The benefits of yoga vary depending on the individual, but some research has shown that it can improve back pain. In fact, there is a growing movement towards integrating yoga into your daily life by adapting its movements to lean against furniture and using props such as blankets for support in place of hands.

The “yoga poses to avoid with back pain” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer, however, is not as clear cut. Some people say that yoga can be bad for your back, while others say that it’s the best thing you could do for your spine and joints.


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One of the first recommendations made by many medical professionals, including chiropractors, is for the patient to start a stretching regimen, such as yoga.

However, you may have heard that yoga is terrible for your back. Is this real or is it just a myth on the internet?

Does Yoga Actually Reduce Back Pain?

For years, doctors and chiropractors have advised yoga to strengthen supporting back muscles, repair the back, and enhance core muscles. But…

Could practicing yoga be making your back pain worse?

It depends, is the response.

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Yoga may assist to strengthen and stretch the back, shoulder, and neck muscles that often cause the greatest difficulty, according to a fair amount of data.

Yoga also seems to be beneficial for persistent, localized back pain. According to studies, consistent practice improves:

  • the multifidus muscles, which support the spine’s bones.
  • the abdominal muscles called transverse abdominis that support the back
  • the paraspinal muscles, which provide you the ability to bend and move your spine in various directions.

But note this caution. Yoga has been shown to be good for the back, but it may also highlight any back problems that already present.

Overstretching, misalignment, and weak muscles are the major offenders.

If you practice yoga at home, you should take the time to master the fundamentals of the poses (for example, the right foot placement and pelvic alignment are crucial to preventing lower back discomfort in many postures) as well as which ones you should initially avoid.

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2/3 5 Yoga Pose That May Exacerbate Back Pain

Similar to how certain yoga positions are bad for pregnant women, not all yoga poses are healthy for those with back issues.

Here are 5 yoga positions to stay away from if you have back discomfort, particularly if you’re doing them on your own.

One-Legged Twist

Any twisting motion might become uncomfortable for someone who is presently experiencing back discomfort. Despite the fact that the abdominal muscles are supposed to be used in this posture, many individuals, particularly novices, prefer to twist their backs more than their abdominals, which may place a lot of strain on the spinal discs.

Lunge Twist Pose

2. Boat

Although it seems to be a straightforward posture, many yogis have a tendency to round their lower backs, which almost certainly makes even slight back problems worse. In fact, overusing your frontal abdominal muscles, or rectus abominis, might cause your spine to round, which aggravates your back discomfort.

Boat Pose

3. Shoulders Up

This pose is similar to a headstand in that it keeps your shoulders and neck on the ground, but it also puts a lot of strain on your neck and back, particularly if you don’t execute it correctly. Until you are stronger, avoid this position.


4. Fish

There is no support for the lower back, hence this position necessitates a strong upper back. This indicates that your back is bearing the majority of the weight of your head. If your chiropractor hasn’t given the all clear, don’t do this.

Fish Pose

5. Bow

You may have heard that this posture is great for the back’s flexibility and strength, but it’s not recommended for anyone who may have back problems or who are currently dealing with back discomfort. Await your doctor’s or chiropractor’s approval until your back has recovered.

Bow Pose

Remember that if ANY posture hurts, it’s not right for you right now, and you should stop doing it right away.

3/3 Important Advice For Preventing Yoga Injuries

Even yoga, which is excellent for your body, may result in unintended injuries. The good news is that you are in charge of your practice and may reduce the danger involved in the physical postures.

To prevent yoga-related injuries both at home and at a studio, remember the following vital advice:

Stop performing any pose that makes you feel pain or severe discomfort. Always keep your knees slightly bent in all seated and standing forward bends, even if the flexibility is there. Research or ask your yoga instructor about possible pose modifications if the full expression isn’t accessible. Don’t be afraid to rely on props like yoga blocks for additional support.

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When Is It Time to Visit a Doctor or a Chiropractor?

If you:

  • have had neck or back discomfort for more than two weeks,
  • having had any kind of event, such as a fall or vehicle collision
  • when you “tweaked” your back while playing with your kids,

Before beginning any workout or stretching regimen, see your primary care physician or a chiropractor.

Depending on the underlying reason of your back discomfort, your chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan. You can just have a torn muscle, a bulging or ruptured disc, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, or arthritis.

A chiropractor will describe the cause of your discomfort and the recommended course of therapy. You could simply need a few chiropractic massage sessions, some rest, and an adjustment.

Your physician or chiropractor will approve your participation in a yoga program after you have recovered and will leave you feeling better than ever!

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Dr. Brent Wells, D.C. founded Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab and has been a chiropractor for over 20 years. His practice has treated thousands of patients in Anchorage and Juneau from different health problems using services including chiropractic care, physical rehab therapy, and massage therapy designed to help patients receive long-lasting relief.

The American Chiropractic Association and the American Academy of Spine Physicians are organizations in which he takes great pride. Additionally, he keeps up his study to be current on all research in the fields of neurology, physical therapy, biomechanics, spine disorders, brain damage trauma, and other topics.

Yoga is good for your body and mind, but can it be bad for your back? Yoga Kali is a blog that discusses the pros and cons of yoga. Reference: yoga poses for two.

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