You’ve heard of hard-core, but have you ever heard of hardcore? These are the new-age terms to describe the kind of people who are willing to endure great loss to attain their goals. One person who exemplifies this is former Philippine diplomat Hernando del Nido. The man has lived his life on the edge, and though he suffered great heartache, he managed to achieve some of his life’s greatest accomplishments. He has been married four times, and been divorced three times, and has a son with a woman he divorced. He has also lost his son, and his father, and his mother, and even his wife. This man has lived a life of ups and downs, and still has enough strength to go on

For the first time last year, the Diplomat Hardcore OG from Pisos was sold in a limited quantity and only in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Now for the first time ever, the Diplomat Hardcore OG from Pisos is being introduced in the United States of America!

The Diplomat Hardcore OG from Pisos is a strain with a heavy Sativa presence. It is a cross of (Diplomat) and (Hardcore OG) and it is a cross of two of the most popular strains in the cannabis community. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain.

Well, gee, guys. As I looked at my notes, I realized that we don’t have many good colors left in Las Vegas to write about. It smells really strong like old socks and stuff. Nothing at all. We have some great concentrates to talk about, but we can’t completely neglect the flower. Sigh. Let’s tear up the Pisos Dispensary and their Diplomat Harcore OG flowers. I hate writing bad reviews. Everyone else in the industry will get rich blowing sunscreen on their stupid yachts, and I’ll be penniless with paint and mumbling about trains, I know that very well. And they will say: Stupid GT, why don’t you play the game like all the other kids? NINE-EIGHT-WHITE-TWENTYTHREE-ORANGE-MIND THE GAP!. and the emphysema-induced collapse that follows makes everything else incomprehensible. Pisos and I were wrong almost immediately. It’s the Monday after the Vegas sale begins, so there’s still plenty of time to process all the nuances of what was undoubtedly a busy weekend. It was hot outside, because it was the desert. They had enough room to put half the softball team in the small room while we waited our turn. Or I’m trying to. You see, there was no linear schedule here, so I didn’t know who was ahead of me, and there were too many people ahead of me to keep track. My anxiety rose sharply and I jumped, perhaps too early, asking for corrections from someone who looked like he was going to cut in front of him, and then from someone else. I was on the defensive. I called out the terrible stand-up-all-you-can system the geniuses invented and the man behind the counter raised an eyebrow. Yeah, that’s what I said. Give us the numbers from the store, for God’s sake. People walk in front of me, behind me, what the hell?

Names mean everything when it comes to cannabis genetics. I. I will quote myself later in the review as Marie Claire or something. How cool is it that I can do this?

The back room of Pisos restaurant is impressive: all wood, with vaulted ceilings and a vintage medicine theme that tries too hard to be trendy in my opinion. Apparently, the company has been around for a long time. The walls are adorned with glossy pictures of old medicine bottles and advertisements for those medicines; a more rustic look to the prints would have better captured the atmosphere. word-image-10811 More importantly, there are limited outlets for Pisos concentrates. I asked the saleswoman if they had anything else besides what was displayed right in front of us, but she said no. In fact, it was even more limited, as the one I chose – Ringo’s Gift Terp Jelly by KYND – was smaller than the one on display. She was kind enough to buy it for me, but later it turned out to be mostly CBD. Aggh. While I absolutely did not want CBD, it is actually quite good and deserves its own review. An observant bartender would have noticed and let me know. I was still nervous after almost screaming in the lobby, but now I’m going to make sure I check every purchase. I wanted to give Pisos a chance to give something back, so I asked about his flower. You have two shelves if you want. One of them was named Pepper Lane. It’s a cheap material. Your lordship, of course, has chosen the Diplomat’s top class. However, I only needed one gram, which limited my options and at $23 per gram was quite expensive. I rummaged through a few boxes and picked one out, but it wasn’t on sale for less than an eighth. We continued with the Hardcore OG. word-image-10812 While the packaging of the bottle of popcorn kernels is pretty standard, unfortunately so is the musty smell I found inside when I bought Gram of Flower. Finding high quality flowers in the recovery states was much harder than I thought. I have to admit that the dispensaries in D.C. sell nicer flowers than most of the stores I’ve visited recently in Vegas and Denver. Indeed, it’s worth getting a card to get your hands on some of Abatin’s gear. Diplomat Hardore OG is well trimmed, at least there are no rods to contend with. It’s a little dry, but still fresh and sparkling like a glass slipper. I turned it into a cone and the taste was pungent. Not the hardest I’ve encountered on this trip, but far from the most pleasant smoke. word-image-10813 The hardcore OG effects are pretty boring. This plant is not directly related to the more optimistic OG Kush (Leafly seems to have won over Seedfinder this time). Names mean everything when it comes to cannabis genetics. Hardcore OG is a body soothing indica with almost 20% THC and the highest levels of caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene, in that order. Ten minutes after smoking, I start yawning, but my brain is still functioning and able to concentrate. It would be another twenty or thirty minutes before my thoughts slowed, which meant it was a good time to find myself unconscious on the couch, halfway to the television. At least turn off autoplay first. Pisos, the original dispensary, was my biggest disappointment in Las Vegas, and that’s saying something considering I’m also married to a half-Elvis/half-Rosie O’Donnell woman and now owe alimony to an exotic dancer. There are much better options, such as Essence, SHANGO, and REEF, that are worthwhile if you want to find good smokes in Sin City. PS: Don’t tell the Chandalier bounty hunter brothers where to find me.This strain of cannabis is a hybrid of two different marijuana strains. The named parent strains are the Mexican sativa strain (considered to be a Northern California variety) and the Afghani indica strain. This unique hybrid strain was developed and introduced to America in the early 70’s.. Read more about fruitiez strain and let us know what you think.

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