Yoga is a set of physical and mental exercises that originated in the Indian subcontinent. There are many ways to practice yoga, but we will focus on Hatha Yoga or “the path of postures.” Is it possible for someone with certain conditions like asthma to do yoga? What about those who have high blood pressure?

Yoga is a type of exercise that can be helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain. There are many benefits to yoga, but it is important to do research on your own before starting any new activity. Read more in detail here: how to do yoga.


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Yoga is sometimes characterized as a mild, low-impact, and soothing exercise. True, yoga has many wonderful advantages, and it is often advised to persons who are unable to engage in more strenuous or high-impact forms of exercise.

Although yoga has a wonderful reputation for being an injury-free practice, there are some potential concerns, both to your physical and emotional well-being.

Read on to discover:

  • how yoga may harm your shoulders, wrists, and back
  • why practicing yoga for mental health can make people feel more stressed and anxious
  • When is yoga too much?
  • who shouldn’t do yoga


Why yoga is harmful to your body, in 1/4?

Physical movement, often intricate movement, is a part of contemporary yoga techniques. Like any kind of physical activity, performing quick and difficult yoga poses raises the chance of injury.

Yoga also contains repeating motions, such as Downward Facing Dogs, Chaturangas, and several pushups during Vinyasa flows. The risk of tendinitis, shoulder strain, and carpal tunnel syndrome may rise as a result of these repeated asanas.

Last but not least, yoga emphasizes flexibility a lot, often without balancing it with strength and stability—essential components for a physical practice that is well-rounded. Many novice yogis have destabilized joints, strains, and sprains as a consequence, and they often quit the class.

What’s worst? It wasn’t until a few years ago that the physical dangers of yoga became apparent when media reports of yoga-related injuries started to circulate. When exercising in the intense heat of a Bikram class, the New York Times writers discovered that overstretching, muscle injury, and cartilage rupture might rise.

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2/4 Is yoga harmful to the back?

The reasons of back pain and injuries are many, making their treatment difficult. Inactivity, overactivity, extended sitting, weak core…

While yoga may not be the direct cause of your back discomfort, it may exacerbate it.

Forward folds and rounding are common in yoga poses. To ease your lower back discomfort, however, attempting to touch your toes while forward folding is the last thing you should do.

Additionally, yoga positions like Cobra and Upward Facing Dog may make back pain problems worse by requiring excessive stretching and incorrect form.

3/4 Can yoga be harmful in excess?

Yes, doing yoga too much may lead to major injury. Additionally, overusing a particular kind of yoga may aggravate pre-existing ailments or possibly result in the development of new ones, such as repetitive strain injuries.

You must alternate between a soothing and a strength-building yoga practice in order to be safe. For instance, if you practice yoga every day, try Vinyasa on Monday, Yin on Tuesday, and Hatha on Wednesday. By doing so, you’ll balance your muscular activity, breathing exercises, and flexibility.

Here is additional information on how often to practice yoga depending on your objectives.

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4/4 Can yoga harm a person’s mental health?

According to recent research, practicing mindfulness too much might really harm our mental health.

Participants who engaged in a three-month mindfulness meditation practice described the following negative impacts as their experience:

  • elevated anxiety
  • disturbed slumber
  • feeling cold-hearted

A tiny number of individuals said that extended meditation had negative effects that had persisted for a month or more.

Meditation is a crucial part of many yoga practices, thus it’s possible that it might have unintended detrimental consequences on mental health.

Who shouldn’t do yoga?

When done properly and under the guidance of a qualified expert, yoga is often a fairly safe form of exercise for healthy individuals. Get your doctor’s approval before beginning your practice of yoga if you have any underlying health conditions or are new to fitness.

Where practicing yoga, certain individuals should take additional precautions and when necessary, adjust their practices.

If you have one of the following symptoms, be careful to let your yoga instructor know:

  • pregnancy (here are some poses to avoid)
  • previous harm and/or major surgery
  • problems with blood pressure or heart disease
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • hypermobility.
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  • yoga pictures
  • benefits of yoga for men
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