A humidifier is a tool that helps to lower the humidity in your home and keep it healthy. They have many benefits, as this article outlines with detailed information on what they can do for you.

The “costco dehumidifier” is a type of air-conditioning device that removes moisture from the air. It is important to note, though, that these units are not recommended for humid climates.

It might be unpleasant in a humid house. I would highly advise purchasing the finest dehumidifier you can afford if your house has excessive humidity levels. Depending on the kind of space that requires dehumidification, you may pick the best dehumidifier, which doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Sometimes it’s not the whole house; you could need one in additional rooms, inaccessible nooks, or even wherever you park your automobile.

Whether you need a dehumidifier for your bathroom, cellar, apartment, dorm, or even boat, we examine the best models in our shopping guide. We’ll let you know which sizes we advise whether you’re searching for the finest 30 pint or 70 pint dehumidifier.

We also provide guidance on how to choose the best dehumidifier for a house, including things to think about and things to avoid.best dehumidifier

2022 shopping guide for the best dehumidifier

Honeywell, White TP50WK Energy Star Dehumidifier for Medium Basement & Living Room up to 3000 sq. ft with Anti-Spill Design & Filter Change Alert


Given that it can remove up to 30 pints of water per day, the Honeywell TP50WK is a fantastic option for a basement or large living room.

Since it consumes less energy than the majority of other dehumidifiers, it gets an energy star rating. Due to the power and financial savings, it is one of the best dehumidifier models available.

You don’t need to continually monitor the humidity manually since there is a sophisticated digital humidistat that detects, monitors, and operates in accordance with how high the moisture levels are. Just turn it on and let it get to work!

On the LED digital display, you can set a timer, see the room’s temperature, and humidity levels.

It’s crucial to consider the design characteristics while looking for the finest dehumidifier. The Honeywell dehumidifier includes an anti-spill construction, so you won’t have to worry about knowing when to empty it. When it’s time to replace the filter, the machine will also let you know.best dehumidifier

Pohl Schmitt Mini Dehumidifier, 17oz Water Tank, Ultra Quiet – Small Portable Design for Homes, Basements, Bathrooms and Bedrooms – Removes Air Moisture to Prevent Dust Mites, Mold & Mildew


You should use the Pohl Schmitt tiny dehumidifier in your bathroom or bedroom. It accomplishes the job effectively and is portable and tiny.

It includes a 17 ounce (500 milliliter) water tank that is simple to drain after filling.

The little dehumidifier is nice since it runs quietly, which makes it excellent for the bedroom. You won’t have to worry about a loud dehumidifier with this model, which is the last thing you want while you’re trying to go asleep.

You won’t want to use this all day in your bedroom because of its tiny size and the requirement to often empty it owing to the water tank’s low capacity. Purchase a bigger dehumidifier if that is the case.

Although Pohl Schmitt claims that you may use this dehumidifier in a cellar, I can assure you that you cannot. A big dehumidifier with a huge tank capacity is required for a basement because of its size. It is not this dehumidifier.

13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier by Ivation For spaces up to 270 sq ft, white, Continuous Drain Hose for Smaller Spaces, Bathroom, Attic, Crawlspace, and Closets


Dehumidifiers are now in short supply on Amazon, so you’ll be fortunate to find one. Ivation is a terrific option and a brand that is still readily accessible.

The 13-pint Ivation dehumidifier is a small-area dehumidifier that works well in compact rooms and areas like a closet, bathroom, cellar, and bedroom.

If you’re fortunate enough to own an RV, you may also use it in your boat, laundry, or RV, if you have one. A washing is not. You are not unique since most individuals have a laundry room).

You’ll be happy to hear that the Ivation features whisper silent operation and that you can alter the humidity control according on how humid the room is. This is excellent if you use the dehumidifier in your bedroom since I’m sure you don’t want to be awakened by it.

The settings are quite simple to use, and it features a modern interface with an LCD display. There are controls for the screen brightness, fan speed, vents, timer, and sleep mode. The easiest method to operate an appliance is to set it and forget it!

You have two options for emptying the Ivation dehumidifier: manually or by connecting a hose for continuous drainage. When you need to empty it, it won’t be too tough since it has a carry handle.best dehumidifier

DEHUMIDIFIER, 1,500 SQ FT, ENERGY STAR, FOR HOME, BASEMENT, BEDROOM OR BATHROOM, BY TOSOT Super-quiet, automatically drains, and comes with a 30-pint water bucket

It’s time for a dehumidifier if your basement is currently very humid so that the moisture can be removed and mildew and other issues may be avoided.

The Tosot dehumidifier includes a water bucket that can contain 1 gallon of water and is appropriate for rooms and areas up to 1500 square feet. Before it has to be emptied, it may remove up to 30 quarts of water per 24 hours.

Do yourself a favor and get a hose and connect it to the Tosot dehumidifier if you don’t like the notion of having to empty a bucket every day. This implies that without your involvement, the dehumidifier will constantly empty itself. The Tosot dehumidifier DOES NOT COME WITH A HOSE, however you may get one separately.

If a hose isn’t available, you’ll have to empty the bucket every day. Once the bucket is full, the Tosot dehumidifier turns off on its own.

You choose the desired amount of humidity for the room while configuring the Tosot dehumidifier, and the control panel will reflect your choice. You can see the current humidity level on the control panel as well. The dehumidifier will turn off when the humidity level reaches your preferred setting.

Additionally, you have the option to set the dehumidifier to operate continuously, no matter the humidity level. Simply keep pressing the minus button until the control panel displays “NS.” The process will then continue until the bucket is filled.

It’s okay if you decide to get the Tosot for usage in your bedroom. It runs at a very low noise level so that it won’t wake you up.

Eva Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier. Top Moisture Absorber for Small Spaces. Rechargeable & Portable. Perfect for Bedrooms, Closets, Cars, RV & Gun Safes. Removes Humidity & Helps Prevent Mold Growth


Unlike other dehumidifiers, the Eva Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier is unique. You may hang this one in your RV, closet, or bedroom to allow the silica beads take in the moisture. Really, only little rooms and settings are appropriate for this.

Before the silica beads need to be recharged, it lasts for 20 to 30 days. This gives your little area plenty of time to dry out. It can adsorb up to 6 ounces and is appropriate for 33 cubic meter areas.

You don’t have to worry about using energy or dealing with wires and connections while using the Eva Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier, which is fantastic! Not at all! If you wish to use it on your boat or RV while on vacation, it is so simple and handy, portable, and manageable.

Additionally, it is easy to hang and has a lovely, streamlined appearance.

Another wonderful brand is Eva Dry, which has a 5-year guarantee that leads the market.

Powerful Small-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier for Smaller Rooms, Cupboards, Basements, Attics, Stored Boats, RVs, Antique Cars, White, Ivation IVADM10


Ivation: Fortunately, a second Ivation dehumidifier is still for sale on Amazon even though I’ve previously reviewed one in this article.

If you live in an apartment or other tiny area, the Ivation IVADM10 is a great little dehumidifier. You may use it in your boat or RV as well as, if you’re fortunate enough to possess one (I’d love a classic Mustang), in your vintage automobile.

You may just wash and reuse it rather than purchasing a new one since it features a washable air filter and a replaceable 17 ounce water tank.

The indication light will turn on once the water tank is full to let you know when to empty it. You don’t have to worry about leaks since the dehumidifier automatically turns off when the water tank is full.

Ivation IVADM45 – For Small Spaces of Up to 100 Square Feet – Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Intelligent Dehumidifier with Auto Humidistat


The Ivation IVADM45, another Ivation product on the market, is ideal for compact settings up to 100 square feet. It is ideal for a bedroom or a dorm because of this.

It employs peltier technology, which is thermoelectric. It is a fantastic dehumidifier to use in your bedroom, closet, RV, boat, vehicle, bathroom, or other tiny locations since it runs quietly and is of a medium size.

You may select the desired degree of humidity with the auto humidistat that is included.

The Ivation IVADM45 can remove up to 25 ounces of water every day. When the tank is full, the dehumidifier automatically turns off and the indicator illuminates to let you know it’s time to empty the tank.

Compact and portable Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier for High Humidity in Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Basement, Caravan, Office, and Garage, 2200 Cubic Feet (250 sq ft),

For those looking to dehumidify their bathroom or bedroom, I suggest the Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier. It is ideal for these kinds of spaces because of its little size.

The 52-ounce water tank of the Pro Breeze dehumidifier can hold up to 18 ounces of water every day. It works well in spaces up to 220 square feet.

The dehumidifier automatically turns off and the LED light comes on when the water tank is full. You’ll be informed when it’s time to empty the tank by this. Oh my! Simply drain it and re-insert it into the dehumidifier for future usage. really simple

What makes the Pro Breeze the greatest dehumidifier in my opinion, do you know? You may use it in your bedroom without being awakened since it runs quite softly. You might use it in a nursery for infants and be sure that your child will be able to sleep peacefully without being disturbed by the dehumidifier.

Questions and Answers

Not only do you want to sleep there, but you also want to unwind, particularly on a hot summer day.

Nothing is more unpleasant than a humid house or bedroom, particularly if you reside in a tropical region like Florida. Sleeping is made difficult by the increased humidity in the air, which also leaves moisture in your house that may harm your furnishings and make your floors slick.

Humidity’s impact on health also cannot be disregarded. Controlling the humidity in your house is a smart idea if you want to avoid health problems since mold and bacteria love damp conditions. There are several methods you may do this!

In order for you to find the finest dehumidifier for your requirements, whether you want to use one in your bathroom, bedroom, RV, or living room, I’ve produced this shopping guide to the best dehumidifier.

signs your house needs a dehumidifier

It may be time to evaluate your humidity levels and get the finest dehumidifier for the humid area or space if you observe any of the following.

-Mold often appearing on windows and walls

-Condensation around the window sills and on your windows.

-Water spots on your ceiling and near painted surfaces

-A sense of wetness in the air is noticeable at higher altitudes.

-A room’s corners are covered with mold and mildew

-Damp-feeling walls

-A carpet that feels moist to the touch

-Mopped floors that still feel moist despite not having been done lately

-Wall or ceiling paint that is flaking

-The wood on the furniture seems to be deteriorating and feels wet.

How do you know which dehumidifier to purchase is the best?

The existing humidity level in the area you wish to dehumidify should be taken into account while choosing the finest dehumidifier. Investing in a digital hygrometer is a smart move if you want to monitor the humidity levels.

Under 50% during the summer and under 30% during the winter is the optimum humidity level for an area. It may become excessively humid and unsuitable for avoiding the formation of mold and mildew outside of these limits.

What size dehumidifier should I buy?

Dehumidifiers come in a variety of sizes that may be purchased. How do you decide the dehumidifier size to purchase?

Take into account the size of the area you’re attempting to dry out. Only a tiny bedroom or bathroom should have a micro or small dehumidifier. A bigger dehumidifier is needed for a bigger space.

The water tank will rapidly fill if you choose a dehumidifier that is the incorrect size, requiring continuous emptying. Each dehumidifier has a water tank that must be drained once it is full.

Can you picture using a little dehumidifier in a big area? Most likely more than once a day, you will need to empty the water tank.

Additionally, you will be consuming more electricity since you would be forcing the dehumidifier to work harder. This is not the best method for dehumidifying a space!

Consider the dehumidifying capability during a 24-hour period while selecting the finest dehumidifier. I have specified the ideal room or area to utilize the dehumidifier in for each of the top dehumidifier models I have examined in this guide. Make the appropriate decision by following this advice.

How is the dehumidifier’s water tank emptied?

When purchasing a dehumidifier, you want to simplify your life. How you need to empty the water tank is something else to think about.

The water tank on the majority of dehumidifiers is simple to remove, empty, and reinstall. Every time the water tank fills up, you must do this action. Once the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will turn off on its own.

The greatest dehumidifier would be one that you can use a hose with if you’re using it in a basement or garage. After connecting the hose, the dehumidifier would continuously drain. This implies that because the dehumidifier will empty the water tank while it is running and you will have your hose connected, you won’t need to worry about it.

If the room or place you are dehumidifying has a door that opens to your yard, this is a much simpler choice.

Select the ideal dehumidifier for your environment.

Your location will play a significant role in the kind of dehumidifier you choose. Do you live in an area that is often humid? Is it always humid, or only in the summer and other warm months?

If you reside in a location with year-round humidity, you will either need to purchase many of the finest dehumidifiers or a large unit that can be utilized all year.

You won’t have to worry about purchasing a dehumidifier that is overly strong if you only experience humidity during the summer where you reside.

You don’t need a big, bulky dehumidifier if you’re simply purchasing one to use in your bathroom after you take a shower. Instead, you just need the finest tiny dehumidifier.

Where should your dehumidifier be placed in your house? You may read our advice and ideas here, and if your house has two stories, you can read our placement guidance for dehumidifiers here.

A dehumidifier’s advantages

You will almost instantly see advantages from utilizing the finest dehumidifier in your house, and it’s lot simpler than using other techniques of moisture removal.

Less moisture in the air can enhance the air quality in your house and solve the issue of excessive mold and mildew growth. This is an issue that may arise everywhere in your house, not only in the bathrooms and basements.

Your family’s sleep will improve! For a restful night’s sleep, a pleasant room temperature and humidity level are essential.

If your house is less humid, you won’t be sweating as much or dealing with unmanageable hair, which struggles in humid environments. Depending on your degree of comfort, this is a personal decision. But once you turn on your dehumidifier, I’m sure you’ll notice the difference in the air!

Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard if you use a dehumidifier, which is still another fantastic advantage. Because there is more moisture in the air when a space is humid, cooling it down is much more difficult.

The reduction in moisture caused by using the finest dehumidifier will make it simpler for your air conditioner to chill the space. You’ll pay less for electricity as a result!

Additionally, your furniture, flooring, and walls will last longer if there is less moisture in the air. Paint and wall paper peel off more easily in a humid house. If you have wooden flooring or tiles, the moisture makes the floor wet, which is dangerous. And for those who have carpet, moist carpet is an issue since it may foster the growth of germs, mold, and mildew, which is bad if you have respiratory conditions like asthma.

When a room is humid, wooden furniture may get moist, which can harm the wood. The last thing you want to do is discard pricey, premium wood furniture because the air’s humidity destroyed it.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about a humid bathroom, employing a bathroom dehumidifier can stop mold from forming there as well as damp floors and walls!

Humidity’s effects on your health

We’ve spoken about the unsightly and unpleasant effects of humidity in your house thus far.

Your health, though, is a considerably more crucial factor.

A research on the effects of humidity on health, especially respiratory health, was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

Numerous health issues, including exhaustion, inflammation, chest and nasal congestion, may be brought on by humidity.

Inhaling mold spores may make you sick and have a detrimental influence on your health when dampness encourages the development of germs and mold. Asthma and other respiratory issues might be made worse by the spores. If your home’s humidity levels are outside of the safe and advised range, utilizing a dehumidifier is one technique to prevent the growth of mold and germs.

A side effect of having high humidity levels is dust mites. Because dust mites like a wet environment, you will probably have more dust and dust mites if you don’t use a dehumidifier and there is a lot of moisture in the air.

Therefore, investing in the finest dehumidifier is an investment in your comfort as well as your family’s health, which should be your first concern.

We’ve talked about a widespread health misconception concerning dehumidifiers as well.

The way a dehumidifier works.

By employing a compressor or desiccant, humidifiers take away moisture from the air.

The dehumidifier eliminates the moisture in the air by condensing it using the compressor technique. The liquid is drawn into a water tank when the air is condensed.

Larger dehumidifiers are employed at higher humidity levels for this procedure. In your garage or basement, a compressor dehumidifier is preferable.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are more suited for usage in areas or spaces with lower relative humidity, such as your bedroom or living room.


If you are looking for a whole house dehumidifier, then the “whole house dehumidifier” is what you need. The “whole house dehumidifier” is an appliance that will remove moisture from the air in your home.

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