When does co-existing with a brain fog get you out of commission? The answer is when it starts to impact your ability to do everyday tasks. Come learn more about just how long this can go on, and what steps you should take next.

If you are experiencing a lot of “brain fog” or have been diagnosed with a long COVID, then the “covid brain fog treatment reddit” is an article that can help you. The article provides information on supplements and other treatments to help with your condition.


Scientists are learning more about protracted COVID, or the persistence of symptoms long after the sickness should have subsided, as our experience with the coronavirus continues. The several neurological signs of extended COVID were covered in a previous post. Nearly one-third of patients report having difficulties with brain fog, which is the most often reported adverse effect of all of them. Fortunately, the Brain Health Clinic has extensive expertise using neurofeedback to assist those suffering from brain fog.

Brain Fog: What is it?

Medical professionals have an unique term for brain fog in situations of protracted COVID: post-acute sequelae of SARS CoV-2 infection (PASC for short). Patients complain of poor memory, forgetfulness, and difficulties focusing. In other words, their executive, attention, and memory abilities are lacking (the ability to perform complex skills or to multi-task). Patients who have just had surgery or who have experienced a severe COVID sickness often have cognitive fog.

However, these detrimental cognitive impacts might exist even if the patient feels healthy. German researchers polled two subject groups, one with individuals who had COVID in the past and the other with those who had never experienced COVID, according to a study from Harvard Health Publishing. Both groups agreed that they did not have any cognitive flaws. However, the COVID group substantially underperformed on an attention test, showing that even when long-term COVID symptoms are not apparent, brain fog may still develop.

Fortunately, after six to nine months, this COVID-related fog usually goes away by itself. However, some people have cognitive problems for a year or more. Neurofeedback is a quicker fix if you’re in either circumstance and wish to clear your mental fog.

When a client had previously had treatment from the Brain Health Clinic, we specifically advised neurofeedback for COVID brain fog. If so, your prior data establishes a baseline for your typical brain activity. Then, using a comparison with your present mental state, we can create an efficient and reliable therapeutic strategy.

Contact us by phone or online for a free consultation to learn more about how the Brain Health Clinic may assist you in overcoming brain fog.

The “memory loss after covid recovery” is a common problem that can happen after taking Covid. The symptoms of the memory loss are known as brain fog and long COVID.

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