aniracetam provides significant advantages for the central nervous system, which is why it is recommended in several regions of Europe to treat particular medical issues.

The fact that this nootropic may be utilized while one’s cognitive function is deteriorating is one of its most intriguing advantages. Severe memory loss, exhaustion, and a lack of attention are common symptoms of senile cognitive problems.

They feel more energised and their mental clarity is improved thanks to the vitamins. Additionally, it aids in mood improvement, which is important for depressed Alzheimer’s sufferers.

The nootropic increases attention span and capacity to concentrate on enjoyable activities, which helps individuals with ADHD focus on things for longer periods of time.

There are a number of effects that combine to enhance cognition for the majority of users, not just one. Because it facilitates recollection, it is also excellent for enhancing memory development.

Feelings of vigor and exhilaration are another impact that the majority of users report. Aniracetam’s effect on dopamine receptors, which serves as a stimulant to boost motivation levels, may be credited for this.

Because it provides them a greater feeling of taking on whatever activity they desire to do, regardless of how tough or demanding the assignment may appear at first look, many students employ it during examinations.

The advantages extend beyond students to professionals who must maintain alertness and focus over the course of their demanding workdays. It doesn’t lead to the jitters or restlessness that are symptoms of many stimulants.

The preliminary study indicates that it may improve mental functioning and lessen anxiety, even if further human studies are needed to establish its benefits.

Here are some other advantages.

improves memory

A nootropic substance called aniracetam has several advantages for both cognitive and emotional functioning. Its ability to improve memory and learning is one of its key advantages. These properties of the supplement make it perfect for both treating Alzheimer’s disease in patients and for use by students.

improves memory

It has a variety of effects on short-term and long-term memory, including improving access to stored memories and improving comprehension while reading.

Aniracetam also enhances one’s capacity for maintaining attention or for recalling specifics.

According to a research, it could also prevent memory loss brought on by senile cognitive problems. It aids in reversing memory loss in people with brain-related medical disorders.

However, there is insufficient proof that it has the same impact on younger individuals.

raises mental capacity

This brain-improving effect is aided by the higher amounts of acetylcholine and glutamate in the brain. It is more powerful than Piracetam because to its chemical combination.

One of the most common nootropic substances on the market right now is aniracetam. What exactly does it imply when it says that it can enhance cognition?

Aniracetam first enhances attention span in terms of cognitive function. In other words, it enables the user to focus more intently and limit interruptions during the course of the day.

The third mental function influenced by aniracetam is learning and memory, which implies that it accelerates the rate at which you pick up new knowledge, according to its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic effects.

This does not, however, apply to knowledge you already possess. By activating receptors involved in the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin, aniracetam also improves your mood and decreases anxiety.

Aniracetam and Piracetam are structurally related, as you would have surmised from the name. Aniracetam may alter cognitive and emotional behavior function in the numerous ways outlined above due to its similarities, but often less effectively than its parent substance.

decreases anxiety

Users said that their social contacts had grown. Dopamine and serotonin work together to effectively alleviate anxiety or function as anxiolytics, contributing to this.

Through its actions on GABA receptor sites, particularly subtype A, aniracetam may also reduce anxiety.

By potentiating chloride ion influx into the cell at the GABA receptors interface, aniracetam binding to this location improves GABA inhibition. This reduces membrane potential, which inhibits depolarization of brain neurons and, as a result, stops neuronal activation.

Anxiety disorders that are generally treated with benzodiazepines, including generalized anxiety disorder, may benefit from aniracetam’s anxiolytic effects (GAD).

However, compared to other therapies for GAD, anxiety, or CNS disorders more generally, there is presently inadequate data to support its effectiveness or safety profile.

Before claiming that aniracetam may be a successful anxiety medication, further thorough clinical studies are necessary to demonstrate its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic features.


Taking the medication offers the advantage of emotional equilibrium, which may help individuals battle depression. The substance decreases stress and aging-related brain dysfunction.

It could be caused by the brain’s enhanced acetylcholine and dopamine activity.

Aniracetam has been shown in animal models to lessen locomotor sensitization in response to cocaine injection and to lessen withdrawal symptoms from morphine, amphetamine, or methamphetamine abuse. The same responses may occur in people.

It has been shown to lessen depression brought on by persistent stress or drug dependence in mice, indicating that it may be utilized to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, depression brought on by persistent methamphetamine use, and HIV-related neurodegeneration.

dementia treatment

Patients with moderate Alzheimer’s disease or other senile cognitive problems were treated with aniracetam in a 1990s trial, and it helped them. Patients with a longer supplementation period showed enhanced cognition and mood.

The anxiolytic properties of aniracetam may potentially be useful in treating depression in those with neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

However, at this time, it cannot be recommended as a therapy for neurodegeneration or other mental diseases due to the dearth of high-quality research on its safety and effectiveness in people.

Before Aniracetam may be recommended as a therapy for any ailment other from those currently covered by existing clinical recommendations, further investigation into safety and dose indications is required.

heals brain injury

Aniracetam may be used as a supplement by persons who have brain impairment with the right dose. It has been shown to repair neuronal networks damaged when brain blood flow is blocked.

Despite proof of its beneficial effects, it is still illegal in the US. Before a medicine may be marketed on the market, there must be a sufficient number of human studies.

Rats’ resistance to hypoxia was investigated using aniracetam (lack of oxygen).

The healthy control group of rats perished during or soon after exposure to low oxygen circumstances, but the rats given aniracetam exhibited little to no brain damage.

In a different trial of epileptic patients, those who received aniracetam therapy fared better than those who received no medication at all.

For information about the potential advantages and disadvantages of this nootropic, people must depend only on reviews.

How Does The Brain React To Aniracetam?

It must be taken after meals since it is a fat-soluble chemical. It is processed in the liver before being delivered to various regions of the body through distinct receptors.

Once within the brain, it carries out actions that are associated with cognitive processes. Through the AMPA and glutamate receptors, it aids in dopamine release.

As it binds to other glutamate receptors, such as kainate receptors, it amplifies glutamate stimulation.

The enhanced acetylcholine transmission is often what causes aniracetam’s effects, as it is with other nootropics. As a result, learning and memory are boosted.

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An extract from the racetam family is aniracetam. It has been shown that the section guards against brain damage brought on by poor blood flow.

Unknown effects of the extract on the brain are also present. Aniracetam seems to improve memory and concentration in healthy individuals, but it’s unknown how it will affect patients who have cognitive problems.

How Aniracetam functions in the brain after consumption is still a mystery. Even so, it is known that it penetrates the blood-brain barrier more quickly than other racetams like oxiracetam or piracetam.

The increased boost in aniracetam’s cognitive and emotional behavior function is thought to be caused by this feature, according to scientists.

dosage of aniracetam

It is advised to avoid taking aniracetam every day since doing so will ultimately result in tolerance.

Aniracetam vs noopept featured image

One user who left a review said the pill helped with focus, but they also spoke about how jittery and restless Aniracetam made them feel.

While certain side effects made using aniracetam challenging, according to another reviewer, it helped to maintain their positive attitude.

Because tolerance rapidly develops and requires users to take higher dosages to have the same benefit, some users find this supplement difficult to utilize over the long term.

Others claim that they may take this nootropic every day without the effectiveness deteriorating over time.

The majority of batches come with a complete one-year guarantee if you buy your aniracetam from a reputable vendor like Nootropics Depot.

This implies that if there is a problem with your purchase of aniracetam, you have a full year to return it for a refund or replacement, as you want.

The suggested dose for each Aniracetam type is shown below.

Powdered aniracetam

500 mg of aniracetam is one of the most important doses. Contrary to other cognitive enhancers, this dose has consistently shown to be the most effective.

Specific negative effects, such as sleeplessness and irritability, have been associated to dosages of more exceeding 1,500 mg per day.

If you are a first-time user, it is best not to take Powdered aniracetam in a high dose until you know how your body will react. It’s also important not to take too much Powdered aniracetam in a single dose because this can have adverse effects on how you feel.

Additionally, if you have any side effects while taking this supplement, pay close attention to them since if you keep using it, they may become worse over time.

capsules of aniracetam

The nootropic aniracetam has been found to enhance learning and reduce anxiety. Despite being a racetam, it is more powerful than pramiracetam, oxiracetam, and piracetam.

Aniracetam doses range from 500 mg to 1500 mg per day, depending on your tolerance levels and desired effects from nootropics.

An additional benefit of aniracetam’s anxiolytic properties is that taking one in the morning, when anxiety levels are at their peak, may help you be more productive.

How is aniracetam taken?

The recommended dose for aniracetam should be followed whether it is taken as a tablet, capsule, or powder. It is advised to start with 750 mg per day divided into three dosages of 250 mg each throughout the day.

Up until advantages and therapy are realized, dosage should be progressively increased by stacking (combining) more substantial quantities every week. Restlessness, headaches, and irritability are possible adverse effects; however, they will pass as the body becomes used to the supplements.

Patients should immediately lower their dose or see a doctor about alternatives if adverse effects continue for an extended length of time or become severe.

The maximum dosage is 1500 mg per day, distributed evenly over five different days each week. The efficacy of supplements may be increased by a moderate caffeine consumption of 1-2 cups per day.

To avoid overstimulating neurotransmitter activity, it is advised to cut down on coffee consumption a week before starting a supplement.

Powdered aniracetam

The quantity of pills swallowed determines the dose of aniracetam. Typically, this dose ranges from 500 to 1000 mg per day.

Powdered aniracetam

When using cognitive enhancers benefits, the dosage of aniracetam is 750mg to 1500mg, once every four hours.

It may be taken with or without food, however it’s better to take the medication with a drink to prevent any unfavorable stomach responses.

Many people claim that they prefer taking aniracetam in capsule form instead since the flavor is less obvious this way (although this isn’t always true) for those who don’t enjoy the taste.

Avoid taking aniracetam every day if you want to use it for multiple days in a row since tolerance may develop fast when you use any supplement on a regular basis.

That will prevent you from becoming too resistant to its effects.

When eating or exercising, always use a medical mask since the substance is a bright, light-sensitive powder that, if breathed, may make breathing difficult.

capsules of aniracetam

To determine the ideal aniracetam dosage, further investigation is needed. However, individuals in scientific research get 1000 to 1500 mg each day after meals.

There are 750 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg dosages of aniracetam capsules available.

You must start off by taking 750mg with food or milk as a beginner.

You may gradually raise the dose to as much as 1500mg per day, depending on how your body reacts.

Take it approximately an hour before exercising. It will be more rapidly absorbed and have faster results if taken just after eating.

Aniracetam may be taken once day or twice daily as an option. It is not required to take it daily for a lengthy period of time, either as a therapy or as a short-term objective.

Therefore, for this nootropic pill to have great results, merely taking 1000mg once every 7 to 10 days is sufficient.

The highest daily dosage of 1500 is only administered to individuals with cognitive impairment. It may be consumed as tablets or powder.

Studies are also being done to see whether taking the medication intravenously might result in greater beneficial benefits, fewer negative effects, or more direct and indirect effects.

To determine how much aniracetam to take, it is still recommended to check with your doctor.

Aniracetam Side Effects & Dangers

The FDA has not yet authorized the nootropic. To provide appropriate medical advice about dose and administration, further human research are also necessary.

Each person may experience the affects differently. Age, weight, and height have all been explored in study to determine the effects of aniracetam.

It’s crucial to keep oneself under close observation when using this supplement, or any other medication for that matter, even if adverse effects are uncommon when taken at the right dose for your body type. Following are a few adverse effects of stacking aniracetam:

side effects and safety

  • Headaches. When taking this stack or any other combination of medicines to enhance brain function, some users have headaches on a regular basis, particularly if they don’t drink enough water during the day. It’s a good idea to drink at least two glasses of water before taking your nootropic since drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout the day can help avoid headaches brought on by dehydration.
  • Nausea. Diarrhea and an upset stomach are some of the symptoms of too much dosage of aniracetam in your system. Make sure you start with a small dose first or split your usual dosage into two equal parts and take one in the morning and another in the afternoon to ease yourself into this supplement gradually. Taking drugs like these should be handled carefully to prevent possible health risks, especially if you’re already on prescription treatment.
  • Dizziness. When using this supplement, if you have any unexpected changes in your vision, such as blurred or double vision, stop using it right away and seek medical advice as soon as possible. If you don’t want to experience these side effects, be sure to take these nootropics in moderation since some individuals may also experience drowsiness or nausea.

Ironically, users of aniracetam may feel anxiety as a side effect, despite the fact that the medicine is being examined as a therapy for anxiety.

Reddit Users Share Their Aniracetam Experiences

People may still buy and utilize the nootropic for their own needs even if it is not permitted to sell in certain nations.

What they have to say is as follows.

The silverhydra claims:

“Because it appears to be a mix of a social anxiolytic and a “silver tongue granter” (not actually a silver tongue, but words come easier), two cognitive domains I typically stink at, ani is also my racetam of choice (only one I’ve enjoyed, although I haven’t taken nefi or pira yet). Since you brought up awareness, I suppose that increases as well, though I never really looked into it…”

Nachos420 says the following:

Aniracetam is fantastic, yes. used it intermittently for years. It seems that our reactions are fairly similar. (bizarre dreams, clarity, and mood)

My favorite impacts are those that improve perception. Everything looks extra lovely, warm, and three-dimensional, and the music has considerably more depth and richness. It truly has a quite significant impact, and it appears to become stronger the more times you take it.

Additionally, it appears to greatly improve my ability to handle monotonous or repetitive work and drive away unfavorable emotions.

Stacks of aniracetam

Choline levels often drop after using nootropics. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that transmits signals to the brain, is produced from choline, which is a precursor to it.

People combine it with other vitamins or medications in order to prevent risks like these

Stacks of aniracetam

Choline levels often drop after using nootropics. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that transmits signals to the brain, is produced from choline, which is a precursor to it.

People use it with other supplements like Alpha GPC or Citicoline for greater outcomes in order to minimize risks like these.

Nootropics like Piracetam and Choline combine nicely with aniracetam. However, you must consume at least 500mg of choline per day for the best results.

By doing this, you’ll avoid any therapy and avoid any harmful side effects brought on by your body’s decreased acetylcholine levels.

Because aniracetam is a fat-soluble substance, the body may store it and release it as required.

This nootropic works well to provide all the advantages listed above when taken by itself. Aniracetam produces superior results when combined with other substances, however.

The following advantages come from using aniracetam with other nootropic supplements:

  • improvement of memory One of the well-known outcomes of using aniracetam for memory is this. When mixed with other brain enhancers like Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, it may increase memory by up to 30% when taken alone. This percentage might rise to 50%.
  • improved cognitive function and attention to the current task. You may multitask and focus on a single activity for extended periods of time when using numerous supplements, which will improve your learning and memory. It promotes motivation and the desire to complete all duties on schedule. Combining aniracetam with phenylpiracetam may be the best option for you if you often feel lethargic or reluctant to work.
  • increased ability for learning. Your capacity to absorb new information is increased with aniracetam by up to 40%. Combine it with additional nootropics like Noopept and bacopa monnieri extract to increase your capacity for learning and memory.

Whether taken alone or in conjunction with other supplements, aniracetam has a number of advantages. The most crucial factor is that you be aware of the ideal dose for your body.

The most common stacks are shown here.

Choline and aniracetam

Our diets naturally include choline. A sufficient supply of the precursor of acetylcholine is guaranteed by aniracetam that contains highly accessible choline, such as Alpha GPC.

The following are some advantages of combining choline with aniracetam:

  • enhanced memory Your memory recall will be better than normal when you take both vitamins at the recommended quantity. More easily than ever before, you may recall events from yesterday or even last year.
  • improved concentration and attentiveness. Since aniracetam raises acetylcholine levels in the brain, stacking it with a solid supply of choline makes sense for optimum focus and enhanced memory. Additionally, it stabilizes mood fluctuations brought on by high levels of stress, allowing you to focus all of your mental energy on the job at hand without thinking about anything else.
  • improved multitasking skills. Employees must be able to multitask and prioritize work in order to succeed in the labor market, particularly in highly competitive industries like medical research. You may accomplish your everyday objectives with the aid of this vitamin without compromising quality.

Oxiracetam, Piracetam, and Aniracetam

New users shouldn’t attempt this aniracetam stack. If you have prior expertise with the other two racetams, you are suggested to employ this difficult stack.

The likelihood of gaining the possible advantages of each supplement is increased when it is taken with the other two racetams.

The following are some advantages of combining aniracetam with oxiracetam and piracetam:

  • improved capacity to concentrate on the current job at hand. The right nootropic dose will give you the motivation to complete tasks faster than normal. There is less doubt and procrastination, allowing you to complete your task on time without putting too much pressure on yourself.
  • improved fluency in speech. Let’s say you struggle to explain yourself during presentations or even just casual chats since English isn’t your first language or you have a history of being tongue-tied. If so, this stack may help you communicate better by increasing blood flow to the brain. Your ideas will be clearer, making it simpler and more fluid for you to speak.
  • improved mood Because nootropics enhance the balance of neurotransmitters and hormones throughout the brain, you won’t be as irritated as normal. In particular when you are experiencing overwhelming tension and worry, you will become more composed and accessible.

Mind Lab Pro and aniracetam

A pre-made nootropic combination is called Mind Lab Pro. More effectively than taking Aniracetam alone, this stack enhances mood and brain function.

The following are some advantages of combining Mind Lab Pro with aniracetam:

  • Enhanced memory. Mind Lab Pro and aniracetam increase acetylcholine levels in the brain, boosting focus, attention span, and learning. It also improves mental energy to allow you to study or finish projects at work more effectively without feeling sluggish or tired.
  • lasting impacts all day long. Aside from greater sleep, of course, you’ll find that using this stack consistently will have benefits that last well beyond your typical bedtime. Even when you’re unbalanced, your concentration and attention span will be sharper, thus it’s preferable to take them in the morning to prevent sleeplessness.

Noopept and aniracetam

The following are some advantages of combining aniracetam and noopept:

  • enhanced cognition These supplements may increase your memory recall by up to 20% when used together. Additionally, it lengthens the attention span, enabling you to concentrate on the work at hand without overlooking important details. After taking this stack consistently for a few weeks or months, some people even report improved sensory perception, including taste, vision, hearing, and touch.
  • Improved learning capacity. Your ability to absorb information with ease improves when taking nootropics like Noopept and aniracetam. It can boost your cognitive functions such as memory, focus, and attention span with continued use.

Alpha Brain and aniracetam

The following are some advantages of combining aniracetam with Alpha Brain:

  • improving memory Aniracetam enhances concentration, understanding, learning, and memory capacity, which enables the brain to accomplish the same. You can tackle a variety of mental duties throughout the day since it keeps you attentive and smart.
  • encouraging improved sleep. This is a fantastic stack for those who have problems falling asleep, particularly if they often wake up in the middle of the night or suffer from insomnia. By using this combination as instructed, you may improve your sleep quality, memory retention, and learning ability while also reducing tension and worry, which are the main causes of sleeping issues.

Nootrobrain and aniracetam

The following are some advantages of combining NootroBrain with aniracetam:

  • enhanced memory capacity. Acetylcholine, a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, is produced in the brain more often when aniracetam is taken. Dopamine affects your ability to learn, remember things, and exercise executive function. Since of this, it is advantageous for those with ADHD because it may help them concentrate better—especially when combined with other substances in NooTroBrain that also enhance attention.
  • Better overall mental health. As you take these supplements regularly, you’ll notice that it boosts both mood and alertness at the same time. Those who struggle with bipolar disorder often benefit from this stack because of these effects. Aniracetam also decreases anxiety and stress, which is especially helpful for those who have trouble staying calm and in control during specific situations.

Phenylpiracetam and aniracetam

The following are some advantages of combining aniracetam and phenylpiracetam:

  • improved logical thinking By encouraging the brain’s acetylcholine synthesis, aniracetam improves your capacity for logical thought. Additionally, it raises dopamine, which enhances the neurotransmitter’s ability to teach your brain to form new neural pathways for sharper reasoning abilities, enabling you to more easily comprehend a variety of scenarios.
  • enhanced ability for learning. This is among the key justifications for why students choose to take this stack. Since its effects help them recall more words, formulae, theories, and concepts than they often do, they utilize it particularly before tests. Additionally, it aids with memory recall, making it easier to remember whatever you read or heard during examinations.
  • better attention and attitude. Students that use this stack often report feeling less anxious and tense, which makes studying much simpler since they aren’t easily distracted by various things going on around them. Aniracetam improves attention and concentration, which is crucial for memory retention and logical thinking, enabling kids to comprehend all of the material they study more quickly.

The racetam family of nootropics, all of which were generated from piracetam, includes aniracetam. However, depending on your brain chemistry, they affect users in various ways and have distinct consequences.

One of the stronger members of this family is aniracetam. Nevertheless, some individuals don’t react well to it because of chemical imbalances that make them feel uneasy or anxious while taking it.

Because some brains are already saturated with acetylcholine, an organic chemical involved in learning, memory, and other important cognitive activities, certain people may not respond well to supplement stacks including aniracetam.

The reason Mind Lab Pro stacks with Alpha GPC rather than ordinary choline bitartrate is because people who don’t metabolize choline effectively sometimes get headaches and nausea while taking aniracetam as adverse effects.

Where to Buy capsules of aniracetam & Powder?

The usage of the medicine is restricted in certain European nations. Only those with a doctor’s prescription are permitted to purchase.

People may look for aniracetam for sale online even if it is not FDA-approved in the US. They may get the item from reliable websites that provide a variety of nootropics.

There are several online stores where you may buy aniracetam since it is one of the most well-known nootropic pills accessible.

When looking for retailers to acquire your supplements from, use extra care since not all of them are reliable.

Trusted & reliable nootropics vendor

shipping from the US to all countries

Always check the reputation and product assurances of any retailer you’re thinking about doing business with.

This webpage serves as an example. When it comes to supplements like aniracetam, it has a reputation as a go-to website.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

You may be able to find the solution to your inquiries here.

What Emotions Does Aniracetam Cause?

It may uplift your spirits and make you feel more social. You may absorb and remember information more readily as a result.

Due to its high concentration of benefits on memory improvement and learning, as well as its minimal to nonexistent adverse effects, several people believe aniracetam to be the finest racetam for producing a “racetam-like” effect.

It has furthermore been referred to be one of the safest nootropics on the market with no long-term negative side effects.

Aniracetam is special because it improves communication between various brain regions in charge of processing various kinds of information, allowing you to comprehend concepts more intuitively.

How Long Does Aniracetam Take to Start Working?

After consuming it for 30-45 minutes, users claimed to experience the effects. The half-life of aniracetam may last up to 2.5 hours. When compared to other racetams, which often last a day, it is rather brief.

Even though aniracetam is one of the racetam family’s more effective members, it still takes two hours before you start to feel its effects.

After just 30 minutes of taking aniracetam, which is around the period when its concentration in your circulation has reached its highest levels, you should start feeling an improvement in your ability to concentrate.

How safe is aniracetam?

Overdosage is the primary cause of problems. Thus, taking the appropriate dosage shouldn’t have any negative effects on the consumer.

One of the nootropics that has been studied the most on humans is aniracetam. Users have only sometimes reported experiencing moderate negative effects, if any at all.

Only when dosages were excessively high or when the consumer used it together with other supplements that had comparable effects did side effects become an issue.

Aniracetam: Does It Stimulate?

Yes, yet others claim that its effects are superior than those of caffeine.

Aniracetam functions as a nootropic by improving learning without producing negative stimulant side effects in the user.

Due to its reputation as one of the safest nootropics on the market, aniracetam is highly sought after by those looking to enhance their cognitive performance with little danger.

Aniracetam is safe to take often since, according to users, long-term usage does not lead to the development of tolerance. Many users claim that persistent long-term use of aniracetam improves both mental and physical performance.

How Long Is the Half-Life of Aniracetam?

The half-life of aniracetam is 1.5 hours. But before its effectiveness starts to work, it takes around two hours.

One advantage of aniracetam is that it doesn’t really “crash” once the effects wear off, unlike other racetams, so you won’t have to worry about getting a headache or feeling woozy.

Within a few hours, you should be able to focus and remember things clearly again.

The daily dosage of aniracetam

For healthy people, a safe daily dose of aniracetam is about 1500mg, with a 3000mg upper limit.

Since any racetam might have negative effects if taken in too high a dosage all at once, you should always start with the lowest effective amount and only raise your dosage gradually as necessary.

What Flavor Does Aniracetam Have?

Aniracetam is one of the more acceptable flavors among racetams, despite the fact that many of them are notorious for their bitter flavor.

It is regarded as being in the center of the racetam spectrum when compared to other popular options like oxiracetam and piracetam.


Because of its quick-acting impact, people can’t help but gush over aniracetam. It is still an option when seeking for a racetam, even if more thorough study is still required to guarantee that consumers get the advantages it provides, such as therapy for certain ailments.

It has little negative effects and sharpens cognition practically quickly, particularly when combined with other nootropics.

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