For many people, one of the most important things in their life are health and wellbeing. Yoga has been around for thousands of years helping to improve both mental and physical wellness. This article will give you some tips on how to pick out a good yoga towel that can help ease your mind during practice as well as protect your skin from bather damage after soaking wet sessions.

If you are a yogi, and you practice hot yoga, then you need a manduka yoga towel. The towel is made of the highest quality material that can withstand the heat. It is also non-allergenic and antibacterial.


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If you only had thirty seconds:

You do, you do. And you won’t want to exercise without it ever again.

Not to worry. This is not the end of my case.

A yoga towel is one of those products whose purpose may seem overstated at first, but which, if you make the investment, can really improve your practice.

Some may laugh that the early yogis didn’t practice on costly non-slip yoga mats, but rather on animal skin or some simple fabric. Additionally, they lacked stylish yoga bags for transporting their carpets. So in essence, if you want to do yoga fervently, you don’t need any supports.

But now that we have a wide range of yoga equipment readily accessible, what’s the harm in using it? The least you can do to continue practicing yoga is to make your yoga journey as pleasant and secure as you can given how fast-paced and full of distractions and demotivators our lives may be.

Discover what a yoga mat towel is, why you may need one, what qualities to look for in a high-quality yoga towel, and why your typical bathroom towel is insufficient for a flawless yoga session by reading on.

To aid you in your quest, we have also examined various product offerings and selected the top yoga mat towels available.

Meet our top selection, a cheap multi-purpose yoga mat towel that can be quickly put into your suitcase while traveling and can absorb a lot of perspiration even during the longest and most strenuous sessions.



  • INCLUDES ONE: genuine HOT YOGA TOWEL YogaRat (24 x 68 inches) for your yoga mat
  • More than twice as absorbent as YogaRat’s standard yoga towel, its 600 GSM fabric weight can withstand even the wettest of yoga sessions.

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1/3 What Is A Hot Yoga Towel & Why Use It

The very absorbent fabric of a yoga towel helps you stay dry throughout the strenuous exercise, reduces slipping, and increases traction by absorbing up moisture and perspiration. Most yoga towels are composed of microfibre, which is renowned for its ability to wick away moisture.

If your mat isn’t made expressly for hot yoga, no matter how fantastic it is, you will likely lose grip and slide more than you would on a dry surface. By using a yoga towel, you may practice more comfortably and avoid any injuries that might result from slipping on the damp mat.

And the best part is that your grip becomes better the more you perspire. Most yoga towels may be used many times during the practice and absorb perspiration several times more than their actual weight.

For the Bikram yoga session, when the room’s extreme temperature causes even the most sweat-resistant people to abundantly perspire, a yoga towel is the finest choice. However, if you tend to perspire a lot or have sweaty hands, a yoga towel could come in handy while practicing other styles of yoga, such as vinyasa and power yoga, which are more vigorous.

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A heated yoga towel can do so much more for you than just wick perspiration and shield you from harm. The following are some benefits of purchasing a premium yoga towel.

Enhance hygiene

A yoga towel will raise the standard of cleanliness in your practice. By avoiding wear and tear, it keeps your yoga mat clean and extends its useful life. The yoga towel will provide a sanitary barrier between you and the mat, so you won’t have to feel gross about using a rental yoga mat at your class and putting your face on it.

Saving time

A heated yoga towel can help busy people avoid wasting time and energy washing the yoga mat. Over time, most mats have a tendency to absorb all the perspiration and grime, which may cause them to ultimately smell terrible. Yoga mats often cannot be machine cleaned and take a very long time to dry. You may save yourself the hassle of washing your yoga mat once a week by utilizing a yoga towel. You just need to rinse your towel after each session to be ready to go.


A yoga towel may provide additional cushioning for your joints, depending on its thickness. This may be particularly beneficial if your mat ended up being too thin or if your joints sometimes require extra support. If you don’t like the texture of your mat, a yoga towel is a worthwhile addition to your practice since it is often made of a soft and pleasant material.

4. Appreciate Variety

Yoga towels are quite versatile. At addition to yoga classes, you may use them in the gym, at the beach, and in the swimming pool to keep your face and hands dry while working out. Yoga mats are sometimes substituted with yoga towels while individuals are traveling, practicing outdoors, on carpet, or in a hotel room.

There are two varieties of yoga towels for sale. The dimensions of a normal yoga mat (24′′ x 72′′ or 24′′ x 68′′) corresponds to large towels. They completely enclose the mat and are capable of absorbing a lot of perspiration from the whole body. These towels may take the place of the mat itself if they are thick enough. The towel is extremely easy to pack while traveling since microfiber is a lightweight material, or you can just tote it to the gym or pool.

Hand/face towels are the alternative kind. They are designed to wick away perspiration from the face or hands and are smaller (about 16′′ x 25′′). If you don’t sweat often but sometimes have sweaty hands, you may want to go with the smaller hand towel. Simply place it on top of your mat so that it may provide you with additional comfort and grip when your practice becomes heated.

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

2/3 Difference Between Hot Yoga Towel & Cotton Towel

Considering that you already have a supply of cotton towels in your bathroom, you may be wondering why you need to get a microfiber towel. While there’s no harm in trying, keep in mind that the experience will be different if you use a conventional towel for your hot yoga practice.

The problem is that microfiber, which makes up the majority of yoga towels, is far more absorbent and better at trapping moisture within the towel than cotton. Therefore, if you perspire a lot, you don’t need to be concerned about the sweat puddles around you when practicing hard.

Additionally, microfiber dries incredibly quickly. Rinse the towel after every yoga session, and it will be clean and dry for your next class.

A yoga mat towel, as opposed to a typical cotton towel, will remain in place during the practice. Some hot yoga towels feature silicone nubs at the bottom, while others have pockets in the corners for your mat or a rubberized base to weigh the towel down. When you leap and twist in asanas, all of these elements are meant to help the towel kind of adhere itself to your mat and keep it from bunching up. Use a cotton towel to try it. After a few postures, you’ll probably become tired of adjusting it and prefer sliding.

Regular cotton towels won’t fit your yoga mat because they are either too short, too broad, or not long enough. The microfiber hot yoga mat towels were designed with yogis in mind and are long enough to completely cover your mat. If you have a yoga mat that is particularly long or broad, make sure to verify the size of the yoga towel in advance.

What Characterizes a Quality Hot Yoga Towel?

The hot yoga towels that are now on the market are not very different. They often range in thickness and dimension. Some also have measures to reduce crumpling while in use. Analyze your requirements in detail and make sure the towel you want has the following qualities.

Check the thickness and absorption capabilities most of all. During a prolonged workout, a decent yoga towel will be able to absorb a lot of moisture. Generally speaking, a thicker towel may wick away more perspiration.

A high-quality hot yoga towel should provide you with a non-slip, grippy surface so you may feel secure performing quickly switching asanas without sliding. To boost traction, it is advised to spritz the towel with water if your hands and feet are not perspiration-prone.

Good yoga towels won’t bunch up throughout the practice and will remain affixed to the mat. Manufacturers do this by combining microfiber with a rubber bottom, adding tiny corner flaps to the towel, or using unique silicone nubs. Some lack distinguishing characteristics yet remain put when wet. It basically comes down to personal choice. For instance, avoid towels with silicone numbs at the bottom if you are sensitive to abrasive textures since you may require some time to get accustomed to this feature.

Hot yoga towels are made to dry quickly and be light. However, the thickness of the material also contributes to the towel’s weight and drying time.

Right present, there are many color and design possibilities on the market. You may choose a vivid color to fit your personality, but be careful to confirm that the dye is non-toxic and ask if past owners had problems with colors fading.

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Yoga Deals & Discount Codes

the brands I love and use

Here is a list of businesses and products I’ve used and loved. They are divided into 4 categories by me. Each category’s brands are listed alphabetically and have a link to my comprehensive assessment, a brief description, and a promotional code (if available).

Washing & Care

Yoga mat towels are often machine washable, making them simple to maintain. To avoid shrinking, it is advised to wash the towel on cool. Keep the towel apart from your other clothing and equipment, depending on its color, and wash it separately at least several times to get rid of extra dye. Avoid adding any fabric softener or bleach since they might make the surface slippery.

To avoid bacterial growth and unpleasant odor, it is advised to wash or at least rinse the yoga towel after each practice. Do not put wet or damp towels in your gym bag or hamper. If you don’t have time to rinse the towel right away after practice, at least let it to air dry before washing it as soon as you can. Additionally, avoid rolling up your wet heated yoga mat with the towel.

Some yoga towels may be dried in the dryer on a medium or low setting. To make your yoga towel last longer, carefully read the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.

Best Hot Yoga Towels: The Top 5


  • well-known & reputable brand
  • supple with a velvety texture
  • non-slip
  • light
  • durable
  • quick-drying


  • costly
  • not sticky when completely dried.
  • may become “waterlogged” after a lengthy practice
  • confined color palette

Manduka has been in business for over 20 years and has built a solid reputation for producing dependable, often life-long, goods.

The Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel is constructed of velvet-like, luxurious microfiber. It fits your mat precisely and is also appropriate for longer 72″ yoga mats. Additionally, eQua towels dry quite rapidly. After the practice, just rinse it, and it will be ready to use the next day.

Your hands and feet should be a little damp before using the towel. Even though it could be a little slick when dry, spritzing the towel with a little water before your yoga practice will do wonders. Despite not having bottom grips, the Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel stays put even during vigorous, quick-paced Vinyasa and Power yoga.

eQua is versatile and lightweight, making it simple to bring it to the beach, pool, or gym.

The towel is incredibly light in exchange for being pretty thin. Therefore, if you tend to sweat a lot throughout extended sessions, it may not completely absorb your perspiration and get “waterlogged.”

The Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel is only offered in a few dark hues. In that case, if it’s a deal-breaker for you, you may explore a little farther.

Crush Yoga Hot Yoga Towel

Crush Yoga Hot Yoga Towel

  • The cloth weighs 360 gm2 (grams per square meter), which is designated as ABSORBENT. Because they are denser than others, Crush Yoga Towels are excellent at absorbing perspiration. [Most rivals employ 200 gm2 or less.]


  • incostly price
  • durable
  • is washable on any setting
  • rubberized ground
  • hefty enough to be used as a substitute for a yoga mat
  • excellent business practices


  • lacking knowledge about the brand
  • heavier than alternative yoga mats
  • only available in one color

A new business from Boston, Massachusetts called Crush Yoga focuses on “supplying yoga equipment for humanity.” A face towel, sports bag, and a yoga mat towel are all included in their Hot Yoga Starter Pack. The first two have a simple, macho style that has a corporate logo and a gray tone with white accent.

The Crush Yoga towel stands out for its very absorbent microfiber top and thin rubbery bottom that keep it from bunching up. The towel will remain in place during the vigorous yoga session and will absorb all of the perspiration produced throughout the hot yoga session.

Due to a rubberized ground, you can also use the towel instead of the mat (in case your joints are well and healthy) and even travel with it. It’s denser and provides you with more cushion than other towels. On the other side, it’s on the heavier side so it might be a pain to carry it along with your yoga mat.

According to the creators of Crush Yoga, their yoga mat towel is indestructible and can be machine-washed using any setting.

The business operates ethically. They provide local nonprofits and charity 5% of their income. The towel’s damaged corner serves as a reminder of their civic engagement.



  • INCLUDES ONE: genuine HOT YOGA TOWEL YogaRat (24 x 68 inches) for your yoga mat
  • More than twice as absorbent as YogaRat’s standard yoga towel, its 600 GSM fabric weight can withstand even the wettest of yoga sessions.


  • incostly
  • more sweat absorption than the typical yoga mat towel
  • added protection and support for joints
  • may serve as a mat for yoga
  • durable
  • comes in 5 eye-catching hues.


  • somewhat thicker than the average yoga towel
  • first, the dye may bleed

HOT YOGA TOWEL YogaRat is an excellent example of a perfect price-quality ratio. It is incostly, but don’t let the price fool you.

Three sizes of the YogaRat Towel are available to accommodate your mat. It is composed entirely of microfiber, which has a higher density of absorbent fibers per square meter than the typical yoga towel. As a result, it can wick away more moisture, allowing you to train for longer while remaining sweat-free.

In comparison to comparable goods on the market, the towel is notably thicker. It will be a wonderful option for individuals who want more joint support and cushioning. Later, your knees and wrists will appreciate it.

HOT YOGA TOWEL YogaRat is a bit on the heavy side, but thanks to its thickness it can substitute a yoga mat when you’re traveling or just going out to practice in the park. The towel comes in several bright colors. But it is advised to wash the towel separately at first as the dye may run.

Yoga Mat Towel from yogitoes

Yoga Mat Towel from yogitoes

  • newly redesigned for increased sweat wicking, grip, and absorption.
  • Grasp mat with 100% silicone nubs and proprietary Skidless Technology.


  • well-known & reputable brand
  • light
  • durable
  • quick-drying
  • Eco-friendly & non-toxic
  • silicone ridges to reduce slipping
  • a wide variety of colors and patterns


  • costly
  • not sticky when completely dried.
  • colors may bleed at first & wash out with time
  • Nubs may cause foot pain.

There is always much hype around Yoga Mat Towel from yogitoess. And Yogitoes are indeed different from everyone else.

First, Yoga Mat Towel from yogitoess are one of the most costly on the market. They are made by Manduka, top of the line yoga company, so rest assured, your Yogitoes will last for a long time.

Second, the bottom of the towels has small silicone nubs or dots that grasp your mat and hold the yoga towel in place. No other yoga mat towels will have this function since it is a patented invention.

Third, Yogitoes towels are eco-friendly and long-lasting. At least eight recycled plastic bottles and 50% recycled materials are used in the production of each yoga mat towel. Additionally, they use less energy to produce than a typical yoga mat towel.

Last but not least, Yoga Mat Towel from yogitoess probably have the largest choice of designs and colors on the market. These include tie-dyes, landscapes, chakra colors, tribal and floral patterns, etc. The designs tend to change every season.

Although the Yogitoes towels are sturdy, with time the colors may fade. Additionally, since the color may bleed, wash the towel separately from your other items at least the first time.

Additionally, some customers point out that the towel could bunch up little during rapid flow, necessitating periodic adjustment.

The bottom nubs could take some getting accustomed to, and they might even first irritate your feet. Choose another yoga mat towel if you have a high sensitivity to abrasive materials.

Yoga mat towel by Ewedoos with anchor-fit corners

Yoga mat towel by Ewedoos with anchor-fit corners

  • PREMIUM NON SLIP & ABSORBENT MICROFIBER: Our yoga towel is made of 100% premium microfiber. It acts as an ideal moisture absorbent towel to wipe away perspiration and create a slip free surface. So you can stay focus on your mind, body and breath through entire sessions.
  • SUPER SOFT & ABSORBENT – Perfect Towel for those sweaty sessions of bikram/hot yoga where you need to absorb your sweat to stay in pose and balanced


  • incostly
  • features To avoid bunching, tuck the mat into the four pockets.
  • light
  • quick-drying
  • playful tie-dye design


  • may initially be strong.
  • when used without the mat, it is too thin and can bunch up.
  • confined color palette

The Ewedoos Yoga Mat Towel is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive equipment to enjoy your yoga practice. It is composed entirely of microfibre, which is excellent in absorbing moisture and perspiration. The towel could seem a little stiff at first, but after a few washing, it becomes softer.

The Ewedoos Yoga Mat Towel stands out because to its four corner pockets, which stop the towel from lifting or bundling while you’re moving. Simply tuck your mat under the flaps and concentrate on your exercise.

The towel comes in a gray color with blue, green or purple trim, but you can choose a playful tie-dye design if you want to bring more color into your life and studio.

Does using top-notch equipment help you practice yoga better?

Post your thoughts in the comments section!

A yoga towel is a type of cloth that can be used for many different purposes, including to cover the body during hot yoga. It is a piece of clothing that has been designed specifically for this purpose and is made from cotton. Reference: what is a yoga towel used for.

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