The best thing about yoga is that it’s always changing. New ideas are constantly introduced and old ones become obsolete as the world evolves. One such idea, called “Yoga Kali,” has been gaining traction in recent years for its ability to take a holistic approach to healing through physical movement and breath work.

“Yoga Kali” is a yoga teacher who has been teaching for over 8 years. She offers free online classes and workshops, as well as in-person classes. Read more in detail here: yoga term meaning.


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Factual Check

I’m Virendra, by the way. The name Virendra means “god of bravery.” I strive to have the fortitude to constantly listen to and follow my heart throughout my life. I relocated to Portugal as a result, leaving Belgium. I needed to be in nature to develop my yoga and meditation skills. Since I began practicing yoga in 2012, I have taken a sizable number of meditation classes and yoga teacher training programs. Since 2016, I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation. I wish to inspire individuals to discover the inner fortitude to follow their hearts via my lectures and publications.

If you only had thirty seconds:

Most likely, if you are reading this, you have completed your first yoga teacher training. Greetings and best wishes as you go forward in your yoga practice!

I hope you took a few days or weeks to unwind. (I am aware of the intense nature of a yoga teacher training.)

If you were to stew for a long and begin pondering

What on earth should I do next?

Here are three crucial pointers to help you launch a career as a yoga instructor.


30 days of yoga teacher training followed by re-entering society.

1/3 I’m a yoga instructor.

Yes, you are now qualified to use the title “yoga instructor.”

At first, it could seem frightening. There are so many aspiring yoga teachers enrolled in yoga training programs right now.

Be at ease, however! Despite its size, the yoga world is continually expanding.

30 million Americans practiced yoga in 2016, according to a new research from Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal. That represents an increase of 28% from 2012.

And that’s just in the US. Consider how many individuals there are who practice yoga on a global scale.

Here are three valuable (and more realistic) things you may do after graduating from your first yoga teacher program, so don’t stress about getting the ideal yoga job right immediately.

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

2/3 Consider

It’s equivalent to trying to drive a vehicle without a license to launch your yoga profession without a strategy. Although it’s likely that you won’t hit anything, you may be able to manage.

Now is the time to reflect, reflect, and more reflection.

You undoubtedly had certain goals and expectations when you enrolled in the teacher training program.

So, a good place to start would be to ponder the following:

  • What did I have in mind when I enrolled in the teacher training program?
  • Did they alter or adjust their course?
  • Do my goals remain the same after the training?

It’s a good thing you have a good memory or that you recorded your goals in your yoga diary before to the program.

I’ve met a number of students in my course that intended to work as yoga instructors in the future. They enrolled in the teacher training only to discover that teaching isn’t what they actually want to accomplish.

Does this imply that they didn’t get anything from the course? Definitely not. There is a good possibility that they would have continued to pursue their passion of becoming a yoga instructor if they hadn’t taken the course.

Whether or not anything similar occurred to you, now is the ideal opportunity to modify your pre-training objectives.


Do you have what it takes to survive the harsh and even degrading world of yoga teaching?

3/3 Act

You’ve reviewed your yoga teacher training experience, clarified your objectives, and established your aims. Act now, please.

(If you don’t want to teach yoga, you may skip steps one and two and go directly to step three.)

Join the Yoga Alliance

You are no longer eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a yoga instructor if you have completed a YA-certified teacher program.

Although there has been a lot of criticism of them recently, it might be highly advantageous for you in the future as a yoga instructor. You may benefit from joining YA in many ways, including free online classes, affiliate discounts for yoga-related goods and insurance, scholarships, and more.

They also keep track of the number of hours you spend teaching. This may seem needless, but it might make it simple for you to monitor your development as a teacher.

begin instructing

This is one of the finest methods, in my opinion, to start a yoga teaching career.

There are many yoga teachers out there, as I already said. It’s difficult and expensive to open your own yoga studio right after teacher training. Search for an internship at the yoga studios in your area as an alternative.

In actuality, this is how I began.

My previous yoga instructor asked me to teach at her studio when I returned from my teacher training. I was fortunate to find a place to improve my teaching techniques and obtain some practical experience, even if this job was unpaid. Additionally, because students will be aware that you recently completed your course, there won’t be much pressure on you as a teacher.

I began contacting other yoga schools and extending my professional network after I had a handle on the fundamentals of teaching yoga.

The more yoga teachers I met, the more possibilities I had to teach. The jobs really simply came to me, in actuality.

Only within my first year of teaching, I had four employment offers in three different locations due to my dedication, curiosity, desire to advance my skills and learn from more seasoned yoga practitioners, as well as my ability to consistently show up regardless of what was going on in my personal life.

yoga teaching

My first yoga lesson in private was such a success, wow!

Continue to practice

Regardless of whether you want to educate or not, this applies to everyone.

Continue to practice.

You don’t necessarily know everything (and enough!) just because you’ve finished a yoga teacher training course.

There is still a ton lot discover. Yoga practice is certainly a lifetime adventure.

In addition to continuing your regular yoga practice, take part in workshops and lectures. They will assist you with your teaching as well as with your own growth.

Everyone has some valuable information to share. Keep an open mind, seek for motivation, and go on your yoga mat!


Yoga is an all-encompassing discipline with a long history and philosophy. Even while there may be more to it than what yoga books can teach, the sheer volume of them available only serves to highlight the fact that there is a wealth of information available for yoga instructors to draw upon.

Many yoga teacher training programs demand that you read quite a bit. For understanding about human anatomy and appropriate alignment, they all provide an excellent selection of suggested yoga literature.

But you shouldn’t restrict your reading to books on yoga’s physical practice.

The physical postures, or asanas, are only the beginning of what you may give your pupils; nevertheless, this is your choice.

Therefore, I recommend reading as much as you can. Discover the subtle energy, the awareness, and the practice’s underlying philosophy. Most essential, make an effort to put what you learn from yoga literature into practice, including off-the-mat yoga.

Your pupils will sense your dedication, I promise.

Because a competent teacher may be distinguished from an ordinary teacher by their constant quest for knowledge and growth.

yoga sutras

when you understood the purpose of the Yoga Sutras.

Yoga Deals & Discount Codes

the brands I love and use

Here is a list of businesses and products I’ve used and loved. They are divided into 4 categories by me. Each category’s brands are listed alphabetically and have a link to my comprehensive assessment, a brief description, and a promotional code (if available).

Simply relax

Don’t forget to breathe normally as well.

Yoga instructors are becoming burnt out, according to an increasing number of online articles.


Because a lot of us don’t realize that doing yoga and teaching yoga are two very different things. Because you’ll be cueing the positions for your class, your breath won’t always match the ones you’re performing. Instead of turning your attention inward and concentrating on yourself, you must maintain an eye on the kids.

Additionally, yoga instructors often conduct courses at various locations across the city. The stress of our already stressful life might be increased by constantly moving about and commuting.

For this reason, it’s crucial for yoga instructors to unwind.

Fast Yoga

Nobody wants a bizarre yoga teacher. Consider both your body and intellect. Spend some time unwinding and relaxing.

Maintain a regular personal yoga routine and don’t forget to take pauses. For instance, if you can, stop for a cup of tea between yoga sessions. It’s as easy as that, yet it will make a tremendous impact in how you feel in the long run.

I am aware that you most likely desire to teach as many courses as you can. I was myself teaching 4-6 lessons a week in addition to working a full-time job. But at some point, I made the decision to forgo teaching over the holidays in favor of spending the valuable time with friends.

Finding a work-life balance is ultimately up to you. The ideal situation would be to get knowledge from other yoga instructors who have experienced burnout. But in the actual world, where we live, perfect circumstances are rare, if not nonexistent.

So be on the lookout and pay attention to your body and thoughts. It’s important to adapt your schedule if you find yourself continually weary and irritated, since these are clear signs that you’ve gone too far.

You did a fantastic job finishing the yoga teacher training course. I’m wishing you success on this incredible adventure! There will be new successes and difficulties. So maintain your bravery and strength. And I’m certain you’ll continue to hold your own if you maintain an open and inquisitive mind.

How did you find your yoga teacher training? In the comments section below, let us know about your struggles and successes.

Yoga Kali is a yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She has a lot of experience and knows what she’s doing. Reference: napa valley yoga center.

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