Unfortunately, we have to announce that we had to cancel our Delicious Keto Pumpkin Giveaway. We have determined that we did not reach a large enough number of people who were interested in receiving a free pumpkin. While the giveaway is over now, our goal was to get more people interested in our keto pumpkin contest by increasing the number of people who entered, so I wanted to give a free pumpkin to all of my followers. We will continue to offer a free pumpkin to anyone who signs up for our newsletter and enters a giveaway. We will announce the next giveaway on our blog.

The low carb and keto diet has been around for many years and has been a popular topic of discussion in the health and fitness community. Whether making your own keto pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving dinner or needing to take a keto break in between training sessions, the keto diet can be a fun and tasty way to fuel your body.

Our Keto Pumpkin Giveaway Extravaganza has come to an end!

Well, fans, this past month of pumpkin-themed giveaways has been awesome, and you’re all even more awesome for participating and playing with us!

If you missed each week’s winners, you can find them all below!

We were very happy to give you all the chance to win keto gifts during fleeting times, not only to help you follow the keto lifestyle, but more importantly to spread a little more excitement and joy in our community.

Are you upset that you didn’t win?

I embrace you, my friend! We want EVERYONE (including YOU) to be the winner. To keep the suspense going, this is not the end of the road for us …..

…because there are more exciting things to come! ❄️

The holidays are fast approaching and we are already making plans to make the holidays extraordinary (and delicious, of course)! HOORAY!  I don’t want to give too much away though ….. Just know it’s going to be great and there will definitely be some giveaways. ….. Or many of them.

Here are all the winners of our monthly keto pumpkin contest:

Week 1: Phat Foods Pumpkin Bread (10 winners):

  1. Christine M. – shlckri*****@yahoo.com
  2. Chris N. – bren*****@yahoo.com
  3. Marsha G. – mgor*****@gmail.com
  4. Christine K. – kristincr*****@att.net
  5. B.M. – beam*****@gmail.com
  6. Jamie P. – jamie******@yahoo.com
  7. Linda G. – lgre*****@aol.com
  8. Amy S. – amyl******@yahoo.com
  9. Lana T. – lana******@gmail.com
  10. Elijah G. – eli***@live.com

Week 2: О ! Pumpkin Peanuts (5 winners):

  1. Arlene T. – ati****@gmail.com
  2. Tina W. – tinawh*******@hotmail.com
  3. Vanessa S. – vanessa.s*****@live.com
  4. Avis N. – avi**@yahoo.com
  5. Yolanda D. – cuite*****@hotmail.com

Week 3: HighKey Keto Goodies (10 winners!):

  1. Carl H. – carlh****@gmail.com
  2. Jacqui Z. – taz***@aol.com
  3. Ronald M. – Rma*******@gmail.com
  4. Barbara T. – barb.l.t*****@gmail.com
  5. Tricia J. – jone**********@gmail.com
  6. Ashley D. – ksgj******@gmail.com
  7. Lesha F. – lelef****@yahoo.com
  8. Terry W. – fire_cr*******@hotmail.com
  9. Pam M. – john*******@cox.net
  10. Sarina K. – sarina*******@yahoo.com

Week 4: NuNaturals Pumpkin Spice Syrup (10 winners!):

  1. Sandra K. – he*****@hotmail.com
  2. Natalie M. – nmar*******@yahoo.com
  3. Fatima M. – mommy*******@hotmail.com
  4. Susie S. – cruizin*******@gmail.com
  5. Marcella R. – mmr******@gmail.com
  6. Shirley B. – shirley.b****@yahoo.com
  7. Lori S. – schl*********@gmail.com
  8. Alma F. – almath******@gmail.com
  9. Amanda H. – pand*****@gmail.com
  10. Blanca S. – blanca.s******@gmail.com

Take me up on all the keto delights!

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