Of all the foods on our holiday table, cookies are the one we all have the most fun with. They are the go-to delight for the entire family. We gather around the table, nibble on soft, chewy treats, and watch as our kids blow out the candles on their special paper. It is a beautiful ritual for the holidays, full of tradition and family, and it is in this spirit that I am going to eat my favorite cookie, Christmas cookies.

The holidays are here, and that means the Christmas cookie season is upon us. Before you grab that first batch of sugary, butter-laden treats, take a look at the nutritional information and ingredients! Sure, it seems like a tasty treat, but what are your chances of getting an added bonus?

I’ve been a bit of a Christmas cookie fiend over the past few years, during which I’ve consumed a steady flow of the sugary treats, which has led me to wonder: do they affect my waistline in a bad way? Are cookies just too much for my body to handle? Or, are they just harmless, sugary treats that can be enjoyed without hurting me?. Read more about how much do nutritionists make and let us know what you think.

I have a confession to make before you ask for my killer healthy Christmas cookie recipe: I’m not baking low-fat, protein-packed, artificially sweetened, beet-hiding cookies. I’m going to make the genuine thing. Here’s why.


When it comes to holidays (all of them, every single one of them), the Berardi household goes into overdrive.


For Christmas, the Berardi family dressed up.

We’ll be creating construction paper crafts, putting up decorations, dressing up in ghost costumes (or bunny ears) (or ugly reindeer sweaters), preparing contributions for the local food bank, and — in the event of Christmas…

…and baking delectable Christmas cookies.

But, before you ask for the recipe for my healthy Christmas cookies, I have a confession to make:

We’re not baking some “healthy” Christmas cookies that are low-fat, protein-packed, artificially sweetened, and may include beets.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the actual thing.

Butter, sugar, and wheat are all used in this kind of cookie.

The type of cookie that makes you want to wash it down with a big glass of milk.

This is the kind of cookie that many “nutrition gurus” would advise you to avoid.

As an example:

christmas smoothies

(Yes, this is a real piece of writing.)

Yes, you can do the same thing by dipping kale leaves in lemon juice with a dash of stevia.

“You’ll be grateful to us.”

But, Mister, aren’t you?

People are perplexed when they discover that my family and I sometimes bake cookies… or go out for ice cream… or don’t always eat 100% protein and veggies.

“Isn’t it all about eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy foods?”

I’m happy to report that the answer is no.

It’s not only about consuming “good” meals and staying away from “bad” ones. (Those labels aren’t even my favorite.)

I’ll tell you what it’s all about in a moment.

But first, I’d want to invite you to join me in enjoying a cookie, cake, or drink this Christmas season as well.

More: Sing songs, meet friends, share love, play games, and revel in the Christmas spirit.

This is why.

When individuals start working out, they bring their own notions about what eating means to them. Food may be any of the following for them:

  • fuel,
  • reward,
  • punishment,
  • escape,
  • shame,
  • freedom,
  • a method to keep track of what’s going on with others,
  • a means of distancing oneself from themselves,
  • and a lot more

Food, on the other hand, is information for me and the rest of the team.

Food tells a narrative about how you live, how you feel, and how you operate.

Concerning food. What really important.

There is no such thing as “excellent” or “poor” food when food is knowledge. There are no other options. The point is, the decision is the thing.

You see, when you select one item over another to eat, you’re voting for what’s most important to you right now.

Sure, few of us are aware that we are doing so.

Every choice, however, is based on a calculation. It communicates what is most important to you in that specific, one-of-a-kind time.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of various options are weighed.
  • Choices reveal what is most important to us.
  • We choose to accept the repercussions of our decisions.

So, now that the holidays are upon us for the most part, I’m curious: What is important to you right now?

Is it…

  • Are you in a good mood?
  • connecting with family and friends?
  • feeding your body in the truest sense?
  • What are you doing to nourish your soul?
  • Are you reminiscing about your ancestors or family traditions?
  • Taking the sting out of a long day of Christmas shopping?
  • surviving a wacky family gathering?

There will be no judgment here. You have complete control over your priorities. And there are occasions when other considerations should take precedence over “nutrition.”


  • attempting new ventures
  • Increasing the size of your “database” of life events.
  • straight-up delight and pleasure, undiluted, guilt-free, ethically unfiltered.
  • the first taste of genuine shortbread, which is a bit of a shock to the system.
  • the first taste of your preferred beverage
  • the aroma of a holiday meal baking in the oven for the first time
  • following a day of religious fasting, the first bite of food

(Perhaps even the first moments as a parent, when your screaming kids have finally passed asleep and you can lay on the sofa blissfully thinking about the cookies they put out for Santa.)

Tasty cookies on plate and a glass of milk

Keeping the holidays as authentic as possible.

I simply want you to know that I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, think, or feel.

(And isn’t here to make you feel bad, embarrassed, worried, or deprived.)

Instead, we’re here to assist you in thinking through the issues. To assist you in making more mindful, deliberate, and intentional decisions.

And to assist you in staying true to yourself.

Because homemade holiday meals taste even better when shared with friends and family.

They just do.

So here’s my first idea…

This Christmas season, treat yourself to some genuine cookies. Or anything else you love but consider to be “off bounds.”

Just remember to do it deliberately. Mindfully. Joyfully. Slowly, as we teach in our coaching programs.

Instead of hurriedly scarfing it down and waiting for the guilt to set in, enjoy it. Taste the many layers of taste and try to extract each one.

Stay alert and logged in. Make informed decisions. Then proceed.

Because, if you take the proper method, you’ll be able to:

You can eat well, socialize with others, and stay healthy and fit. 

All of this is happening at the same moment.

together with:

  • selecting with intention;
  • slowing down and taking the time to really appreciate and relish;
  • Rather of being sidetracked by guilt, worry, or regret, seek for genuine pleasure.

But it isn’t always simple.

Even if you aren’t ready to adopt this attitude, restraint is the only way to feel in control.

Even if you don’t think it’s feasible to eat some meals guilt-free.

Even if you’re caught in a vicious cycle of limit, breakdown, shame, and repeat.

Even if you’re furiously prodding your tummy as you read this, grumbling about the terrible cholesterol test results you just received,

“Yeah right JB, that’s easy for you to say because you’re a Fitness Guy, and with my crazy schedule / knee injury / kids, I can’t even get to the gym twice a week.”

It’s all right.

Because we’re certain that connection, love, and pleasure can coexist with a desire to improve one’s health. And maybe, along the road, we’ll be able to assist you in discovering the same thing.

What should I do next?

1. Consider what gives you pleasure over the holidays.

What really satisfies your thirst? What renews and rejuvenates you? See if you can do it again. It isn’t necessary for it to be about food or eating. But it’s possible.

2. Consider the decisions you make and how you get at them.

It’s important to remember that being a Good Fitness Person isn’t about making the “correct” decision. It’s about making a decision that’s correct for you right now and understanding how you arrived at that conclusion.

3. Cherish the times.

Take the time to “check in,” pay attention, and be present with everything you choose to eat, drink, or do over the holidays. Make the most of your opportunities.

4. Make contact.

Healthy connections are essential for healthy health. Wherever you find them, connect with friends, family, and anyone else you consider your “tribe.” Consider coaching or looking up one of our Certified coaches if you want to attract additional fans to your squad.

5. Return the favor.

When your attention is continuously fixated on yourself, your body, and your eating choices, it may be distressing. So turn your gaze outward. Consider how you may be able to share your good health and happiness with others at this crucial time of year.

Finally, whatever you’re celebrating, whatever you’re celebrating…

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season.

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