The yoga kali trend is a growing phenomenon and many have tried to take advantage of its popularity from the outside. From claims that it will help relieve stress, cure depression, improve your sex life and more- you may be wondering whether these are just empty promises or if this is an effective way to get healthy.
In order to find out for yourself I created a review about their product with my own opinions on what makes it worth investing in based off other reviews as well as personal experience using the item after having some positive effects myself.

The “best yoga props for beginners” is a trending topic in the industry. It is a decision that you need to make on your own, whether or not it’s worth it.


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If you only had thirty seconds:

The yoga wheel claims to provide immediate back pain relief, improve posture, provide variety to stretching exercises, and support the development of core strength.

The star yoga item has been making waves since it was first introduced back in 2014, shining through the Instagram feeds of famous yogis and even earning the moniker “the trendiest fitness prop” of 2018.

I am aware of your viewpoint.

How is a shaky plastic circle superior to traditional yoga straps, blocks, and soothing bolsters?

Confused - animation

I appreciate your inquiry. Since I examine the latest yoga wheel craze and lay out everything there is to know about yoga wheels today:

Let’s begin…

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7/ In a Rush? Here Is The Best Choice

A quality eco-friendly yoga wheel gentle to your body and mother Earth, meet YogaKali’s top selection. The yoga wheel holds up to 250 pounds and is made to last a lifetime from wood that has been harvested using sustainable methods and natural cork bark.

Premium cork yoga wheel from Yoloha

Premium cork yoga wheel from Yoloha

  • PREMIUM YOGA WHEEL: In the USA, specialized woodworkers create our premium cork yoga wheels locally. The poplar and maple wood used to make the core were procured responsibly, and furniture wax made of beeswax from the area was used to seal it. inner edges that are comfortably rounded for grasping. The non-slip properties of cork are combined with cushioning in an outer layer of latex-free foam. Each wheel is designed to support up to 250 pounds and last forever.
  • IMPROVING YOUR PRACTICE: You can improve your practice in a surprisingly large number of ways by using a basic circle. Yoga wheels are a great tool for a variety of yoga poses, including balancing poses, backbends, and many more. They may also be used to safely develop into deeper postures, stretch the spine and shoulders, and offer stability and adaptability. Every wheel comes with a Yoga Wheel Guide, free with 35 poses.

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

What Is A Yoga Wheel, Then? 2/7

The purpose of the yoga wheel, a circular yoga prop, is to reduce tension, lengthen muscles, and open the front side of the body.

The Dharma yoga wheel is a revolutionary yoga gear that was inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra and was developed by his son Dov Vargas. A yoga wheel has recently become quite popular among yogis, athletes, and several celebrities, and many businesses have adapted the design for their yoga props.

What exactly is the appeal of this innovation known as the yoga wheel, and what makes it special?

The yoga wheel is among the most inventive yoga props ever, to start.

A yoga wheel is very simple to use; it moulds your body’s curves and aids with backbends and stretching the difficult-to-reach places. Consider your hip flexors, neck, shoulders, chest, and spine.

With a little creativity, you may utilize the yoga wheel to improve your core strength, master forearm stands, and even make your meditation practice more difficult.

Second, practitioners of any ability may benefit from using the yoga wheel.

The yoga wheel, as opposed to the yoga strap (which you ultimately get rid of), is a great tool for beginners who require assistance with more difficult yoga postures. Additionally, it has enormous potential for skilled yogis who may utilize the yoga wheel to develop their practice and make difficult yoga positions even more difficult.

What A Yoga Wheel Does: Six Stunning Benefits, 3/7

The yoga wheel brings up an a new realm of exercise experimentation.

These enjoyable applications of the yoga wheel are simply the tip of the iceberg. Other entertaining uses include back massage, hip opening, and balance testing.

Massages Your Body & Relieves Back And Neck Pain

The simplest technique to utilize the yoga wheel is to gently roll out your spine from the top to the tailbone to loosen up all the knots in your neck and back. Yoga wheels are able to reach the region between the shoulder blades that other massage tools cannot because of their breadth.

You can relieve stiff shoulders, back or neck discomfort with only 10 minutes of daily back massage, and you can also stop slouching over your desk for hours on end.

You may massage your legs while using your yoga wheel. Yoga wheels may aid your tired and tight muscles by boosting blood flow and hastening healing, just like a conventional foam roller can.

Personally, I believe the yoga wheel outperforms foam rollers in this comparison. It offers a complete body warm-up before to the exercise and is more durable than foam rollers, which have a tendency to lose form with usage.

a word of caution.

Expecting a miraculous relaxation on your first usage is unrealistic. Ironing out those tight knots in your neck and spine could feel unpleasant and a little painful, similar to the massage. If flexibility is not your strong suit, you may want to use some extra props, such as a yoga block or blanket, to help you ease into a backbend and gain more support.

Promotes Flexibility

Simply laying your back on the yoga wheel will offer you a relaxing stretch across your front body, giving your chest and abdominal muscles room to expand.

The yoga wheel, however, is a laboratory for many experiments because of its cool round shape.

For instance, try kneeling close to the yoga wheel and draping your body over the object to open up the side of your torso. In the Seated Forward Bend, you may also position the wheel behind the feet to deepen the stretch or between the knees if you need more support.

Adds Support & Prevents Injury

A yoga wheel serves as a scaffold in those challenging positions and makes them more accessible by mirroring your body’s curve and gradually enhancing spine mobility.

A yoga wheel helps the body warm up and avoids overstretching or injury, regardless of whether you’re going towards the splits or Full Pigeon posture.

Improves Balance & Builds Core Strength

It’s always a good idea to incorporate balance exercises or core exercises into your yoga practice if you’re looking for a challenge.

For instance, try holding the plank position while putting your feet on the yoga wheel. Bring your legs up to your chest by bending your knees and moving the yoga wheel forward. Roll the wheel back into the board after that.

The yoga wheel offers many of opportunity for play; just watch out not to fall and hurt yourself. Start off easy and progress to more challenging positions. source=ig embed

Helps Improve Handstands & Forearm Balances

Inverted poses benefit from having a yoga wheel pressed on the back of your head for support and counterweight.

Advanced yogis may use a yoga wheel when doing handstands, hollow backs, or the Scorpio Pose. A huge difference may be made by having something to grasp and hold onto as well as an additional lift from the ground.

Increases Difficulty During Meditation

Your meditation routine may be drastically changed by using the yoga wheel.

Simply lean against the wall while holding the prop behind the shoulder blades. You have to concentrate on maintaining your posture and being in the present since you can no longer afford to slump.

Yoga Deals & Discount Codes

the brands I love and use

Here is a list of businesses and products I’ve used and loved. They are divided into 4 categories by me. Each category’s brands are listed alphabetically and have a link to my comprehensive assessment, a brief description, and a promotional code (if available).

4 Simple Yoga Wheel Pose Tutorials for Beginners

There are several yoga positions you may attempt.

Here are four positions that are suitable for beginners to get you started.

Build strength, improve balance & increase flexibility with this ultimate guide to using a yoga wheel that includes 33 awesome yoga wheel exercises for beginners and veterans alike. Try them today!

Spinal Extension

Sit up straight, bending your knees, and look up towards the sky. A yoga wheel should be placed at the base of your spine. As you exhale, slowly roll your back onto the wheel. Your palms should be by your sides while you rest your arms.

After a long day of sitting, this yoga pose can help you feel better by opening your heart. To extend your hips, you may want to fiddle with your feet a little and put them in the Lotus Position or Reclining Butterfly.

Extend your arms behind you and let them land there for a deeper chest and arm stretch.

Thorathic spine extension

Infant Pose

The Infant Pose with a yoga wheel is an excellent spin on a traditional variation. It helps open chest and shoulders as well as stretch the hips and lower back.

Your hands and knees should be on the ground as you assume the tabletop posture. Kneel with your big toes touching and at least hip-distance apart from your knees. In front of you, tuck the yoga wheel between your knees. Inhale, then as you exhale, rotate the wheel to the front and lean forward until your tummy contacts your thighs and your arms are extended in front of you.

Child's Pose Photo

Alternate Gate Pose

Get down on your mat and approach the tabletop while kneeling. Ensure that your hands are just under your shoulders. Place the right leg on the yoga wheel by extending it out to the side. To provide length and support, take two blocks and position them under your hands.

Keep your hips aligned, place your other knee under your hip, and roll gently to the side. Your legs and inner thigh will feel well stretched.

Alternate Gate Pose Photo

forward while seated

forward while seated is a great spine lengthening yoga pose that also works your hamstrings.

As wide as you can, spread your legs out while sitting on your mat. To engage the muscles in your legs and front of your thighs, keep your feet flexed. In front of you, hold the yoga wheel. Move your body down until the arms are completely extended as you gently bend forward from your hips and rotate the yoga wheel as you exhale.

Forward Fold Photo

For additional ideas on how to utilize a yoga wheel, see the video instruction below.



Is the yoga wheel secure?

To help you started, many yoga wheels provide comprehensive instructions and posture guides.

Additionally, Instagram is a fantastic resource for learning about yoga wheel positions and their variants.

Knowing what your body can and cannot accomplish is important. Because everyone’s body are diverse, not everyone can strike every posture.

I am aware that doing yoga could seem like the safest thing imaginable. But it may also cause some serious injuries, just like any athletic exercise.

Falling from a yoga pose - gif

Don’t attempt a Full Pigeon position with a yoga wheel if you feel that your quadriceps and back aren’t strong and flexible enough yet. Or, before engaging in backbends and other difficult positions with the yoga wheel, do yourself a favor and see a doctor if you have osteoporosis or have just been injured.

Use significantly greater care while performing challenging balances and inversions. Don’t attempt to leap on it and replicate the fashionable yoga positions you’ve seen on Instagram; certain yoga wheels might be less sturdy than others. Losing one’s equilibrium and being hurt are constant dangers.

The same holds true for advanced inversions like headstands and forearm stands. When learning upside-down postures, yoga wheels are very useful, but they are in no way a replacement for a yoga teacher. Getting expert advice beforehand is usually a good idea if you’ve never performed the posture before.

Try your hardest to avoid the comparisons you keep making to online yoga models with toned bodies. Work at your own speed and rest easy knowing that reclining in bed is the only place that is safer than playing with your yoga wheel.

How To Pick A Yoga Wheel, Part 6

In actuality, all yoga wheels are made of tiny, circular-shaped plastic and have a similar appearance.

So why is there such a big price variation (from $30 to $100 and up)?

Since these seemingly simple circular yoga props are really more complex than they seem to be.

Yoga wheels vary in terms of their construction, durability, weight capacity, size, etc.

Here are the top four factors to think about while selecting a yoga wheel.

Maximum Weight

The majority of yoga wheels on the market can support up to 400–500 lbs. of weight. When you’re standing or sitting on the prop, some of them are stronger and can support your whole weight. Others are primarily designed for softer practice.

So when choosing a yoga wheel, check the Maximum Weight carefully and consider what you’re planning to use the wheel for.

You have fewer concerns if you focus exclusively on stretching and releasing muscle tension. However, it’s crucial to confirm the wheel load limit and if it can support your weight without breaking if you want to sit and stand on the wheel to improve your balance.

a parrot balancing on a ball - gif


Yoga wheels typically come in three sizes.

The majority of heights and body types may use the 12″ diameter basic yoga wheels.

Yoga practitioners under 5 feet tall or those seeking a more focused massage would benefit from little yoga wheels.

For extra-tall practitioners or experienced practitioners looking for extra-deep stretches, plus-sized yoga wheels will function better.

The majority of individuals will find that a yoga wheel, which has a typical width of 5 inches, fits well between their shoulder blades for relaxing their muscles. Although it is not unusual to find a wider yoga wheel that offers additional stability, measuring 6″ or more.

size matters - gif


Yoga wheel frames are often composed of PVC or ABS plastic, with extremely few instances of genuine wood.

Both PVC and ABS are rigid and durable, but the latter is more shock resistant and has a greater Maximum Weight. PVC and ABS are relatively cheap, making the products made from plastic much more affordable than those of natural materials. When it comes to sustainability, none of these two materials is eco-friendly (no matter what the seller says). Many yoga wheels are covered with natural cork and thus marketed as eco-friendly while, in reality, their frames are still made of plastic.

In general, wooden frames can support less weight than plastic ones. They are costly yet environmentally beneficial and biodegradable. Wooden frames are also very uncommon because of greater prices.


Your yoga wheel’s cushioning is just as crucial as its structure.

Especially if you’re a beginner, rolling out your tight regions may not be the most enjoyable experience in the world. The spine will be more cushioned and experience less discomfort with thicker padding. A yoga wheel could take some getting used to if you’re sensitive to harsh surfaces, in which case I’d advise going with the thickest cushioning you can find.

The padding’s composition mostly depends on personal desire.

Cork has a more “natural” appearance, is anti-microbial, and maintains its grip when wet. But let’s be honest, you’re not going to utilize a yoga wheel in a hot yoga session, so there probably won’t be much perspiration.

Additionally non-slip and sweat-resistant, foam cushioning. For added grip, some producers even emboss the surface with leaf veins.

I myself use a yoga wheel with a smooth foam cushioning, and even on a hardwood surface, I’ve never slipped.

Homer Simpson crying in pain - gif


Contrary to popular belief, there are several shapes of yoga wheels available on the market than “circular.” Although the spherical form is the ideal, a beginning yogi’s spine may find it too jarring.

If it applies to you, you may want to look at yoga wheels with an elliptical radian pattern. In addition to giving you two working surfaces—one more rounded for a deeper backbend and the flatter stress-free curve for muscle release—this sort of yoga wheel also fits your spine more comfortably than ring-shaped yoga wheels.

The adaptability is not any all compromised by the altered form. You may still work on your posture, balance, and forearm stands while enjoying the advantages of increased stability and safety.

Not to be overlooked are the stretching and backbends that are a staple of the Iyengar yoga discipline. These adopt an ergonomic half-wheel or arch form to accommodate the spine’s curvature.

Back benders are a terrific choice if you’re not expecting to concentrate on balance or core conditioning. They provide all the advantages of well-liked yoga wheels without the shakiness. Rear Bridges may be easily included into a yoga practice, despite the fact that they are often employed for therapeutic objectives like back pain alleviation and posture correction.

7/7 Top Products Reviewed: Which Yoga Wheel Should I Purchase?

We no longer have to worry about where to get the yoga prop we so much need thanks to the wonders of internet purchasing.

As it was previously said, when we are forced to pick among the many options available, the magic may just as easily become a curse.

Take heart! Hours have been devoted to my study about yoga wheels that may be purchased in 2020. Here are the top 11 best yoga wheels for stretching and backbends in 2020, as determined by customer evaluations and my personal testing of some of the items.

Premium cork yoga wheel from Yoloha

Premium cork yoga wheel from Yoloha

Premium cork yoga wheel from Yoloha

  • PREMIUM YOGA WHEEL: In the USA, specialized woodworkers create our premium cork yoga wheels locally. The poplar and maple wood used to make the core were procured responsibly, and furniture wax made of beeswax from the area was used to seal it. inner edges that are comfortably rounded for grasping. The non-slip properties of cork are combined with cushioning in an outer layer of latex-free foam. Each wheel is designed to support up to 250 pounds and last forever.
  • IMPROVING YOUR PRACTICE: You can improve your practice in a surprisingly large number of ways by using a basic circle. Yoga wheels are a great tool for a variety of yoga poses, including balancing poses, backbends, and many more. They may also be used to safely develop into deeper postures, stretch the spine and shoulders, and offer stability and adaptability. Every wheel comes with a Yoga Wheel Guide, free with 35 poses.

Key Elements

  • made by hand in the US
  • non-toxic & 100% chemical-free
  • eco-friendly
  • produced with only natural ingredients
  • antimicrobial & non-slip surface
  • the internal edges are rounded to improve grip.
  • withstands 250 pounds
  • lifelong resilience
  • a 30-day cash-back promise
  • original, inventive designs
  • Yoga Wheel Guide, free


  • For novices, a 5mm cushion could be too harsh.

Forget about the flimsy yoga wheels with PVC and other plastic frames that were chemically glued to the foam cushioning. You’ll enjoy yoga on a whole new level with products from Yoloha, a small family company established in the United States.

Premium cork yoga wheel from Yoloha is a 100% non-toxic product free from latex, PVC’s and other chemicals. Made of maple and poplar wood, each Premium cork yoga wheel from Yoloha is handcrafted by woodworkers in the USA, sealed with furniture wax and topped with an eco-friendly cork.

The Yoloha wheel does seem and smell different from its less expensive competitors, which explains the greater price.

Yoloha Yoga Wheel has a variety of creative patterns, rounded internal edges, and an anti-slip and antibacterial surface for a secure and enjoyable practice.

This wheel is constructed to endure a lifetime and can support weights of up to 250 lbs.

In the unlikely event that the product wears out from usage, Yoloha will replace it for you at no additional cost. If the yoga wheel doesn’t meet your expectations, you may return it for a full refund or swap it within 30 days of your purchase.





  • THE STRONGEST WHEEL ON THE MARKET – Unlike other yoga wheels, ours is designed to be the sturdiest ever created. It can support 500 pounds of body weight without disintegrating!
  • PADDING WITH POWER-GRIP ANTI-SLIP – You may safely stretch your hip flexors, belly, chest, and shoulders with our POWER-GRIP technology. It really opens your eyes! Hit the places you can never get to.

Key Elements

  • made of the rigid ABS & TPU foam padding
  • sturdy & lightweight
  • textured surface
  • resistant to scratching & sweat
  • supports 500 lbs. maximum
  • minimalist style
  • free waterproof circular case


  • odor coming from the packaging
  • no exercise manual

The SURIN yoga wheel offers great value for the money. It is inexpensive for the price and accomplishes the task at hand by making difficult positions doable and enhancing flexibility and spine mobility. Additionally, it includes a free carrying bag so you can take your wheel outside and benefit from training outside as well.

The yoga wheel’s wheel structure is composed of hard plastic. You may stand or sit on the wheel without it bending since it is strong enough to withstand up to 500 lbs.

The anti-bacterial TPU foam used to cover the yoga prop is latex-free and provides additional cushioning for those challenging stretches.

The SURIN wheel is suited for yogis of varied heights with its regular size of 12″ and 5″ width, however it works best for individuals between 5′ to 6’5″ tall. The item is rather simple to use if you watch a few YouTube video lessons, even though there are no instructions or a workout manual to get you started.

Other than that, adding the SURIN yoga wheel to your practice is a great, economical addition.

Continue reading: My Favorite Yoga Wheel Poses & Review of SURIN Yoga Wheel


Clever Yoga’s Yoga Wheel for Stretching

Key Elements

  • yoga wheels that are broader than usual
  • offered in two sizes
  • built from sturdy ABS
  • on both sides, substantial cushioning
  • durable & sturdy
  • can resist 660 lbs.
  • lifelong guarantee
  • free exercise manual is provided


Your simple path to higher strength, stronger backbends, and more flexibility is the Clever Yoga Stretching Yoga Wheel.

One of the safest yoga wheels available is this one. The Clever Yoga Wheel is the only yoga wheel with gripping padding on both sides to promote traction and avoid slippage in case your hands become sweaty. It is wider than a standard-sized prop for more stability.

The frame is composed of ABS, a material that is stronger and more durable than PVC and can support 660 pounds.

Additionally, there are 2 frame sizes available: big for yogis who are at least 5’6″ tall and medium for those who are 5’5″ or less.

A free workout manual for yogis of all levels is included with the yoga wheel to make incorporating it into practice easier.

The Stretching Yoga Wheel is reasonably priced. Additionally, Clever Yoga provides its clients with an unique “Namaste” Warranty, which entitles them to a refund or free replacement without having to ask any questions.


Cork yoga wheel with a pure wave.

Cork yoga wheel with a pure wave.

Cork yoga wheel with a pure wave.

  • HYGIENE YOUR PRACTICE: Posing excellence is attained with greater accuracy and unmatched balance. Our yoga wheel, which is regarded as the BEST back opener and stretching you could have, will become your new best buddy for learning new forms and sequences. Additionally, our offering includes a free instruction manual on how to do a variety of yoga wheel positions to advance your yoga practice or gain muscular relaxation.
  • LABORATORY TESTED STRENGTH: Capable of withstanding 550 pounds. Yoga wheels of lower grade are composed of PVC, which is neither dependable nor safe. We built our yoga wheel to last. It DOES NOT FLEX like less expensive rival products that make comparable strength claims. You may complete all postures and motions with ease, safety, and much-needed support if you use the Purity Wave Yoga Wheel.

Key Elements

  • composed of cork, TPE, and plastic
  • hefty, plush cushioning
  • durable & sturdy
  • can support 550 pounds.
  • antibacterial characteristics
  • a lifelong guarantee
  • free exercise manual is provided


  • just one type is offered

With its simple and elegant design, Cork yoga wheel with a pure wave. has gained the affection of the many.

The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and cork cushioning are applied to a plastic frame with a wood-like shape to create the yoga wheel. You don’t need to be concerned about the development of harmful microorganisms since cork is naturally antibacterial. Additionally, the wheel is simple to maintain; just wash the surface with a moist cloth dipped in a water-vinegar solution.

This yoga wheel can support a staggering 550 lbs in weight without creaking or crunching under your weight. It is very strong.

The Cork yoga wheel with a pure wave. comes with a free printed instructional book to guide through your first yoga wheel poses to build strength, increase flexibility and find the balance faster.


Yoga Wheel for the Body

Yoga Wheel for the Body

Yoga Wheel for the Body

  • helps you learn more difficult poses for acrobatics, crossfit, yoga, and other exercises
  • The Body Wheel, which is made of premium EVA foam, fills the space between a foam roller and a physio ball.

Key Elements

  • distinctive hollow-free design
  • built with premium EVA foam
  • durable & stable
  • provides a comfortable spinal cut-out
  • Yoga wheels that are 6.7″ wider than usual
  • offered in three sizes
  • can support up to 220 lbs.
  • serves as a bolster or block for yoga
  • lightweight


  • maybe too large to fit between the shoulder blades
  • a tendency to gather lint
  • For a secure grasp, the side cuts are not deep enough.

Body Wheel’s yoga wheel stands out among the competition. This clever cylindrical yoga prop has solid sides with grooves for enhanced grip in place of empty interiors.

Since you can hold onto the yoga wheel at various distances, it is also simple to control the extent of your stretch. Additionally, the yoga wheel has a cutout in the centre that relieves some of the strain on the spine during certain postures.

The Body Wheel has a softer and more pleasant surface for stretching than the majority of ring-type wheels since it is composed of high-quality EVA foam. Although the yoga prop can hold up to 220 lbs, it is sturdy enough to perform handstands and balance while using it. Furthermore, the Body Wheel may be turned to the side and used as a yoga block.

This yoga wheel is broader than your typical yoga wheel for increased stability and comfort. It is available in three sizes: 15″, 12″, and 9″.

A fair warning: some yogis may find the Body Wheel too wide to fit in between the shoulder blades for the deep tissue massage. Several reviewers have also complained that due to the texture, the yoga wheel a tendency to gather lint compromising its appearance. Others have also found the cutouts on the sides not deep enough for a firm grip.

Despite these drawbacks, the comfort, adaptability, and longevity of the Body Wheel will astound you. The Body Wheel may well be the ideal option for you if you’re sick of fragile hollow yoga wheels and want a stable surface to nail splits and handstands.


Yoga wheel by UpCircleSeven

Key Elements

  • constructed from reliable ABS plastic.
  • substantial foam cushioning
  • constructed to endure a lifetime
  • holds 550 pounds.
  • closed-cell construction & antimicrobial
  • cash-back promise
  • comes with a colored plastic cover.
  • free PDF manual


  • Flexes little when heavily loaded

One of the industry pioneers in creating economical inversion yoga gear is UpCircleSeven. According to the creators, their yoga wheel is the “only wheel you’ll ever need.”

This yoga accessory is soft for pleasant stretching and soothing knots, yet solid and supportive in the harder postures because of the thick 8 mm padding.

The padding is created with a closed-cell structure, by the way. It keeps moisture from building up so you can bring your yoga wheel to even the arduous, sweaty Vinyasa session without worrying about it smelling bad.

The cork or TPE surface are your options. Although cork has a more streamlined and sophisticated appearance, the latter offers a wider range of colors and may adhere to your mat more effectively.

The ABS wheel structure for the UpCircleSeven can hold 550 lbs.

Despite this, no customers have reported any breaking or durability difficulties. Some users have observed that the wheel tends to bend a bit under a heavy weight, such as 300 lbs.

The yoga wheel comes with a free PDF manual with 18 basic poses so you can start your yoga wheel journey safely and injury-free. And if, in any case, you don’t like the product or have any quality issues, they guarantee a free replacement or full refund.


Double-radian yoga wheel by Solofit

Double-radian yoga wheel by Solofit

Double-radian yoga wheel by Solofit

  • YOGA WHEEL WITH DOUBLE RADIAN DESIGN: This yoga wheel has two distinct surfaces thanks to its double-radian construction. As your feet need a greater grip while using this wheel as a balancing pad, this is very beneficial.
  • SWEAT-PROOF & ANTI-SLIP- This dharma yoga wheel has an anti-slip design which ensures that you can depend on the wheel for tricky balancing positions, handstands, and inversions. It is also sweat-proof which means you don’t have to worry about your hands getting clammy and wet either!

Key Elements

  • designed in an ellipse with two surfaces
  • built from sturdy ABS material
  • excellent for beginners & intermediate yogis
  • durable & sturdy
  • anti-slip & sweat-proof
  • can support 550 pounds.
  • lightweight & compact
  • free exercise manual


  • may not seem too difficult for yogis with expertise.

A spin-off on the traditional yoga wheel, Double-radian yoga wheel by Solofit makes yoga accessible to everyone.

Yoga practitioners have a choice of two surfaces thanks to the elliptical shape of the mat: a softer curve ideal for beginners and a more rounded surface for a deeper backbend. Because it is more solid than the typical ring-type yoga wheel, the distinctive shape is also perfect for helping novices with their balance.

The anti-slip surface of this yoga wheel prevents perspiration from becoming caught within and the growth of germs. The prop, which comes in two colors and fits most body types, can support weights of up to 550 lbs without bending.

Thanks to the flattened structure, Double-radian yoga wheel by Solofit is a perfect travel companion. It’s lightweight and easily fits into the bag.

Solofit is not only for yogis; it is also simple to use for individuals who suffer from neck or back discomfort and may be helpful for those with scoliosis. Solofit gently gets your body ready for the traditional circular yoga wheel by gradually increasing spine mobility and flexibility.


Acumobility The Best Back Rolling Device

thirteen percent off

Acumobility The Best Back Rolling Device

Acumobility The Best Back Rolling Device

  • The only back roller created by a chiropractor Acumobility Foam Roller is the only back roller that might potentially help you live with back pain while also improving your posture. This yoga wheel, the only backbreaker created by a chiropractor, is effective for the whole back, including the neck and lower back. You won’t experience any strain on your spine because to the innovative bump design and space in the middle. a back cracker that is soothing and really helpful at releasing trigger points and knots.
  • Premium Quality Back Massager for Every Body Type – built with premium EVA foam and plastic inner core, our patented back roller is bigger – and better – than any other roller. At 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide, it can hold as much as 1000 pounds. Whatever your body weight, this is the perfect back roller and stretching equipment for you!

Key Elements

  • yoga wheel and a foam roller
  • created by a chiropodist
  • constructed using EVA molded foam
  • study & durable
  • compact
  • 11 inches tall & 7.5 inches wide for stability
  • holds up to 1000 pounds.
  • spinal space for increased comfort
  • Release of trigger points using proprietary bump pattern


  • It hurts to use
  • unable to stand on the wheel
  • without a user manual

Check out this item from Acumobility if you have experience with deep tissue massage and a typical yoga wheel simply won’t do. This tiny guy, who combines the advantages of a foam roller with a yoga wheel, has the potential to completely transform your life.

The Acumobility roller is equipped with a proprietary bump pattern that allows it to reach even the most difficult to reach places and muscles. A spinal groove is included in the center to lessen “suffering” on your spine and prevent jamming.

Acumobility’s back roller is a quite harsh device, to be honest. You’re likely to have discomfort throughout the first several weeks. If you do, consider using a basic towel or yoga blanket to cushion the spine. In order to have perfect control over how much pressure you wish to apply, several customers also suggest using the roller against the wall.


Gravity’s Rear Bridge

Rear Bridge

Rear Bridge

  • Natural Way to Relieve Back Pain and Stress – Ergonomically created for excellent chronic back pain relief and to reduce stress. By lengthening your spine and relaxing tight muscle fibers, you may get immediate relief organically.
  • Natural Way to Relieve Back Pain and Stress – Ergonomically created for excellent chronic back pain relief and to reduce stress. By lengthening your spine and relaxing tight muscle fibers, you may get immediate relief organically.

Key Elements

  • produced in the US
  • unfinished wood
  • stable & sturdy
  • holds up to 220 pounds
  • nine inches high
  • calming back opener
  • serves as a bolster or block
  • lightweight


  • minimal capabilities
  • unable to stand on it

While not exactly a wheel, this arch-shaped Rear Bridge will definitely do the trick and open up those tight shoulders and chest. What’s more, you’re sure to feel safe and stable – a guarantee you can’t get with wobbly circular yoga wheels.

Made of natural wood, the Rear Bridge holds up to 220 pounds and looks like an elegant piece of house furniture – no need to put it away when the guests come.

Back Bender by Gravity has minimal capabilities when compared with a classic yoga wheel – you can’t roll on it or improve balance. Instead, it easily doubles as a bolster or a block and gives you extra height and support in challenging yoga poses.


Wheel of Dharma from Pete’s Choice

Pete's decision Ultimate Wheel Prop for Dharma Yoga

Pete’s decision Ultimate Wheel Prop for Dharma Yoga

  • CHANGE YOUR LIFE: The wheel has several positive effects, including back massage, improved balance, increased flexibility, and increased core strength. Create more challenging asanas, the yoga poses that are meant to strengthen you.
  • MANY HEALTH BENEFITS: Yoga has been shown in studies to have both mental and physical advantages. Yoga helps ease tension and worry on the mind. You may develop a physically more adaptable, aesthetically pleasing, and inwardly healthy physique. Pete’s Wheel is the ideal partner for yoga.

Key Elements

  • built from sturdy ABS plastic with foam padding
  • durable & impact-resistant
  • the majority of heights are suited
  • supports 350 lbs.
  • a lifelong guarantee
  • free Ebook & bonus yoga strap included


  • just one type is offered
  • not appropriate for vigorous exercise (e.g., jumping on and off the wheel)

The 13-inch Ultimate Dharma Yoga Wheel by Pete’s Choice is a simple, cost-effective alternative for both newcomers and seasoned yogis.

The durable ABS material used to construct the yoga prop is padded with a quarter-inch layer of foam. The prop can support up to 350 pounds of weight, but the manufacturer does not advise leaping up and down on it.

A free eBook with 16 yoga wheel positions and a free yoga strap to increase your flexibility are included with every purchase at Pete’s Choice in addition to a high-quality product at a competitive price. Additionally, customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of the yoga wheel may return it for a refund or a replacement, according to the reviews, which have lauded the company’s exceptional customer care.

If the availability of the single design of the Ultimate Dharma Yoga Wheel is a deal-breaker for you, look into other recommendations.


Yoga wheel by UpCircleSeven Set

Key Elements

  • a set of three yoga wheels (12, 10, and 6 inches).
  • constructed from reliable ABS plastic.
  • 8mm thick foam cushioning for cozy backbends
  • resistive to sweat
  • up to the 550 lbs Maximum Weight
  • constructed to endure a lifetime
  • cash-back promise
  • a free PDF manual


  • Flexes little when heavily loaded

Your yoga practice will never be the same with this set of Yoga wheel by UpCircleSevens.

You may thoroughly massage those tight and difficult-to-reach areas of the neck, back, and legs with yoga wheels, which come in three different sizes.

These yoga wheels are made of durable ABS and can hold 550 lbs (the largest size). When it comes to quality and durability, UpCircleSeven is confident in their product and will give you a full refund if you’re not happy with it.

There’s 8mm padding, making Yoga wheel by UpCircleSevens cushy enough for backbends and gentle on the wrists.

A free PDF position guide is included with the UpCircleSeven set, allowing you to get straight into exploring the wheels.

Final Reflections

A yoga wheel is not for everyone, despite all its advantages.

A yoga wheel may not be the ideal option if you’re looking for a new yoga prop for restorative practice. The same is true for those who have back ailments; see a physician before purchasing a yoga wheel.

For everyone else, though, I wholeheartedly suggest investing in a high-quality yoga wheel since you’ll make more progress with backbends and have access to a light massage whenever you want it.

A yoga wheel used as a support - animation

The strongest incentive for consistent practice is the sensation of your spine becoming more supple and agile.

The yoga wheel will certainly appeal to desk “warriors” and chronic slouchers like myself the most.

Your back popping and cracking is not the finest thing ever. However, it is similar to yoga in that it forces you to go outside of your comfort zone, deal with the unpleasantness of the present, and endure several chaturangas during the class in order to feel fantastic afterwards.

I’m hoping your excitement for your new yoga wheel matches mine.

Have fun rolling!

Have you used a yoga wheel before? What is your preferred posture? Comment on this to share!

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