The raw cannabis juice craze has hit the market recently, and with good reason: the current offerings are far superior to the typical cannabis-infused food products on the market today. Think about it: you can consume cannabis in its natural form, without any added cooking, and you can control the consistency of your experience, from glass to gummy bears to drops. Although you can look for a wide variety of raw cannabis juice products online, there are a few that stand out above the rest.

Raw Cannabis Juice – What It Is, and the Best Products Out There In the beginning, it didn’t seem like such a big deal that you could get high off cannabis. From my experience in the cannabis industry, the opinions of cannabis users are usually pretty diverse. Some people see cannabis as a way to relieve stress, others as a way to relax, and others as a way to help with their illnesses. One thing that was always true, is that any kind of Cannabis use is a way to get high.

While the use of cannabis as a medicine is becoming more widely accepted, cannabis has also become a popular recreational drug. Still, there are many people who wish to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, without the unwanted side effects of smoking or ingesting it. While cannabis does have a number of negative side effects, for some people these effects are more severe than others.

We already extract with C02 and produce concentrates from the compression. We already consume cannabis as a smoke, in supplements, topicals and leaves. What’s missing? Juice! Like vegetables, raw cannabis juice is one of the best ways to get all the health benefits cannabis has to offer. Expensive? Tractor? BHO? Resin? Alcohol? Vapes? Inedible? There are so many ways to use cannabis that it’s hard to decide which is the best. If you haven’t tried them all, you may not know which one is right for you. If you have smoked regular THC delta-9, you may not know that there is another form, THC delta-8, which is non-anxious, clear-headed and less psychoactive. Sometimes you just have to know what’s what. Take a look at our collection of Delta-8 THC offers and choose the best product for you.

What is a juicer?

First, we all know what a juice is. Whether it’s a peach dripping in your face when you bite into it or a pack of drinks in the supermarket aisle, we know that juice comes from fruit. And vegetables. In fact, from any plant. Juicing simply means squeezing the liquid out of the plant. It’s really that simple. No complicated extraction methods are used and no attempt is made to produce a concentrate. It squeezes only the vital blood and all the nutrients it contains. Think about a juicer and how it gets all the juice out of an orange. It’s the juice. Simple and direct. This does not mean that all juices are equal, they are not. Most juices you see in the supermarket contain almost no plant products and instead use sugar, chemicals and food coloring, without all the health benefits. Experienced buyers know that the juice is not pasteurized, as this process usually destroys the components of the plant, and that it is not a concentrate. Experienced buyers know to be careful about the expiration date, because real juice doesn’t last forever and expires pretty quickly. You should check that the label says cold-pressed, which means that it has not been processed in a high-speed, high-temperature centrifuge. The experienced consumer also knows to avoid anything that mentions fruit flavor, natural flavor, or real fruit juice, as this usually indicates that it is not juice. word-image-894 Nowadays it is often said that drinking a fruit juice is the same as drinking a glass of lemonade, although this simply reflects the small range of fruit juices available. All fruit juices contain sugar, yet they have beneficial properties, and these properties can be obtained by drinking the juice directly. This can also be done for vegetables.

Is it healthy?

Juicing doesn’t give any special power to anything, so it’s no healthier than eating raw vegetables or fruits. An important difference, however, is that the plant fiber is not extracted from the juice, which means that fruit juice contains no plant fiber. Some say it is inferior to consuming the whole product because of the loss of fiber during the pressing process. Others say that the lack of fiber makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients. It’s absurd to wonder if it’s technically healthier than eating a whole vegetable. They’re both very useful to you. One of the benefits of juicing is that if a person doesn’t like fruits and/or vegetables, it provides an alternative way to get the nutrients. When a product is pressed, it is consumed in smaller quantities, making it easier to digest, and can be added to other foods or liquids if you want to mask or change the flavor. Fruits and especially vegetables are incredibly important for your health. So if juicing makes a person want to and be able to better absorb the nutrients in vegetables, it becomes an essential tool for maintaining good health.

Benefits of raw cannabis juice

When cannabis is decarboxylated or dried, many of the natural compounds present in the fresh plant are chemically converted or vaporized. These four cannabinoid acids are present in fresh plants, but are lost during drying and heating: CBD-A, THC-A, CBC-A and CGB-A. THC-A is a precursor of THC, which it becomes when heated and decarboxylated (whereby the carboxyl – COOH ring is lost). None of the compounds mentioned are psychoactive, and they all remain in their original form when the cannabis plant is pressed. The letter a stands for acid, because all these molecules are precursor acids of the cannabinoids we often talk about. They are also all associated with the same benefits of THC Delta-9. Dr. William Courtney, a Mendocino County physician, told Alternet: The main psychoactive compound in dried and aged cannabis, delta-9 THC, is not present in the fresh, raw leaf. Patients usually do not get high from eating the raw product. Therefore, drinking a cannabis juice smoothie in the morning is not the same as getting up and cooking. He also explained that cannabis juice is not intended for acute treatment, as is the case with cigarettes and supplements. According to Courtney, it might take… three days to evaluate the juice. Others take weeks to set up. It may take four to eight weeks to see the full clinical effect. This is the time it takes for plant (phyto)cannabinoids to become fully saturated in the body’s fatty tissues. Phytocannabinoids are stored in fatty tissue, as are the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. word-image-896

Make your own raw cannabis juice

As with any juice product, this can be done at home. One of the first things you should know about a cannabis juicer is that standard juicers are not designed for leafy vegetables. Standard juicers use centrifugal force to extract the juice from the plant. Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind when juicing. The first question is which juicer to use. The options are as follows: 1) The centrifugal juice extractor, which works by using a rapidly rotating metal blade that spins in a sieve filter and uses centrifugal force to separate the juice from the pulp of the plant. This causes a lot of heat that destroys enzymes and oxidizes nutrients. 2) Cold pressing, where the material is crushed and then pressed using a hydraulic press. It takes longer and costs more than a centrifugal press. However, these juicers do not produce heat, so more nutrients are retained. In general, centrifuges are most appropriate when the juice is used for cooking or baking, when heating is already planned, or when the optimal nutrient content is not so important. Cold-pressed juicers are best suited for making fresh juices, green juices, nut milks and anything else that has a full nutritional content. Any of them can be used to make cannabis juice. Here are some tips.

  • If using a centrifuge, the leaves should be rolled tightly in a cylinder before being pushed into the juicer. This makes the cannabis more voluminous, allowing the centrifugal force to grab plant material that is otherwise quite light for it. These juicers are not intended for light plants, such as. B. Leafy vegetables are appropriate.
  • Another option is to cut the leaves into medium-sized pieces and put them in the juicer along with other larger fruits or vegetables that the juicer can better accommodate.
  • The last – and best – option for getting the best raw cannabis juice is to use a cold press. These juicers work with cannabis leaves in the same way they work with other fruits and vegetables, extracting the juice at the same speed without compromising the nutritional value. The hemp can be put directly into the juicer without fear of damaging the juicer.

The best raw cannabis juice products

We don’t all like to do it ourselves. Some of us prefer to buy the best product that someone else has already put together perfectly. If you are one of these people, you should check out the best raw cannabis juice options on the market. JadeNectar offers a product made from raw cannabis juice, but not in its usual form. Remember that raw juice cannot be stored for long without spoiling. In response, JadeNectar has developed cannabis juice, which is obtained by pureeing and freezing the whole leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. It is frozen into cubes, which can then be added to a smoothie or other drink. Freezing preserves the nutrients in the juice and prevents it from spoiling or decaying. The production process of JadeNectar juice is protected by a patent. word-image-898 Another option, especially for the European market, is Sana’s range of raw hemp juices. Sana, the only commercially available raw hemp juice on the European market, offers a full spectrum hemp juice containing all nutrients. Sana freezes its hemp juice without pesticides or herbs for a few minutes so that the nutrients and enzymes are not destroyed, without any additives. From this raw juice, Sana produces various products such as… B. the following : 100% Raw Hemp Juice Powder – Made from Dutch industrial hemp, this powder mix is unpasteurized and flash frozen, then freeze dried. It has a full spectrum of action and is water soluble. A 30-gram box costs 49.95 euros ($60.90). Sana offers the same raw juice powder in capsules: Raw Sana Hemp Juice Powder 30 vcaps, each capsule contains 6.9 mg of CBD-A. A pack of 30 capsules containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids costs €24.95 ($30.42), while a pack of 90 capsules costs €59.95 ($73.09). Sana didn’t stop there. The company also produces Sana hemp juice melting tablets, another way to get your raw cannabis juice fix. Each tablet contains 2 mg CBD-A and vitamin C. The tablets melt directly in the mouth and are absorbed by the oral mucosa. Each box of 40 pills costs €14.95 ($18.23). Sana also offers Sana Hemp Boosters CBD-A. These are capsules that contain freeze-dried raw cannabis juice, which means that the water has been removed by a special process. These capsules are acid resistant so the contents reach the intestines sooner for better absorption. Each capsule contains 5 mg CBD-A. A box of 30 capsules costs €19.95 ($24.32). Another European option is Kama Hemp and its cold-pressed organic hemp juice powder as part of its range of raw hemp juices. This unconcentrated powder is made from organic hemp from Ireland and contains 1715 mg of CBD-A per 110 gram bag, for a total of 55 servings. A bag costs 64.99 euros ($79.24). This company delivers outside the UK and Ireland. Interested wholesalers should contact the company for more information.


There’s a raw food revolution going on right now, and cannabis is part of it. Hemp can not only be frozen and pressed to make resin, but it can also be added to honey, harvested as juice and made into juice. You can buy all kinds of extracts and concentrates, as well as raw cannabis juice to get the true essence of the plant. Don’t you want to buy? Do it yourself! However you do it, you get all the nutrients from the plant, including the precursor acids that aren’t usually in the final product when you make juice.Raw cannabis juice is the same as regular cannabis juice, except it’s raw (not heated) and it’s made from cannabis flowers instead of mixed with other things. The raw juice is what you would use if you were juicing from a whole plant, rather than a cannabis concentrate.. Read more about is hemp and cbd the same and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you juice a male cannabis plant?

Juice is an excellent way for cannabis users to increase their daily dose of cannabinoids, but before you start juicing, you should be aware of some key facts. However, unlike many other ingredients that are associated with juicing, cannabis is not full of sugars and other additives that can lead to a toxic combination. What is more, it’s not harmful for the liver to consume raw cannabis. Most of the THC in raw cannabis leaves is stored in the plant’s flowers, but when you plant cannabis seeds, the entire plant is considered ‘raw.’ The process of juicing is the best method to get the most benefit from your raw plant. Gravity, light, heat, and time, some of the most important, and often neglected factors in growing your own cannabis plants, are also the most important ones in making a high-quality, flavorful, raw cannabis juice.  In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about cannabis juice extraction, including the many different ways to make cannabis juice, and what to look for when purchasing cannabis juice .

Can you juice hemp?

For those of you who recall, there was a time when marijuana was taboo. What was once illegal to grow was now legal to do so. There was a time when smoking was illegal, but there was a time when that was okay. There was a time when you couldn’t even drink alcohol, but there was a time when you could. Today, we live in a world where everyone has access to marijuana, and people are encouraged to experiment with it. But, we cannot forget the people who suffer because of it. Many people have heard of the benefits of raw cannabis juice (R.C.J.), but many still don’t know about it.

How do you juice a plant?

I’m sure this is an old topic, but I was curious to find out how many people juice plants these days. What has changed, and what hasn’t? I know that the popularity of juicing has grown immensely over the past few years, and the number of people who buy and consume fresh juices and “raw” foods has skyrocketed. We are all familiar with the idea of a juice cleanse. Why not add a plant to your life?

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