I have been traveling a lot lately and it is always nice to see a familiar face, a friend from home, someone I have not seen in a while and have a brief conversation with, and then say good bye and start my next adventure. It is also nice to see new faces, but when you have been away for a while, and come back to a new city, it is always fun to see what the world has become in the last few months. This is especially true when you have a little time to explore and eat some of the local cuisine.

The day started out well. I woke up to the smell of black cherry gelato, which was one of my favorite smells as a child. I headed to work, and I thought I might even make it through the day without getting lost in a sea of people. Then the traffic started. It was like a swarm of bees. I was lucky to get to work by 11, but it took me two hours to get to my next stop. I will have to start taking the bus.

Today we are using our new color grading system for our first round of the block! We start with the black cherry gelato that we received for review from our friends at Peace in the Air in Washington DC. FYI, this particular flower is now available if you want it, and you really want it because this sexy variety scored a very respectable 3.2 average in this gentleman’s review. Want to know more about how it works? You’re in luck, because I’ve documented my process for posterity, so that future generations can admire my great intellectual work while my uncensored shadow discreetly stores it in the flowerpot in the corner. You should be where you belong, baby!

Black cherry jelly – 3.2 EPA

word-image-6756 AROMA : 3 Strong but subtle blackberry aroma. TASTE: 3 The same blackberry flavor comes through in the smoke. SMOKE: 4 No cough. You can use this herb as a gift for your grandmother. The basic courses are PROVEN! TRICHOMEN : 3 The trichomes are small, but these dark buds are covered from head to toe. RESIN : 0 Resin not detected. SADS: 4 Seed not found. MANICURE : 4 Stems, cut close to the buds, including popcorn buds. STRUCTURE: 3 Figure eight consisted of three medium-sized heads with nice curves, and the rest of the bag was completed with some popcorn heads. REMOVE: 4 Humidity level is ideal. The finger test broke the second half of the stem and the bud quickly recovered. Get those buds while they’re still fresh, baby! DENSITY: 4 Ideal density. It’s easy to work with your fingers if you want, but it’s not loose at all. Grind until smooth.


Want to know how the rating system works? You’re lucky, baby! Clarissa explains it all here. word-image-6757 Bookmark.

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