This week I want to talk a little bit about motivation. This is a one of my favorite topics and I am constantly reading about how it can be a challenge for people to find their motivation to do something. That is definitely one of the biggest problems that people have. I am sure that you have heard that quote “Motivation is what gets you started; passion is what keeps you going”. And it is true. I have a lot of passion for writing, but it is what keeps me going. I want to make sure that you have enough motivation to run towards your goals. I know that you can not be motivated by one thing and not interested in others. If you are only interested in weight loss, then I am sure that you would

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who have a dream, and those who don’t. What if you could have both without sacrificing the other? If you could find your most significant purpose and have a life that matters, would you do it?

The hardest part of moving through life is figuring out where you’re going. You don’t want to stay in a rut, but you don’t want to stay stuck either. There is a slot somewhere between those two places, and it’s where we can find our deepest reasons for being and living.

Today, ask yourself a single question: Why am I doing this? Okay, two questions: Why am I doing this in the first place?

Coach Craig Weller explains how identifying your “deep reason” gives you the motivation to keep going when things get rough in this piece, the first in a series about motivation.

Operational specialties

At the age of 17, I left my small village in South Dakota for a six-year Navy enlistment.

I’d spend those six years either working as a special operations soldier or going through the SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen) selection procedure.

SWCC are the people on the boats in the movie Act of Valor, in case you haven’t heard of them.


Special operations force (SOF) selection training is essentially a procedure of systematic testing and torture that excludes all but a few volunteers. Depending on the program and the time of year, 60 to 90% of candidates will either fail or stop training.

The selection procedure for a marine community was especially difficult for a child from landlocked South Dakota who didn’t learn to swim until boot camp. My swim buddy and I failed a swim two weeks after graduating from my first SWCC class.

They took us back to the start of our training. We had to start all over again. But only after spending four extra months in the Brownshirt Rollbacks, a BUD/S program.

I wore my pin a year later, after a total of 30 months in the pipeline.

a strong drive

Why didn’t I just give up?

After all, I was only two weeks away from receiving my diploma. After that, I failed. And had to start all over again, with an extra four months thrown in for good measure.

What was it that kept me going?

You might be surprised by the answer: A pair of boots comes to mind. Boots, to be precise. Snow boots are a must.

Allow me to explain.

Our family had two automobiles. My mother worked as a paramedic and was often on call, so she required one of them. My father’s was the other.

Despite this, he walked to work in the cold so that my brothers and I could drive to school in his car.

South Dakota’s winters can be bitterly cold. The type of cold that can solidify exposed skin.

That risk was taken by my father. He put on his boots and struggled through the snow to his office every day, leaving an hour before my siblings and I did.

He handed over the keys to his truck to us. We drove pleasantly to school in a raging snowfall, with my older brother as chauffeur, while my father walked.

Every evening, he’d return home, kick the snow out of his boots at the door, and store them there for the next day.

I’ll never forget seeing those huge, hefty boots in a puddle of melted snow by our front door.

Those boots signify the countless sacrifices my father made so that I could grow up happy and successful.

In certain ways, my father was a demanding individual, but he was also a selfless individual. He constantly prioritized his children and family.

With all of his sacrifices in mind, I couldn’t bear the thought of phoning him one day and telling him I was finished. That I had given up. Because I had decided to quit trying, his eighteen years of efforts on my behalf had come to naught.

I would have preferred to die rather than make that phone call.

That’s how I went through my training.

So, whether you’re having trouble at the gym – or if you’re new to Coaching – search for your underlying cause.

It could come to you in the form of an image, like my snow boots did. It could come to you in the form of words. It makes no difference how you get there.

What matters is that you recognize it — and remember it when things get rough. So you’re free to continue.


Better eating, moving, and living.



It will teach you the optimal diet, exercise, and lifestyle strategies that are specific to you.


The first and most important thing for anyone to find their deepest reason is to find their true purpose in life. You can easily do this by asking yourself why you are alive. Keep this question in mind and whenever you feel down, ask yourself why you are here and what you want to achieve in life.. Read more about real motivation and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret of motivation?

Motivation is the process of getting someone to do something. It can be a person, an organization, or even a country.

How do I get endless motivation?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What is the secret to motivation and high performance?

Motivation and high performance are two different things. If you want to be motivated, it is important to have a goal that you can work towards. It is also important to surround yourself with positive people who will support your goals and help push you further.

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