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5 Definition Of A Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is a thick, solid yoga prop that looks like a cushion and is used to support the body in certain postures, reduce muscular tension, and aid in the softening of the muscles so they may relax completely. The bolster is often used in slow and soothing styles of yoga including restorative, prenatal, and Iyengar, along with other yoga props like yoga straps, blocks, and wheels.

Confused by the several yoga styles? Check out this simple and thorough description of the main yoga styles.

Meet our top pick: yoga bolsters created in the US from premium hemp, cotton, organic cotton, or vinyl that is simple to clean. Choose your preferred form, color, and fabric and, whether you’re practicing at home or in the studio, take advantage of the firm support and deeper relaxation.

Bean Products' 3-Shape Yoga Bolster

Bean Products’ 3-Shape Yoga Bolster

  • SUCCEED IN YOUR PRACTICE: By improving your flexibility, alignment, stability, and breath, this bolster, which can be used in a number of energetic and restful poses, improves your yoga practice.
  • STUDIO-GRADE QUALITY: Commercial grade foam core is wrapped in four layers of cotton batting for optimal support & extra firm long-lasting structure – 1 Year Warranty included

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

2/5 Benefits Of A Yoga Bolster & How To Use It

Bolsters and other yoga props were created and incorporated into the practice of yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar in order to make it accessible to everyone, including those with injuries, elderly practitioners, and those with less flexibility. A yoga bolster is now a multipurpose yoga item that may be utilized in a number of ways, from assisting yogis in achieving the right posture and form to easing breathing and releasing stress. And because to the variety of styles, a yoga bolster may also be utilized as furniture décor while not being used for its intended purpose.

Here are some ideas of how you might include a yoga bolster into your daily practice.

To Release Lower Back Tension & Muscle Strain

I’m willing to say that none of us are unfamiliar with back discomfort, whether it comes from slouching, lifting heavy objects, or standing all day. The good news is that yoga may significantly reduce pain, a benefit backed by research. According to a 2018 research by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, yoga both temporarily and permanently improves function and reduces back discomfort.

Consider the Fish Pose, for instance. Although it may seem simple and enjoyable, if novices execute it properly, it is often risky. Some people overstrain their necks or lower backs, while others overstrain their heads and neglect to use their legs and core. A bolster is there to support you in every circumstance, whether you’re not up to the challenge of the entire posture or are just too exhausted. Your lower, middle, and upper back should rest on the bolster after positioning the prop lengthwise on the mat. Although the bolster will ease the strain on the back and neck, you will still feel your chest expand and abdominal muscles stretch. This will make the posture much more pleasant.

With the aid of the straightforward bolster, the soothing Savasana, which is perhaps the most popular posture among yogis, feels even better. To relieve lower back discomfort and straighten your back, place the prop beneath your knees.

See how the bolster may be used to relieve stress in the video down below.


To Add Support & Reach Deep Relaxation

When you need to alter a particular yoga position for more comfort and full muscular release, a bolster is helpful.

An good illustration of how a bolster may provide more support for your torso in a posture is the child’s pose, which makes the pose easier on your back and more calming to the mind. To completely rest your body on it, soften, and relax for whatever long you like, place a bolster between your thighs and in front of you.

Check out the accompanying video for a demonstration of the supported Child’s Pose using a bolster and a yoga blanket.

To Be More Flexible

A bolster, like yoga blocks, pulls the ground closer to you, reducing the risk of overstretching and injury. If you want to go further into the pose, a bolster placed between your legs in Wide Seated Forward Bend or on your legs in Supported Forward Fold can also help you relax up your jaw muscles and level out your breathing.

Place your hip, outer thigh, and knee on the bolster to make Pigeon Pose easier if you have tight hip flexors. By doing this, you may level out your sacrum, achieve proper alignment, and gradually improve your flexibility.



For Meditation & Breathing Practices

The last thing you want to experience when attempting to concentrate on your breathing is pain in your lower body, particularly in your knees. In Lotus Pose, sitting on the edge of a bolster raises your hips over your knees, which relaxes the pose and makes it easier to maintain a straight spine.

Instead of doing the Lotus, you may do the Hero Pose and insert the bolster between your thighs to close the gap between your calves and thighs. Check out the video below for a visual example of how the teacher is sitting on the yoga bolster. Alternately, you may sit on the yoga block to shorten the distance, but it won’t be as comfortable as the bolster and will be a little lower.


How To Pick A Yoga Bolster, 3/5

Yoga bolsters are more complex than regular couch cushions. If you don’t have any yoga props on hand, you may use a few pillows in certain soothing positions, but they can in no way replace a bolster that is made expressly for yoga practice. First, owing to their design: regular couch cushions are square in shape, making them unsuitable for the majority of poses since they are too broad for chest openers and too short for complete spine support. The cushions and pillows are also overly soft and spongy due to their density, making it difficult for your body to get the proper elevation.

Due to the wide range of sizes, shapes, and densities available, selecting a yoga bolster for the first time might be challenging. These factors can all affect how well your yoga practice goes. Here are some considerations to examine while choosing a yoga bolster.

Consider The Shape, Style & Size

If you’re unsure of what size yoga bolster would work best for you, measure the length of your torso from the top of your collarbone to the bottom of your hips. Additionally, it is usually a good idea to test out various bolster sizes and shapes in your studio (if this is feasible), identify what works best for you, and then make a purchase based on your findings.

The bolsters that are used most often include:

Standard yoga bolsters are rectangular. Bolsters that are rectangular in shape often have a smooth surface and are big and thick. They feature “steep” edges that can not feel particularly comfortable in positions where your body must dangle over the side, like Savasana (the Corpse Pose), or when you must lay a bolster under your knees. They are also simple to stack when extra height is required, either on top of the blocks or on top of one another.

Typical yoga bolsters are spherical. Compared to a rectangular design, some individuals feel a cylinder to be more practical and versatile. The round shape fits the contours of the body and is excellent for enhancing backbends, enlarging the chest, and healing “hugging” types of poses, such the Child’s Pose, where you may embrace your bolster while laying on it.

The drawbacks of this bolster style are its instability and poor stackability. Additionally, it is often heavy and immobile.

bolsters for yoga breathwork. These are mostly used for pranayama exercises and might be rectangular or cylindrical in form. Pranayama bolsters assist expand the chest and deepen the inhalations when positioned along the spine for improved relaxation and a calmer mind.

As they are considerably smaller and thinner than traditional yoga bolsters, pranayama bolsters are perfect for use as a neck or knee support during forward bends and Savasana (the Corpse Pose). Additionally, they are lighter and better suited for travel or active yogis.

Lean yoga bolsters for kids. a more compact and narrow variation of the common round or rectangular yoga bolsters. These are often more effective for little persons and those with shorter spines. Due to their small size, junior yoga bolsters are noticeably lighter.

Consider The Fabric & Filling

Your yoga bolster’s density, longevity, capacity to maintain its form after usage, and susceptibility to collapse over time will all depend on its fabric and filling.

Yoga bolsters are now covered in a range of materials, including hemp, vinyl, and strong canvas-like textiles as well as organic cotton. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, and it primarily comes down to personal choice. For instance, hemp is tougher and more durable than organic cotton, albeit it is a little more scratchy. Vinyl is absolutely non-absorbent and might make you feel more sweaty, but it is also quite simple to clean and won’t fade in the sun.

Nowadays, buckwheat husks, recycled fiberfill like Kapok, polyester, or cotton batting with a foam core in the middle are often used to fill bolsters.

Cotton. Although this filling is quite robust and substantial, with usage it tends to soften and lose some of its weight.

Buckwheat. Buckwheat husk-filled bolsters are pliable and may conform to your body shape. Most buckwheat-filled props may be customized to your tastes; you can just add or remove the filling as you choose. Although buckwheat filling is highly handy and organic, it is also rather heavy, so don’t count on being able to carry your bolster to and from the yoga class.

Fiber. Compared to cotton batting, recycled fiberfill is often more lighter and softer, but this comfort comes at a greater cost.

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Yoga Deals & Discount Codes

the brands I love and use

Here is a list of businesses and products I’ve used and loved. They are divided into 4 categories by me. Each category’s brands are listed alphabetically and have a link to my comprehensive assessment, a brief description, and a promotional code (if available).

4.5/5 Meditation pillow vs yoga bolster

Bolsters and zafus, or meditation pillows, are sometimes confused. Zafus are firm, disk-shaped cushions that you may use as a stool to raise your hips when seated in order to achieve the right alignment, preserve the natural curves of your spine, and enable longer durations of sitting.

Zafu are less multipurpose than bolsters since they were made particularly for meditation. Zafus are quite pleasant for sitting practices, but they are too small to be utilized for restorative practices and do not have enough surface area to support the whole body.

5/5 Yoga Bolster Cleaning & Care

Yoga bolsters are an costly purchase, but if you choose a high-quality one and use it well, it will last you for many years.

Because it often comes into touch with the skin and body, which might be sweating, as well as the floor, your yoga bolster should be cleaned frequently to avoid the formation of bacteria.

Some bolsters include covers that can be removed and zipped, making cleaning them as simple as possible. To prevent any potential color bleed or shrinking, wash the cover by hand or in a washing machine using cold water. Instead of using a dryer, let the cover air dry.

The props without detachable covers may either be dry-cleaned occasionally or spot-cleaned with water and a tiny bit of laundry detergent. Although more costly, the latter is unquestionably more beneficial and gentle. Before washing or using any cleaning products on your yoga bolster, familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines to keep the integrity and appearance of your yoga support.

Best Yoga Bolsters For Home & Studio Practice Reviewed

Round yoga bolster from YogaAccessories


  • incostly price
  • sturdy & supportive
  • The body’s contours are represented by a circular shape.
  • handles to facilitate transport
  • simple to clean
  • in a variety of hues


  • heavy
  • fabric odor possible right out of the packaging
  • collects lint & hair
  • might feel uncomfortable on the skin.
  • too large for the little or short yogis

The YogaAccessories bolster is a great choice if you’re looking for a large and cuddly yoga partner. The bolster’s rounded form makes it quite cozy to use as a back support for chest openers while seated in the Hero Pose (Virasana).

The bolster’s cover and stuffing are both composed of 100% cotton, and it comes in a huge variety of colors, from traditional black to vivid red and blue with side mandala embroidery. The machine-washable pillowcase may be removed and cleaned on cold. Each end has grips for further comfort (only one handle on the bolsters with embroidery design).

This bolster is very solid and durable. No concerns if you like softer surfaces. With wear, the cotton will lose part of its stiffness and become less voluminous.

This yoga item is offered at a great price by YogaAccessories; it is about two times less costly than comparable bolsters from reputable companies. However, it works well and will last for a long time.

The fragrance is something you may want to brace yourself for. Before using the bolster, users advised letting it air out to prevent unpleasant feelings like a headache caused by the fabric odor. Additionally, those with sensitive skin could find the canvas-like material to be too scratchy for them. Additionally, the fabric is prone to gathering lint, so keep your prop away from animals with hair.

Be aware that the bolster is a little larger than stated. Although it is fantastic for restorative yoga, short and tiny persons may find it uncomfortable in certain postures or too big. If you’re searching for a smaller yoga bolster, have a look at some of our other recommendations.


Yoga Bolster Hugger Mugger Standard


  • created by hand in the US
  • reliable company
  • durable & sturdy
  • stable ground
  • supportive & holds shape
  • two handles for simple transport


  • costly
  • only dry cleaning (machine wash can cause shrinkage)
  • attracts lint & hair
  • fewer color options

Hugger Mugger is proud of being one of the pioneers of manufacturing yoga bolsters back in the 1980s. Their Standard yoga bolster is a classic. The rectangular-shaped prop will become an excellent addition to your yoga practice thanks to its stable ground and support.

Yoga Bolster Hugger Mugger Standard is a great compromise between large bulky bolsters and narrow pranayama pillows. With 25 inches in length, the bolster will suit the majority of yoga practitioners and is a great size to start if you’re not familiar with using yoga props in your restorative yoga routine.

The filling combines cotton batting and foam core for the ideal combination of firmness and softness, and the cover is made of very durable cotton that will last the test of time. When under tension, the bolster resists sinking in and maintains its form. Indeed, several reviewers thought it was even too stiff for their tastes.

To help moving the bolster to and from the studio more comfortable, there are two grips on each side.

When compared to other options on the market, the cost of this Hugger Mugger prop does seem to be overly high. Remember that you’ll also need to spend money on occasional dry cleaning of the bolster since the cover has a tendency to gather lint and hair. The manufacturer does not advise removing the pillowcase and washing it in the machine on cold since there is a possibility of shrinking.

In general, a Standard yoga bolster from Hugger Mugger is a high-quality yoga accessory with each piece created by hand in the US. It might be well worth the price it costs – don’t be surprised to see your prop looking like new after years of use.


International Rectangular Pranamaya Bolster for Waterglider


  • budget-friendly
  • comprised entirely of organic cotton
  • a detachable cover makes cleaning simple
  • firm support for the neck, knees, & back
  • portable & lightweight
  • a single transport handle
  • comes in a variety of hues
  • no odor when opening the packaging


  • not appropriate for all poses
  • The best stretching may need two cushions for those who aren’t flexible.

Pranayama bolsters are useful for positions that expand the heart, moderate backbends, and supine breathing techniques. The Waterglider International bolster is significantly lighter and easier to transport to and from the studio since it is much thinner than a typical thick bolster.

This reasonably priced Pranamaya bolster is made of organic cotton and offers solid, but yielding support for your neck, knees, and back while maintaining its form under body weight during meditation.

Since pranayama pillows are often not designed to serve several purposes, not all positions may be performed with the prop. For deep relaxation or greater stretching, you may need extra pranayama pillows, but with some imagination and yoga blocks, you can utilize the pranayama cushion in a number of ways.


Crystal Cove Yoga Brentwood Home Bolster

Crystal Cove Yoga Brentwood Home Bolster

Crystal Cove Yoga Brentwood Home Bolster

  • Excellent for yogis of all levels and styles, especially for restorative yoga
  • Yoga bolster cushion with contemporary design and easily machine-washable outer cover


  • produced in the US
  • Filling made of buckwheat molds to your body
  • customizable firmness & height – easily add or remove buckwheat
  • one handle for simple transportationation
  • supple exterior material
  • removable cover
  • textured, fashionable design


  • costly
  • very heavy
  • The rough surface might be inconvenient.
  • only available in one color or design

The goods from the California-based company Brentwood Home are meticulously crafted. With a textured cover modeled like tidal pools, their Crystal Cove Yoga Bolster is really fashionable. What’s more, the bolster on your couch works just as well as it appears. Buckwheat hulls are used as filler in the natural and non-toxic Crystal Cove Bolster, which helps it keep its lovely softness while molding to the contours of your body. The cotton inner lining contains the filler. The greatest thing is that you may adjust the hardness and bolster height to suit your requirements by removing or adding buckwheat hulls.

The bolster is rather hefty, despite having a handle for easier transportation. With a weight of 12 pounds, the bolster is more likely to be a valuable addition to your at-home practice than your go-to yoga prop when you visit the studio.

If you dislike rough surfaces, you may find the practice’s mimic tidal pools at Crystal Cove to be excessively bothersome.



Coffee Products Yoga Support

Bean Products' 3-Shape Yoga Bolster

Bean Products’ 3-Shape Yoga Bolster

  • SUCCEED IN YOUR PRACTICE: By improving your flexibility, alignment, stability, and breath, this bolster, which can be used in a number of energetic and restful poses, improves your yoga practice.
  • STUDIO-GRADE QUALITY: Commercial grade foam core is wrapped in four layers of cotton batting for optimal support & extra firm long-lasting structure – 1 Year Warranty included


  • produced in the US
  • huge selection of cover materials and shapes
  • firm & doesn’t squish under pressure
  • durable & sturdy
  • product guarantee of one year
  • simple to clean
  • one handle for simple transportation
  • in a variety of hues


  • pricey
  • could have a fabric odor when unboxed
  • The cover may contract.

Proudly produced in the US, Bean Products has an excellent choice of yoga bolsters. You can choose from three shapes – round, rectangular or pranayama, four types of cover material – premium hemp, cotton, organic cotton or vinyl and a ton of colors available. Every bolster has a durable foam core with the cotton batting wrap and comes with one handle for simple transportation.

The cover is removable and can be washed in the machine on cold setting. We especially loved the Vinyl material as it is super simple to clean – just use a damped cloth to spot clean or wipe the dust.

Bolsters from Bean Products are costly, but they are built to endure. The manufacturer provides a one-year guarantee term during which you may return the device if you run into problems.

Every form of bolster has a distinct size, so be sure to verify that when you purchase.


Round Gaiam Sol Yoga Bolster

Round Gaiam Sol Yoga Bolster

Round Gaiam Sol Yoga Bolster

  • YOGA BOLSTER: Great for usage around the home and even as a sleep aid, this spherical yoga bolster offers a strong yet comfortable cushion during yoga postures and stretches.
  • This top-notch yoga cushion has a solid middle packed with cotton batting to support your body as you practice yoga, Pilates, or unwind.


  • high-quality filling and cover
  • durable
  • supportive & keeps shape under pressure
  • robust handle for transporting
  • comparatively light
  • simple to clean
  • no smell


  • costly
  • maybe too lengthy or huge for small yogis
  • just two colors are offered.

Gaiam products do not tend to disappoint with their quality. Their Sol Round Yoga Bolster is a premium quality prop that will support you and your body weight for many years of yoga practice. The bolster is filled with cotton batting and contains a solid foam cylinder inside for increased durability and stability. The soft microfiber cover is simple to clean and can be machine washed on cold and air dried. What is pleasant is that the prop arrives with no fabric smell and can be used right away – which earns this bolster a big plus.

You may be shocked to learn that the Gaiam bolster weighs just 4 lbs.—one of the lightest bolsters we’ve come across on the market. If you’re accustomed to bringing all of your props to the studio.

Verify that the length is appropriate for you. Although the Sol Bolster is expensive, several reviewers have complained that it is just too lengthy for their spine despite being quite comfy.


Block, bolster, and floor pillow: Zafuko Cushion (Zafu)


  • budget-friendly
  • multipurpose: serves as a block, bolster, and cushion for meditation
  • supportive & firm
  • constructed entirely from natural materials
  • extremely lightweight & portable
  • a nice selection of designs


  • lacks a transport handle
  • there is no moveable pillowcase
  • may not be big enough for certain yogis.

Happy travel enthusiasts and little yogis! There are bolsters that are not bulky, but rather light and portable. With a weight of only 1.2 pounds, the Zafuko cushion is a delight to transport while using it as a yoga support. Despite being marketed as a meditation cushion, Zafuko serves several purposes. In addition to offering you comfort as you meditate, the prop may also be used as a block, whose surface is solid enough to provide you more stability and balance, and as a little bolster, which is ideal for a number of yin and restorative postures for smaller and shorter yogis.

The Zafuko cushion is covered in cotton and stuffed with animal-friendly, biodegradable Kapok that is entirely natural. In your yoga class, a unique and elegant design will help you stand out from the crowd.

The lack of a detachable cover for the cushion on the Zafuko may be frustrating to some users. Additionally, there is no transport handle, which would be helpful while you’re on the run.

Apart from that, we adored the cushion and, of course, its price.



Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster from Sol Living

Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster from Sol Living

Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster from Sol Living

  • Large Yoga Bolster Pillow: To ensure that this meditation cushion is strong and long-lasting, it is hand-made from finest cotton.
  • Comfortable and supportive Meditation Cushion – Use this yoga bolster body pillow at home or in class to support your posture and back when practicing yoga, meditation, and other forms of exercise.


  • incostly price
  • comprised entirely of organic cotton
  • eco-friendly
  • very sturdy & durable
  • maintains form upon repeated usage
  • detachable cover with a zipper for simple washing
  • an easy-to-use handle on one side


  • needs an adjustment period
  • very heavy & thick
  • might be too large for petite & short yogis

The Sol Living bolster is made of soft, 100 percent organic cotton and is not just robust and environmentally friendly but also incredibly durable. It works well for passive stretching and restorative postures when you can simply let your body go and let gravity support you on the bolster. The Sol Living bolster will break in with usage and become more comfortable and softer, despite the possibility that it first seems a little overloaded.

The zipped cover is detachable and may be spot cleaned or machine washed on cold. For a more seamless change between stances, the bolster also has a handy strap. Remember that this bolster is substantial and thick. It could even exceed the size of the typical studio bolsters. Although it is quite comfortable for at-home practice, the prop is too heavy to be brought to the studio.

The Sol Living bolster is still a fantastic value for the money when you consider its low cost and high quality.


Rectangular yoga bolster for #DoYourYoga

Rectangular yoga bolster for #DoYourYoga

Rectangular yoga bolster for #DoYourYoga

  • YOGA BELLOW: The Paravati yoga bolster is the perfect travel companion for Pilates, yoga, and meditation. The bolster is a great addition to your yoga or sitting cushion as a replacement for Rondo and zafu cushions. The half-moon cushion may be ergonomically adjusted to meet your sitting posture because of the stuffing, which is made of lightweight organic buckwheat husk.
  • MEDITATION: The practice of meditation involves employing specific methods to enter a focused, completely relaxed state of awareness. The correct accessories may aid in mind-wandering, forgetting about the outside world, and complete self-absorption during meditation. Some of the fundamental items are yoga cushions, zafus, and rondos.


  • budget-friendly
  • packed with buckwheat husks and covered with cotton
  • hugs the contours of the body
  • supportive
  • You may alter the hardness by adjusting the amount of buckwheat.
  • transport handle
  • comes in a variety of vivid hues


  • heavy
  • when moved, creates a scrunching noise

Check out a rectangular yoga bolster called the “Paravati” if you’re new to yoga and unsure about whether you like it. It is more soft than the customary cotton batting bolsters and is more affordable. The Paravati bolster will adapt to your shape without causing any pain to your body since it is filled with organic buckwheat husk. And if it’s still too solid, you can easily remove some husks from the bolster to soften it up.

To fit your gear or personality, select from a variety of vivid, bold colors.

The bolster’s negative is that it’s heavy, making it difficult to transport to the studio. Additionally, when moved, buckwheat bolsters generate a distinctive scrunching sound that may mildly disturb some people.


YogaDirect Yoga Support


  • budget-friendly
  • textile made entirely of cotton
  • supportive & sturdy
  • a detachable cover makes cleaning simple
  • two transport handles
  • comes in a variety of hues


  • heavy
  • emits a fabric odor when fresh
  • possibly too bumpy
  • demands an in-between phase
  • is maybe too large for shorter yogis.

Rectangular Yoga Bolster from Yoga Direct does an excellent job considering its fair price. Made of textile made entirely of cotton and filled with cotton batting, the bolster is supportive, doesn’t squish too much under the weight, taking your restorative or yin yoga class to the next level.

This yoga accessory’s rectangular design gives it a wide range of applications. It is quite stable, stacks easily, may be used as a hard floor cushion, and is simple to insert below in sitting positions to support the buttocks. The bolster is rather large and weighty, which the little yogis must take into consideration.

The prop is overly stiff, rough, and a little harsher than intended, according to some people. Cotton batting might first seem excessively robust, but with use, it begins to sink in, making the exercise more pleasant.

The “best yoga mat 2021” is a product that has received great reviews. The product is made of high-quality materials and comes in different colors.

  • best yoga mat
  • yoga apps
  • best yoga on youtube
  • yoga for beginners near me
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