The best gifts for the holidays will be the ones that will help you stay positive, productive, and happy. The perfect gifts should be meaningful, practical, and cost-effective. If you follow our guides, you’ll find the perfect gifts at the best prices. Just remember, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing; the more you know, the more you can do!

If you’ve been to Washington, DC, the chances are you’ve come across the iconic DC I-71 marijuana dispensaries. If you’ve been to Colorado, you know that in Denver these pot shops are almost everywhere. Even in states where recreational use of marijuana is still illegal, you can still find these shops. But, if you haven’t been there, here are some of the states best I-71 weed gifts for Christmas 2018:

Not sure what to get the local Kush aficionado in your life?  As any local can tell you, DC is a prime spot for consumers to indulge their love of medical cannabis and all things weed.

Christmas is fast approaching and you want to know what to give your favorite stoner, because nothing conveys the spirit of the season better than a little kick in the Santa bag. It sounds really gross when you say it like that, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, your crazy elf who rejected the board is back with another list of what made I71 Weed gifts to DC my Noice! List. But before we get to this week’s recommendations, the standard warning. Gentleman does not guarantee the safety of these products! I judge the quality and I hope it means the same thing. Capisce? So, mangia, bambinos! You’re too skinny! Does your wife feed you? Mm-hmm.


word-image-6672 The Gummies strain from the VIP Clientele store, located at 3551 Georgia Ave NW, has a thick layer of trichomes, an elegant, smooth smoke, and a rich, tangy flavor. This great piece will definitely be part of the empty-bag club this week (last time I checked, I was thinking about Binging with Babish, and that’s a credit!). word-image-6673 Ben & Berry from Lumpy Farm is an excellent cross between Apple Fritter and Reckless Rainbow, available from Green Kings and Launchpad DC. A unique berry aroma with a smoky flavor. I find that this variety improves my mood and stimulates my creativity. I explore new advanced tools, like other people’s cars, because what is ownership? This is the question members of my painted community ask. word-image-6674 Heady Club DC’s Lava Cake has an intense mango flavor with earthy notes. The intense, slightly smoky focus is good for daytime. Are you using it to make a holiday to-do list or, I don’t know, a Gibson hack? Because they are violating our rights! Break the data flow! !! You’re welcome. word-image-6675 GG #4 by Entourage DC is a light smoke with a classic sour taste and a hint of pepper. She doesn’t cause as much fatigue as some of the varieties of this strain I’ve found, so her anxiolytic and appetite stimulating properties can be used throughout the day. But I think the tense,relaxed atmosphere is best reserved for the evening….. maybe a boudoir? Happy Birthday, Mr. President. word-image-6676 Purple God by Exotic Blooms has a light creamy aroma with a hint of cinnamon, the smoke is light and sweet and the buzz is calm and fresh. Not too overwhelming for daytime when you bring your coffee, but better for lounging on the couch before bed. A new Alien Worlds series is coming to Netflix….. And here are some other recent winners that are still available!


word-image-6677 This week we are adding a new approved edible product to the list – CannaBurst chewable candy. With me, they worked if I took 150 mg, because I fell asleep a few hours earlier than I should have. Experienced heads will tend to use larger doses, but for the average user much smaller doses (e.g. 50 mg, one gum) are also sufficient. This sample is from Exotic Blooms, but I recently saw it on the menu of Bagged Buds and VIP Clientele. The following past winners are currently available:


word-image-6678 This week at Bagged Buds we have a classic Afghan Brick Hash that I highly recommend. You don’t see that much old stuff these days! This dish crumbles easily, has a rich, earthy flavor, and is guaranteed to bring you back to Uncle Jim’s side, even after the terrible things you said to Aunt Edna on Thanksgiving – maybe even in her will! Mmm, I better take two. Previous winners currently available include: No new winners have been announced yet, but I’m looking at the distillery cart, which looks promising. Here is a current list of people using the local CO2 extraction team that I recommend: I also like the resin patterns from Friendly Farms that I’ve seen at Bagged Buds, Green Kings and District Chiefer.


This week we recommend Green Kings Galaxy Clusters chocolate mushroom bars. I’ll be honest, it tastes like fine chocolate and mushrooms. But the power is incredible. Thirty minutes after I had eaten three bites of this lion man candy, I realized I had taken a bigger bite than I had expected. Don’t worry, Buckaroo, this isn’t the first rodeo for this gentleman. Classic geometric mosaics and intense fluctuations of light led me back to the path of madness. The intensity pushed me over the precipice, but I pulled back, keenly aware of the love and warmth and happiness that surrounded me, and then I went home, looked at Letterkenny, and smiled to tears. I’ve certainly encountered sky spiders, but experienced psychonauts know that the best strategy is to simply acknowledge their existence and orbit them so as not to attract their sinister attention. Overall, highly recommended. But maybe start with one or two volumes. And remember your ways in the face of infinity, O child of time. Ah, but you’ll have to be patient – they’ll be back later in the week. I forgot to take a picture too. Oops. In the meantime, I highly recommend the One Up Chocolate Mushroom Bars, available at Exotic Blooms and District Connect!Thank you for being a part of the cultureofhealthequity community. We’re an all-volunteer team that supports and helps people that are going through cancer or in remission from cancer.. Read more about dc weed gifters and let us know what you think.

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