Yoga is the perfect activity for people who want to feel good and be healthy. Learn about Yoga Kali blocks, a new way of practicing yoga that can help you achieve both goals at once!

Yoga blocks are a great way to make your yoga practice more comfortable and less painful. Manduka has some of the best options out there.


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If you only had thirty seconds:

With the exception of my favorite yoga mat, if the room containing my yoga supplies were on fire and I had time to get only one yoga prop, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab a yoga block.

Yoga blocks are a need in every studio and have to be a part of your at-home workout regimen as well.

Read on to discover:

  • what the heck yoga blocks are & why they are worth saving from the fire
  • how to improve your practice using yoga blocks
  • the superior yoga blocks are: cork, foam, or wood
  • how many bricks are needed for yoga
  • how to properly care for your yoga blocks so they last
  • the top yoga blocks for experts, intermediates, and beginners.

7/ In a Rush? This is our top pick.

Meet YogaKali’s top pick: an eco-friendly cork yoga block that will provide both new and experienced yogis alike variety and comfort in their practice.

Premium High Density Cork Yoga Block from Manduka

Premium High Density Cork Yoga Block from Manduka

  • MANDUKA CORK BLOCK: Constructed from sustainable cork, this premium cork yoga block has a solidity that foam blocks lack, letting you feel confident in the support it offers. Great for beginner to experienced yogis, the surface has a texture that’s easy to hold.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Use blocks to deepen your stretches, improve your practice, and remain safe by lowering the risk of injury and muscle strain. Ideal for Pilates, restorative yoga courses, and other fitness-related activities

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

What Are Yoga Blocks? 2/7

The most important yoga prop, used to assist or challenge postures, aid in alignment, and relieve tension, is a block. They are often fashioned like rectangular bricks and composed of durable materials like foam, cork, wood, or bamboo.

Having said that, yoga blocks are available in a variety of sizes and forms nowadays, including cube, egg, and even half-moon shapes.

After the 1970s, when BKS Iyengar, the creator of the Iyengar yoga method, started incorporating props like blocks, straps, and blankets into yoga classes, yoga blocks started to gain popularity. Iyengar’s main goal was to enable students of all ages do poses properly while reducing damage by making asanas more approachable.

3/7 What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Blocks & How To Use Them

Boost Length

Reducing your distance from the ground and facilitating and modifying yoga postures to meet your degree of flexibility is one of the yoga block’s most basic uses.

For instance, putting your hands on the yoga block can help relieve the tension on your lower back if you can’t touch your toes (yet!) in the Forward Fold by transferring part of your body weight to your hands.

You may quickly alter a difficult position using a yoga block to relieve your body of tension and discomfort.

See how to utilize yoga blocks for hamstring flexibility in the video down below.


Avoid Injury

Yoga blocks offer additional support for your tight hips and knees and help Avoid Injury.

For instance, the Hero Pose (Virasana), which involves sitting on a block, can gently stretch your thighs while sparing you the uncomfortable feeling in your knees. You may gradually get to the entire asana without needless exertion or danger of injury by adjusting the block’s height.

See below for instructions on using a yoga block for sore hips and knees.


Create Good Habits for Alignment

It serves no use for you if you are unable to breathe normally while holding the position and feel uncomfortable. Once again, yoga blocks will save the day by assisting with alignment.

Consider the Side Angle Pose (Parsvakonasana).

It’s a great all-around workout that encourages balance, strength, flexibility, and spine lengthening. But the majority of individuals find it difficult to achieve the entire stance, in which one hand is on the floor and the upper arm makes a straight line from the toes to the fingers.

Many of us lack the flexibility required to perform the position in its entirety, which causes our chests to collapse and our shoulders to round.

You may still benefit from the position while preserving spinal integrity and an open front body by resting your bottom hand on the yoga block.


add assistance

Yoga blocks are practical aids for enhancing balance and developing strength for more challenging poses.

Consider the Crow Pose (Bakasana), for instance. Strong upper body and core strength are necessary for this arm balancing position. Even if they have adequate muscle, lifting the feet might be scary for newcomers.

You may put the block beneath your feet and continue raising one foot at a time to gain confidence. For further support, you may also place the block under the forehead.

You may advance asanas at your own speed and when you’re ready with the aid of yoga blocks.


Activate Muscles & Add Challenge

Do you have years of experience as a flexible yoga practitioner? Even if you include yoga blocks into your practice, there are still a ton of advantages. Blocks, specifically, are excellent for enhancing the burn in popular yoga positions and for muscular activation.

Holding a block between your knees, for instance, will engage your inner thighs and keep your legs from spreading out.

Alternatively, you may do standing poses like Warrior II or Warrior III while holding the blocks in your hands. The practice is more rigorous and has more advantages for you when the block is heavier.

Blocks are a great tool for deepening your stretch, which will enable you to move on to the next level more quickly.

Here is a helpful video about using blocks to gain strength, even if it isn’t specifically about yoga.


Yoga Deals & Discount Codes

the brands I love and use

Here is a list of businesses and products I’ve used and loved. They are divided into 4 categories by me. Each category’s brands are listed alphabetically and have a link to my comprehensive assessment, a brief description, and a promotional code (if available).

4/7 Types Of Yoga Blocks: 3 Important Criteria To Choose

The majority of yoga blocks could have the same appearance.

But make no mistake. Small variations in size, shape, and material will establish:

  • the weight of the blocks;
  • what their duration will be;
  • whether they are easy to transport to a yoga lesson;
  • whether the block can support your weight while doing arm balances.

In addition, unique qualities like density or design may dictate the block’s main use. Softer blocks, for instance, are better for stretching and increasing flexibility. For practicing inversions and arm-balancing postures, strong, robust ones work best.


Traditional yoga blocks have the shape of a brick or a rectangular cube. However, its original form is always changing, so don’t be alarmed if you see a yoga block with a half-circle shape.

For example, the curved curvature of the egg-shaped block makes it especially beneficial for reclining positions and backbends.

Blocks with hollow semicircles are excellent for arm balance.

Yoga wedges were specifically developed to provide extra support for aching wrists.


Yoga blocks come in a variety of sizes, but the basic and most popular sizes are 4 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches and 3 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches.

The majority of yoga blocks come at three distinct heights. A few modern blocks even have four height options because of their creative construction. This will let you to effortlessly alter asanas to suit your flexibility and enjoy a fluid practice.

For standing poses like Half-Moon Pose, the highest setting of 9′′ works wonderfully. The hamstrings and lower back will no longer be under stress.

In the Hero Pose or the Pigeon Pose, the sit bones are often supported by using the lowest setting.

Having trouble deciding on a yoga block’s size? Start with your degree of flexibility and hand size.

Get a larger-sized block if you’re a tall person with little flexibility and enormous hands. In standing poses, it will ‘lift the floor’ higher. Get a smaller block, on the other hand, if your hands are smaller and more flexible. The grip will be more comfortable.

yoga cork mat set non slip eco friendly on white PT8WNLS e1562582827816

Yoga accessories shouldn’t be seen as a “crutch.” They may provide diversity to your work and hasten your development.


Timber Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks’ original construction used wood, such as birch, bamboo, or pine. Given that hardwood yoga blocks are the most long-lasting alternative on the market, some yogis are certainly still using them in 2020. Some producers even provide a lifetime warranty on their goods.

Nowadays, Timber Yoga Blocks are often made from sustainable bamboo, making them the most suitable choice for eco-conscious practitioners.

Wooden yoga blocks are exceptionally strong and are excellent for strengthening and balance exercises. They appear nice and natural and provide hassle-free cleaning.

On the downside, Timber Yoga Blocks are pricey, heavy, and difficult to transport if compared to foam and Cork Yoga Blocks. They’re great for home yoga practice but are not very practical to travel with.

On top of that, rectangular Timber Yoga Blocks are generally hard on the spine and not the best option for the restorative yoga and backbends. The smooth surface can get slippery if your hands sweat easily, and because of that, they also don’t well stacked.

Key Elements

  • a lifetime investment (the strongest kind of yoga blocks)
  • eco-friendly (if manufactured with green practices in mind)
  • firm & sturdy to support body weight
  • excellent for arm balances
  • simple to clean
  • The appearance is pleasing to the eye

Think About

  • pricey
  • hefty to carry or take to a yoga lesson
  • On the spine, a brick form might be painful.
  • When wet, a smooth surface becomes hazardous.

Cork Yoga Blocks

Natural and environmentally safe cork is also more affordable and lighter than wood. Yoga blocks made of cork are nevertheless strong and resilient; they will not break under pressure.

Cork yoga blocks are not as smooth and may have a little crumbly touch as wooden yoga blocks. As a result, they are simple to stack on top of one another, pleasant to hold, and non-slip even when wet.

Cork has the drawback of being more difficult to clean than foam or wood because of its porous surface. It takes in moisture and perspiration, which might jeopardize the block’s structural integrity. Yoga blocks made of cork may begin to break at the edges if you choose inferior cork.

Even while carrying them to the yoga class, cork blocks are nonetheless cumbersome to move about with. Additionally, some individuals may find them to be excessively solid to lay on.

Key Elements

  • economical alternative to wood that is environmentally friendly
  • sturdy & supportive
  • simple to hold & stack thanks to flaky texture
  • non-slip

Think About

  • tough to clean
  • may begin to fall apart
  • hefty to transport
  • a little bit too stiff for a calming yoga class

Yoga Foam Blocks

You’re likely to encounter Yoga Foam Blocks in any yoga studio.

They are affordable, extremely lightweight, and great for beginner yogis. Foam blocks tend to be softer and squishier when compared to cork or Timber Yoga Blocks and the most gentle for supporting your spine and pelvis in restorative poses. They are also not slippery, simple to clean and carry around.

One of the major drawbacks is that some less expensive foam blocks could be weak, incapable of bearing your weight, and possibly collapse.

Additionally, the material is readily scratched or dented and is prone to wear and tear.

Foam yoga blocks are also the least environmentally friendly alternative unless they are constructed from recyclable materials.

Key Elements

  • budget-friendly
  • lightweight & great for traveling
  • the skeletal portions and the spine are soft.
  • non-slip

Think About

  • the choice that is least eco-friendly (unless made of recycled materials)
  • limited durability (get dented & scratched easily)
  • might be weak
  • do not stack properly.

sport food red equipment training exercise 1161469

Cork is your best option if you want a firm surface but don’t want to spend a lot of money on wood blocks.

5/7 One vs. Two Yoga Blocks: How Many Should I Use?

The quantity of yoga blocks you choose to purchase mostly depends on your own preferences.

Purchasing two yoga blocks at once can greatly increase the flexibility of your practice. Placing your hands on two blocks will allow you to do many more positions. Blocks, particularly softer foam ones, perform well for calming and chest-opening positions when put together in a row to simulate a yoga bolster.

Nowadays, the majority of yoga blocks easily come in sets of two. Some companies give you a discount if you purchase two pairs.

If you ultimately decide to just utilize one block, you can easily store the other one away for another time as a backup or keep one yoga block at the class and one at home.

6/7 When To Use A Yoga Block & Mistakes To Avoid

A yoga block may be useful to everyone; you don’t need to be new to it or be injured. Therefore, take advantage of whatever yoga blocks the teacher or anybody else provides you throughout the practice.

Here are just a few instances in which you could utilize a yoga block:

  • when you feel like you need to adapt since your body isn’t ready for a complete position;
  • when you aren’t flexible;
  • when you find it difficult to breathe during a difficult asana;
  • when you need a bit additional stability and support after a challenging day.

But be cautious not to get too dependent on your yoga blocks. Some yoga poses will be simpler with a block, and it could be tempting to never leave your comfort zone.

Pay attention to your body instead. If you get more flexible and powerful, you can reduce the block’s height. In certain asanas, you can eventually do without the yoga block altogether.

During balance poses, stay away from placing too much weight on one foot or digging your hands into the block. Instead, contract the muscles in your hands, forearms, and fingers.

7/7 Cleaning Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks need to be properly maintained and cleaned to increase their lifespan and thwart the formation of germs, just like any other piece of yoga equipment.

A cleaning guide from the manufacturer usually comes with your yoga block. Therefore, be careful to read them before using any detergent since it might harm the fabric.

Timber Yoga Blocks are the easiest to clean. Simply use a damp cloth soaked in soapy water to clean the surface and set the blocks out to dry.

Since cork yoga blocks absorb more moisture and perspiration than wood or foam, they often need more care. With a moist towel, wipe the surface, then completely dry it. To make an organic cleaning solution for removing stains, mix water with vinegar, soap, or baking soda. On the cork substance, avoid using strong chemicals. Additionally, you may purchase pre-made cleaning sprays to eliminate germs and eliminate smells (like this one).

Use a water and dishwashing soap combination to clean a foam yoga block. Use a club soda or vinegar solution if the block is really unclean or if the stains won’t come off. Some foam blocks may also be washed in the washing machine, which eliminates all the effort from cleaning.

Best Yoga Blocks: Reviews of 11 Products

YogaKali has compiled a list of the top 11 yoga blocks that are appropriate for practitioners of every ability, ranging from standard foam brick-shaped yoga blocks to high-end ergonomic wood props.

Manduka High Density Recycled EVA Foam Yoga Block

Key Elements

  • Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 4″
  • made of 50% – 75% recycled post-industrial & post-consumer EVA foam
  • soft to the touch & simple to hold
  • removes germs and sweat
  • robust – won’t collapse under your weight
  • gives a stable foundation
  • for comfort, use radius edges
  • easy to transport
  • odorless chemical
  • contains etching “Practice On”

Think About

  • offered as individual pieces rather than pairs

The yoga block from Manduka is a simple yoga accessory that is perfect for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners. Even if it doesn’t have a sophisticated appearance, it works just fine.

The Manduka yoga block is remarkably robust for being composed of foam. Reviewers claim that even in standing postures, it doesn’t tilt and can maintain the heavy weight without squeezing.

The Manduka foam block is a great travel companion since it is lightweight (just 0.6 pounds).

In comparison to other foam blocks, Manduka’s yoga block seems to be well-made and lasts longer; one customer reported using the block for 10 years and still finding it to be in excellent condition.

Think About that this foam yoga block is firm. So if you prefer a more malleable surface, you might find the block too hard to lie on.

The item also contains etching “Practice On” on one of the sides, which adds texture to the surface. If you are searching for a smooth yoga block, check out other suggestions below.



Clever Yoga’s High Density EVA Foam Yoga Block (Set of 2 + Strap)

Key Elements

  • very low cost
  • size: 4 by 6 by 9.
  • built with repurposed EVA foam
  • arrive in a pair with a complimentary yoga strap.
  • bit softer than usual
  • Sweat and bacteria are wick away
  • edges with bevels for comfort
  • easy to transport
  • complete refund or replacement if necessary
  • Unusual bi-color pattern

Think About

  • is easily scratched
  • not strong enough to support heavy weight

With a Clever Yoga Blocks set, you can stretch more effectively and make significant progress more quickly. Two recyclable EVA foam blocks and an 8-foot D-ring yoga strap are included in the package, which will improve your practice (and flexibility).

Clever Yoga blocks sport a non-slip surface that won’t soak up moisture and smooth texture that’s simple to clean. The blocks are dense and provide a comfortable balance between firmness and a hint of softness, which is crucial for restorative poses.

Yoga blocks from Clever Yoga are a smart alternative if you want to transport your props to class. With barely 0.6 oz in weight apiece, they are very light. To make your yoga sessions more cheerful, the blocks are also made in a cute bi-color pattern.

The business offers top-notch customer support. They will replace it or offer you a complete refund if you are unhappy with the purchase, no questions asked.

The yoga blocks may, however, seem a little flimsy and insufficiently sturdy due to their small weight. They are not as long-lasting over the long haul as cork or wood alternatives.


Packs of 1 to 6 Yoga Eggs in Three Minute Egg Yoga Blocks

Key Elements

  • produced in the USA
  • Foam Eco Centric (100 percent biodegradable)
  • size: 12″
  • simple to hold
  • an ergonomic oval shape that shapes the spine
  • good for experimenting
  • lightweight
  • no odor emanates from the packing

Think About

  • not stable enough for inversions or positions requiring weight

Because of how oddly shaped your body is. – that’s the slogan of Three Minute Egg, a firm that makes oval yoga blocks that conform to the contours of your body.

The circular yoga block, which is made of biodegradable foam, is a great support for relaxing the neck and back while doing easy backbends. It easily follows the curvature of your spine for maximum comfort; at last, your restorative yoga practice won’t be painful anymore!

The Tree Minute Egg is useful for low-impact yoga and Pilates exercises as well as stretching.

The egg-shaped prop is certainly worth buying in addition to a set of regular yoga blocks, even if its utility is perhaps little limited when compared to a classic yoga brick.


High Density EVA Foam Blocks by REEHUT

High Density EVA Foam Blocks by REEHUT

High Density EVA Foam Blocks by REEHUT

  • EVA with High Density for Stable Support The solid, long-lasting, and pressure-proof blocks may provide dependable, secure support for your procedures.
  • Cutting an Edge with Soft Lines— You can get greater grips thanks to the magnificent golden cut on the six sides and eight corners.

Key Elements

  • 9″ x 6″ x 4″ and 9″ x 6″ x 3″
  • created from EVA foam
  • soft & comfortable to grip
  • Sweat and bacteria are wick away
  • smooth edges
  • easy to transport
  • Guaranteed money-back for 60 days

Think About

  • easily scuffed and discolored
  • When wet, slick
  • maybe not thick enough to hold your body weight
  • after packaging, a chemical odor

Are you a novice yogi who is still learning out what suits them best? For those who are not yet ready to make a significant investment in yoga equipment, REEHUT provides an excellent pricing.

created from EVA foam, REEHUT blocks are lightweight and easy to tote to the studio or wherever your yoga practice takes you.

Soft suede-like texture and smooth edges ensure the soft grip while the moisture-resistant material removes germs and sweat.

REEHUT Yoga Foam Blocks are available in two sizes to perfectly match your hand size and ensure comfortable practice.

As a trade-off for portability and affordable price, these Yoga Foam Blocks are the least eco-friendly option in this list. Plus, the durability is questionable. The surface quickly takes on scratch marks and stains. Malleable foam is great for stretching, restorative poses, and backbends, but undermines the stability in more demanding yoga poses.

Although REEHUT yoga blocks are marketed as non-slip, they really don’t perform well if you perspire while practicing.

Additionally, be warned that REEHUT blocks may emit a chemical scent when first opened if you are sensitive to smells.


Yoga Block Made of Buckwheat by Carolina Morning Designs


Check the Price & Reviews

Key Elements

  • eco-conscious & ethical brand
  • produced in the USA
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 5″
  • Eco-friendly buckwheat hulls packed into organic cotton canvas
  • soft to the touch & breathable
  • firm & sturdy
  • supporting the spine gently
  • convenient handle for travel
  • simple washing with a detachable cover
  • serves as both a cushion and a yoga bolster.

Think About

  • hefty to transport (3 pounds)

The goal of Carolina Morning Designs is to raise the bar for both the manufacture of yoga gear and your yoga practice.

Each product from Carolina Morning Designs is made using sustainably sourced materials and green manufacturing techniques. This yoga block, for instance, is an eco-friendly and long-lasting substitute for common foam and cork yoga blocks since it is constructed of locally produced organic cotton and buckwheat hulls.

The yoga block is very soothing on the spine and your skin since it is made of non-traditional materials. It yet has the stiffness to support you in popular yoga positions while at the same time being flexible.

Bonus: the Yoga Block Made of Buckwheat by Carolina Morning Designs can easily double as a yoga bolster or even a meditation cushion.


Premium High Density Cork Yoga Block from Manduka

Premium High Density Cork Yoga Block from Manduka

Premium High Density Cork Yoga Block from Manduka

  • MANDUKA CORK BLOCK: Constructed from sustainable cork, this premium cork yoga block has a solidity that foam blocks lack, letting you feel confident in the support it offers. Great for beginner to experienced yogis, the surface has a texture that’s easy to hold.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Use blocks to deepen your stretches, improve your practice, and remain safe by lowering the risk of injury and muscle strain. Ideal for Pilates, restorative yoga courses, and other fitness-related activities

Key Elements

  • Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 4″
  • constructed of sustainable, nontoxic cork
  • textured surface that resists slipping is ideal for moist hands
  • sturdy & dense
  • well stacked
  • no swaying
  • supports your body weight effortlessly
  • durable

Think About

  • heavy
  • maybe overly demanding on the head, pelvis, and back

If you’re looking for firmness and stability – look no further. This Manduka cork yoga block offers a stable and fully slip-resistant foundation when you need it most. These yoga blocks won’t wobble, well stacked, and provide excellent support for balance postures.

Additionally, eco-aware yogis may rest easy knowing that this Manduka yoga block is composed of cork that is sustainably produced and has no additional pollutants or chemicals.

One of the biggest drawbacks is weight. The Manduka block weighs roughly 2 pounds, making it difficult to carry and possibly better suited for at-home use.

Additionally, Think About that cork doesn’t give way during workout. While resting on blocks might first seem unpleasant, standing on them can feel completely secure.


Cork yoga blocks from HemingWeigh (Set of 2)

Cork yoga blocks from HemingWeigh (Set of 2)

Cork yoga blocks from HemingWeigh (Set of 2)

  • Use these eco-friendly cork yoga blocks to improve your yoga practice, allowing you to more easily enter basic positions and progress to more difficult ones.
  • supports optimal body alignment, which reduces back pain and releases pressure on weak wrists while also extending, strengthening, and supporting the body.

Key Elements

  • Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 4″
  • constructed of cork that isn’t harmful
  • arrive in a pair.
  • For damp hands, a non-slip surface is appropriate.
  • dependable and strong enough to hold your body weight
  • well stacked
  • no swaying
  • replacement guarantee for all time

Think About

  • heavy
  • maybe overly demanding on the head, pelvis, and back
  • may shed a few wood grains.

HemingWeigh cork yoga blocks are a terrific complement to both your yoga practice and your space thanks to their sleek, minimalist design. No matter your weight, they are strong and provide robust support.

Cork is good at absorbing moisture, so you can rest assured that you will not slip even if your hands or feet get sweaty. Cork blocks also well stacked and will provide a stable surface when you use them for balance.

and what’s the best?

For the pair of cork yoga blocks, HemingWeigh has an incredible price. Additionally, the producer offers a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you may simply replace the item if it ever starts to crumble or dent due to poor quality.

Think About that HemingWeigh yoga blocks are much heavier than their foam counterparts. Also, some people may find the blocks too sturdy for the back or head support.


Moon Cork Yoga Blocks by MULAYO (Pair of Yoga Blocks)

Key Elements

  • size: 4″ x 9.5″
  • composed entirely of organic cork
  • unique half-moon shape for comfortable backbends & balance training
  • non-slip & grippy surface
  • capable of supporting bodily weight; robust
  • for inversions, a nice grip

Think About

  • heavy
  • only offers two height adjustments

Getting tired of your typical yoga blocks? MULAYO steps in to save the day.

To add additional playfulness to your yoga practice, this set of cork blocks is shaped like a half-moon.

You may perform conventional yoga positions and raise your backbends on a hard, sturdy surface by setting the yoga blocks on their flat side.

To explore, increase difficulty, and have fun, flip the pieces to create a small balancing board.



BRIK Infinity Strap (Pair of 2)

BRIK Infinity Strap

BRIK Infinity Strap

  • The only yoga block with FOUR distinct heights is our patented BRIK!
  • Its distinctive angles and octagonal design make it versatile, allowing you to use it flat or diagonally for a variety of novel applications, such as leaning up against a wall.

Key Elements

  • measurements: 3.5″ x 5.5″ x 8.75″
  • constructed of environmentally friendly, safe cork
  • offered in sets of two
  • has four height adjustments
  • slip-resistant & antibacterial surface
  • robust and capable of bearing your weight
  • smooth edges

Think About

  • heavy
  • maybe excessively stiff on the head, pelvis, and back

A tiny family-owned company called Infinity Strap is well known for their buckle-free yoga straps. Due to its unique design, their second prop, a yoga block with the name of BRIK, sold out in only two weeks after being on sale.

Unlike other yoga blocks, BRIK offers four distinct heights for a practice that is as versatile as possible.

Its versatility allows for flat, diagonal, and wall usage, which was not achievable with prior yoga blocks.

BRIK yoga blocks are hefty, like any cork prop, and need some getting used to if you want to use them for restorative yoga.


Bamboo handstand blocks from YOGABODY (Set Of 2)

Bamboo handstand blocks from YOGABODY

Bamboo handstand blocks from YOGABODY

  • improved handstands Most individuals find it difficult to master handstands because they repeatedly leap up. You may build stronger fingers, wrists, forearms, and shoulders using the YOGABODY Handstand Blocks to dynamically balance.
  • decrease wrist pain Hand and forearm strength deficiencies lead to wrist discomfort. The blocks will temporarily lessen your discomfort and prevent and mend your joints from aching and jamming by strengthening your muscles.

Key Elements

  • size: 5.12″ length by 3.5″ width by 3.4″; 3mm rubber bottom (tall)
  • created with sustainable bamboo
  • offered as a pair with a complimentary posture chart.
  • Rubber bottom with traction
  • smaller size for a more comfortable grip
  • sturdy surface helps build muscle & grip strength
  • designed specifically for handstands & inversions
  • simple to clean

Think About

  • heavy to move
  • for restorative yoga, too firm
  • may become When wet, slick

The YOGABODY team is of the opinion that “Practice is Everything.” And nothing could be more true.

You know, looking at all those Instagram photos of yogis doing handstands and inverted positions, you could feel envious. But Think About that it’s quite improbable that these folks were prosperous right away. The strength and balance needed for handstands need weeks, months, or even years of practice. Additionally, Yogabody blocks were created specifically to make practicing yoga more comfortable and engaging.

YOGABODY blocks are very strong and long-lasting since they are constructed of bamboo with a smooth surface. You may improve your handstands by strengthening your fingers, wrists, and forearms with the aid of a sturdy surface.

The firm base is especially advantageous for those with sensitive joints since it helps you grow muscles and prevents you from dropping weight onto your wrists, which may happen when using inexpensive foam blocks.

The blocks are 5.12 in (13 cm) long by 3.5 in (8.5 cm) broad by 8.8 cm high and come in a pair of two (tall). You won’t have to worry about slipping when practicing yoga inside or outdoors since the bottom has 3mm of non-slip rubber. Additionally, blocks include a free posing chart.

YOGABODY blocks weigh a lot (1.8 lbs per block). However, this drawback is well outweighed by the variety and quality.

These blocks are a little more expensive than foam or cork yoga blocks, but they are well worth the cost if you want to strengthen your grip and practice inversions.


Infinity Block for Bhoga Yoga

Key Elements

  • 10.25 x 5.75 x 3.5′′ in size
  • produced in the US
  • made of sustainable & renewable rubber tree hardwood
  • made to fit your body’s contours naturally
  • excellent for practicing backbends
  • Improved grip is facilitated by open sides.
  • suitable for restoring postures
  • sturdy & stable
  • very simple to clean

Think About


Which sort of yoga block, foam, cork, or wood, do you prefer? Comment on this to share!

Yoga blocks are a great way to start your yoga practice. They can be used for many different types of poses and they are generally inexpensive. The “yoga blocks for beginners” is an article that will give you everything you need to know about starting with these helpful tools.

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