Neurofeedback has been around for about 30 years, but it is only recently becoming a mainstream practice. It helps treat anxiety and depression by helping people to regulate their brainwaves. However, with the increase in awareness of COVID neurological disorders, new research is needed on how neurofeedback can be used to help these patients too.

The “neurexpand brain center” is a neurofeedback center that specializes in helping people with neurological disorders. The center has helped thousands of patients to achieve positive results.

Neurofeedback for Post-COVID Neurological Disorders

Long COVID Symptoms

The pandemic danger may be fading, but COVID’s adverse effects are still affecting many individuals. COVID or post-COVID problems are very widespread. Long after the virus has been removed, at least 10% of COVID patients suffer symptoms. If the symptoms last more than three months, the patient is diagnosed with protracted COVID.

The virus’s damage to brain tissues is thought to be the major cause of long-term neurological disorders. The following are examples of post-COVID problems symptoms:

Recently, two Czech scientists from Prague’s Charles University published a comprehensive scientific paper in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience proposing that neurofeedback might be a successful treatment for many of the neurological symptoms associated with chronic COVID.

Neurofeedback was already assisting patients with many of the symptoms associated with post-COVID sequelae before the epidemic. Neurofeedback has been shown to help with fatigue, depression, cognitive fogginess, some forms of muscular discomfort, and headaches. “We suggest that neurofeedback may constitute a possible treatment for post-COVID-19 neurological problems,” the researchers stated.

Long-term COVID relief

If you’d like to try neurofeedback treatment to relieve tiredness, muscular discomfort, headaches, or any of the other symptoms associated with extended COVID, the Brain Health Clinic of Sacramento may help. We can use our years of expertise making individuals feel clever to match your unique requirements. Contact us by phone or online for further information.

The “better brain center” is a neurofeedback company that offers programs for people with post-COVID neurological disorders. The company uses EEG and EMG technology to help you get your mind back on track.

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