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This morning I received a beautiful bouquet of perfectly fresh blooms for my Evermore Sunday Brunch. With a smile on my face, I went straight to the kitchen to try one of the many dishes I have written about on this blog.

Today we take a look at Evermore’s Sunday Brunch flowers, one of the most popular medical marijuana brands in Maryland. Evermore sounds like a fantastic kingdom, perhaps hidden in the clouds? Yes! You, there, you look like a Girulian! Maybe you wouldn’t mind taking ten of my magic crystals, hidden in the labyrinths and ruins full of skeletons that dot the land? Did I mention there’s a water table here? Wait, come back! IS THE OPTION! Oh, shit.

Who is Evermore?

Evermore is a rebranding of Temescal Wellness. The pharmacy still operates under that name, but the flowers they grow and the concentrates they make themselves now carry the brand name Evermore. Evermore is one of Maryland’s original ganjapreneurs (ba-dum-ching). Their website states that the company’s executives and managers are from Baltimore. They also hire local staff. I’ve met people from the scene more than once who now work at Evermore. I understand that. Last year, we tested Temescal’s Blue Cereal juice colors and bracelet. So why go backwards when other brands still have their first review ahead of them? Because Evermore is on everyone’s lips! Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. My fellow patients in Maryland love the colors of Evermore. And you won’t find Evermore if you look for Temescal, so there you go. word-image-7004

Evermore Sunday brunch Call

I took an eighth of a Sunday brunch flowers at True Wellness in Laurel. True Wellness is one of the dispensaries that sells deli-style flowers. This means that they were not bagged. You will watch as the craftsman removes the buds from the pot, cuts the stems and weighs them before your eyes. All things being equal, a gentleman always chooses an apothecary of delicacies.

  • I am happy with the size and density of the buttons in my 8. The tips are solid – not loose, not made of adamantium broken off by the teeth of a coffee grinder.
  • The trichomes are clearly visible to the naked eye and provide excellent coverage.
  • The size is excellent – no sugar leaves, and my bathtub stretcher had to cut off an almost disappointing number of stems.
  • Seed not found
  • The flowers look healthy and well developed with nice orange tones.

The Evermore Sunday Brunch flower bag is very attractive. Let’s smoke!

Evermore Sunday Brunch odor/flavor

word-image-7005 These flowers smell slightly of herbs, but mostly of grass. I talked about the lack of smell in weed in my guide to bad marijuana. It’s not really unpleasant, but it’s not great either. Honestly, I smelled it before I bought it, so I knew it wasn’t 100%. But to be fair, of the four types of Evermore available to True Prosperity, this was the most fragrant. The smoke is mild, not irritating to the mouth or throat, but it hits hard and the only flavor is spicy. I deleted my first joint halfway through, only to finish it later. I read the second one to the end. Medium pressure. It’s not smooth, evenly distributed particles, but it’s not too irregular either. Unrolls easily and burns well.

Evermore Sunday Brunch Power/Effect

These buds appear to be much more potent than the 17.7% THC listed on the label. After smoking a half-gram joint around 1pm yesterday, I felt pretty bloated by 5pm, even though I ate a light dinner in between. Ay caramba! 8.63 mg/g limonene must be a typo. word-image-7006 Yes, under the influence of powerful drugs, but Sunday brunch at Evermore didn’t do much for my state of mind. My anxiety level remained very high after smoking. I had to organize a denial of service attack on my brain because I certainly didn’t relax after smoking. That’s a funny way of saying I need to push away the toxic thoughts floating around in my head, isn’t it? The mood has flattened rather than risen. It’s all right, it’s all right. Actually, I… Kentucky Fried Christmas, I can’t even tell you. I arrived at the Drama Center, with a capital D, around three in the afternoon. But my mental gyroscope quickly reset and I tackled the situation with aplomb, if not my innate empathy. We were too unfocused after Sunday brunch, but maybe that’s just as well. Evermore’s Sunday Brunch Flowers is best reserved for the evening, I think, or for reading a long weekend of horror manga. That’s all I was able to do Sunday after halfway through. I recently discovered Junji Ito! JOIN THE SPIRITS! Ahem. It is too heavy and comforting for many other things.

Gentleman, uh… Very good

Evermore’s Sunday Brunch flowers have an excellent zake effect and superior potency. However, the smell and taste are not good. And it doesn’t address the specific problems I use cannabis medications for: anxiety and mood. Fifty bucks for part 8 is not bad. It looks like you can save $5 by going to Temescal Wellness in Pikesville (near Baltimore) to buy flowers directly from Evermore. This is definitely a step down from my previous Temescal review – I loved these flowers. I’m not a fan of these flowers, but there are enough positives to give Evermore another try. But I’d like to feel them first.

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