In the past week, the media conversation around cannabis has been dominated by the topic of kids and pot.  Many parents are concerned that their children are turning to marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, and they’re sitting with their own concerns as they wonder if they’re doing the right thing.  And we all know the sad story of kids getting started in a life of substance abuse, so we’re no strangers to the concerns.

It can be difficult to talk to your kids about cannabis, especially if they ask you about it. This can lead to awkward situations that can even cause arguments. That is the reason why we are here, to give you some advice on how to talk to them.

A few weeks ago, we posted a video that showed cannabis industry bigwigs discussing the best way to talk to kids about cannabis. The video was just the first in a series that we plan to create to help parents explain the difference between legal cannabis and illicit cannabis to their kids.

As more and more states barrel through cannabis legalization (18 states are recreational, 36 have medical programs), it’s become easier for adults, namely parents, to open up about their use. There’s now even a brand called Dad Grass.

A quick Google search for Father’s Day shows an increasing number of recommendation lists that include cannabis products for dads, but not how to bridge that conversation with their kids. Studies indicate more and more parents are using cannabis and working in the medical and/or recreational industry, and the conversation around cannabis in the home is changing.

Photo by August de Richelieu via Pexels

His daughter, now 8, has grown up during a time where there’s more information out there than ever, and Huang looks forward to showing her all the good cannabis can do as both a medicine and recreational activity before social pressures inform her opinion.

Take Advantage of Resources

Brian Sekandi, a cannabis recruiting entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada, realized that despite the size of the industry, which is nationally legal in Canada, there were so few resources for discussing what cannabis use and work looks like in 2021. As more and more families become a part of the legal market, new conversations will need to take place. It’s why Sekandi wrote Kids of Cannabis, a children’s book about the children of cannabis professionals, to get the ball rolling.

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“If parents don’t educate their kid on cannabis, someone else will,” he says. “We want parents to own that conversation. It doesn’t have to start with ‘don’t smoke,’ but [rather] the fundamentals of what cannabis is, as a plant within a legal framework.”If you’re a parent and you want to talk to your kids about cannabis, you should start by finding out how old they are, and then also take a look at where they are on the internet.. Read more about 420 forums and let us know what you think.

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