A study in India found that yoga can help increase breast size by up to 31%. Yoga is the most popular exercise for women, but many are hesitant about it because of fear of permanent physical changes. How does one justify spending an hour a day on something as potentially life changing as this? In this blog, we discuss some potential benefits and how you can get started with your own at-home practice today.


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Read on to discover:

  • What initially defines your breast’s size and shape?
  • If yoga and exercise can naturally increase the size of your breasts
  • the finest workouts for perkier breasts that need no equipment.

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1/2 What factors into your breast size?

The mammary glands are made up of a variety of parts, such as ducts, lymph nodes, blood arteries, lobes, and lobules. Fat and connective tissue surround these components.

Despite lacking any muscular tissue, the breasts are joined to the chest through the serratus anterior and pectoralis major muscles.

Since there are muscles beneath the breasts, one may assume that strengthening those muscles and developing muscular mass will lead to bigger breasts. Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

Your breast size is determined by the quantity of fat tissue, not by the size of the underlying muscle. Since there will be more fat, gaining weight will probably make your breasts bigger. It also works in reverse. If you lose weight and burn fat, your breast size will probably decrease.

Your genetics and hormones play a major role in determining the size of your breasts. The two primary hormones responsible for breast development are estrogen and progesterone. As a result of their level rising throughout puberty, breast size rises. Throughout menstruation, pregnancy, nursing, and menopause, your hormone levels also alter, which is why you may experience a larger breast during these times.

illustrationoftheanatomyofthefemalebreastfrontview161342hopkinsmedicine.orgIllustration of the anatomy of the female breast, side viewhopkinsmedicine.org

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

Does yoga enlarge the breasts?

Yoga and other forms of exercise won’t help you develop perkier, larger breasts.

However, by enhancing their overall look and giving them a modest push-up effect, the chest muscles that surround the breasts may be strengthened. As you age, drooping breasts may be prevented and delayed with regular upper body exercise.

The outcomes won’t be obviously noteworthy, however. Consider breast augmentation surgery if you want to significantly expand your breasts.

What workouts increase the size of your breasts?

Choose asanas that strengthen the chest if you’re seeking for yoga positions to enlarge your breasts. These consist of:

  • Yoga push-ups or Chaturanga Dandasana. Play around with time and inclination. The posture is simpler to execute the higher the gradient. If your typical speed isn’t pushing you enough, lowering down on the count of 1, 2, and 3 is an excellent approach to advance in your push-ups.
  • Shoulder tapping plank.
  • Prayer Hands in Motion. Put as much pressure as you can on your palms. This position may be performed while standing or sitting, such as in Chair, High Lunge, Low Lunge, Easy Pose, etc.
  • chest dipping This is a great workout to develop chest strength at home without any equipment, despite the fact that it isn’t technically a yoga asana. Just have a couple of stools close by.
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