Kaiser Permanente Burch Minority Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

The Kaiser Permanente Burch Minority Leadership Development Program was initially funded as a pilot program by Kaiser Permanente in September, 2010. The pilot program has been very successful and has helped awardees to gain academic tenure, significant grants, advisory committee roles, policy-rich meetings and research projects, and enhanced voice in policy dialogue, as reflected in the final report to Kaiser Permanente.

In August of 2013, a continuation grant for the Program was received to fund an additional two cohorts for a total of 12 awardees. The first cohort will be in the program for the period of October 2013 to October 2015. The second cohort will start in January of 2014 and continue until January of 2016.

The two-year program is funded by a $600,000 grant from a Kaiser Permanente charitable fund at the East Bay Community Foundation.

These awards are designed to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of connections and dialogue with health policymakers in federal, state and local governments and to develop and sustain the visibility and emerging leadership of these minority researchers. The award also facilitates the partnership between awardees and Kaiser Permanente through rotations with research and policy offices of Kaiser.

The Kaiser Permanente Burch program allows young minority scholars to continue and sustain professional relationships with policy developers and to strengthen their positions as new, emerging leaders and voices for the underserved. They will speak out as health leaders committed to improving health and healthcare to the underserved, to strengthening their access to quality healthcare and to sustaining the funding and quality of public hospitals and other safety net providers. These minority leadership awardees are expected to be committed to social justice and the promotion of social justice and health equity for underserved communities.

The program honors the service of Chris Burch, retired Executive Director of the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (NAPH) and champion of the cause of public hospitals and social justice, by supporting junior minority researchers with this two-year leadership development awards allowing them to increase their voice, visibility and connections with policy communities. It also continues to reflect Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to being a leader in eliminating disparities in health and health care, refining the pathways to end health and healthcare disparities as part of its social mission and its continuum of care.