If you thought that Double D’s were the only smoothie that you could achieve, think again! Culta has recently unveiled a new product that is packed with nutrition and packed with flavor. Introducing the Culta Double D’s Shatter!

Culta Double D Purps Shatter is a juice made with ingredients such as: Apple, Lemon, Carrot, Rhubarb, Spinach, Cucumber, Watermelon, Honey, Raspberry, and Cardamom. Culta Double D Purps Shatter has an earthy, sweet, citrus flavor with a mild, chalky finish.

Culta Double D e-Juice has produced e-juice since 2007 and it is the best e-juice on the market. Since 2007, Culta Double D e-Juice has been a leader in the e-juice industry. Culta Double D e-Juice has been the leader in the industry for a reason, and with their e-juice, the reason for their success is crystal clear.

Culta has been one of Gentleman’s favorite medical marijuana brands in Maryland for over a year. Today we are finally moving forward with the revision. You can’t wait any longer! I will not take a wife, father an heir, claim land until the Kulta report is written. GET THE MMJ CARD!

Who is CULTA?

Culta is 100% vertically integrated. They grow their own flowers, do all the processing in house and sell the products in their own shop in Baltimore. It is located on Key Highway, making it easily accessible from downtown, the Inner Harbor or Interstate 95 northbound. word-image-9465 You don’t have to go to Baltimore! It’s not so bad, guys. I’ve been here since January and I haven’t been killed once! With any luck, I’ll die here half-crazy with syphilis, like Poe. Culta’s range of medical marijuana products is very broad. They have about a dozen house varieties available at any given time, as well as GIO vapes, concentrates and pods. But that’s not all! They also have licenses for Apothecanna and Willie’s Reserve topicals in Maryland, which they use specifically for CBD-containing flowers and vapes. Culta produces Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil under the brand name Apothecanna. Я… I don’t know how to control it. I mean, I can think of a way, but I don’t like it. Any volunteers? No, it’s okay. I didn’t say anything. word-image-9466

Culta concentrates

The selection of concentrates at Culta is also very large. They have live resin, they have sauce, they have diamonds, they have sauce in the diamonds, they even have resin. I feel like these guys really love the concentrate! I appreciate that. Of course, Culta also produces sparkles, and that’s what I want to talk about. It’s not that the more complex stuff isn’t great, it is. But over the past year, Culta’s component quality has been incredibly consistent, and it represents one of the best values in Maryland’s medical marijuana program. When everyone was selling wax at $80-100 a gram, Culta came to the rescue with a $40 all-day, every-day closure. Not just in their own store – you can find a Culta cap for $40-50 at many other dispensaries. They have single-handedly begun to drive down prices for concentrates in Maryland. I have a lot of respect for that. word-image-9467 Today we’re going to look at the Shutterbug Double D Purps from Culta, because I love Purps. We evaluate the concentrate for terpene content, potency and the three C’s – color, clarity and consistency.

Quality double D Purps

This Double D Purps clasp has a coveted gold color for a clasp that is typical of Culta mining. All their splinters always look like this. Bullshit! word-image-9468 The clarity in the worship shard has more variety. It is sometimes completely transparent and sometimes opaque. Double D Purps shards have excellent clarity. I can see the fibers of the paper behind it, even without direct light. Sometimes one finds old Culta shards that have been turned into sugar wax, but their consistency is usually perfect. It doesn’t look so much like glass that it splits and breaks when you pull it with your dept pliers. If you really want to go down, you can usually pick it up and tear off a small piece with your fingers. Purists will dismiss this idea, but a gentleman is not above such boorish and rude behavior. total cannabinoids 82,9%, total terpenes 5,7%, b-caryophyllene dominant word-image-9469 Shutter generally has a muted aroma and terpene profile. It is not to be compared with the living resin, where one expects a bouquet of acidic substances. We want flavor, and Culta’s Double D Purps delivers. It’s a bit woody and spicy, as you’d expect from the Purp variety. The staff at Culta told me that Double D Purps stands for Diesel Dough x (Mendocino) Purps. This shatter is really a smooth and clean dub, and that matches my experience with most of their concentrates. From everything I’ve tasted in the last 1.5 years, I’d say 25% of their concentrates (and the colors they’re extracted from) have an ammonia smell. For example, this Lemon Skunk, which I recently bought along with Double D Purps at True Wellness in Laurel, smells like ammonia and is also candied. word-image-9470 I should note that this sticker indicates that the flower was grown by SunMed. Culta only did the extraction, so it’s not entirely up to them. Most of the time, I am very pleased with the cleanliness and ease with which the Culta shard comes out. The Culta component never disappoints with its performance, but the Double D Purps component is exceptional. I don’t measure my dies, I just grab a piece of the tool until I have what I need. I took two pills on Sunday afternoon before going to my in-laws, and the effects lasted for five hours.

Effects Double D Purps

Double D Purps provided excellent anxiety control and did not cause drowsiness. My head was firm, even strengthened, and relatively calm. My mind did not wander, and my attention was hardly scattered during the conversations. I wasn’t prone to laughing either. It didn’t really improve my mood, but my head was so heavy and calm that it didn’t need it. She may be too reserved to smoke for a social gathering with strangers, but she is a good choice for family gatherings. Dosidos Culta #9 flowers word-image-9471

Approved Gentleman

Culta Shutter is one of my favorite things about Maryland’s medical marijuana program! The good concentrate for $40 a gram is one of the best deals out there. There is room for improvement in quality control, but I say this while acknowledging that Culta is already several blocks ahead of many of its competitors. I too recommend the Culta Dispensary in Baltimore and encourage you to stop by. There is a parking lot right in front of the store, but be sure to set a meter! Nearby, police officers were hunting with fines for the unwary.Culta Double D Purps Shatter is a blog of the Culta Co-Op, a community of people in downtown Burlington, Vermont who are working to make the community a healthier place to live, eat, and work. Culta Co-Op members are working to make their communities more sustainable, more inclusive, and healthier.. Read more about sour tsunami near me and let us know what you think.

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