When you’re doing yoga, it’s important to use proper grip-enhancing socks. This is because if your feet slip on a surface, the chances of injury increase dramatically. Yoga Kali has put together this list of their favorite grips socks for maximum protection and comfort during practice sessions.

The “toeless non slip socks” are the best type of yoga socks to prevent slipping. They are made out of a thin, breathable material that is light and comfortable. The soles are made from a rubber-like compound that prevents slippage when you sweat during your practice.


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Yoga has always been done without shoes. It makes us feel more rooted, makes it easier for us to balance, and it gives our toes and feet greater strength. But what can you do if even the most secure yoga mat might occasionally fail you when it’s hot and humid outside?

These non-slip yoga socks will be your savior if you’re slipping and experiencing unsteadiness and wobbling while doing various poses.

Meet our top pick: men’s and women’s breathable, fashionable yoga socks that provide improved grip and comfort for a better, safer, and more sanitary practice.

Non-Slip Gripper Sticky Tread Grip Socks

Non-Slip Gripper Sticky Tread Grip Socks

  • Not your normal hospital sock, but a stylish design. These distinct patterns and hues feel as lovely as they look.
  • SAFETY – For those slippery wood and tile surfaces, our grip tread pattern on the bottom was designed to provide maximum surface coverage.

1/7 Explaining Yoga Socks

Yoga socks are a clever addition to your practice that are made with non-slip silicone or rubber nubs on the bottom to keep you from slipping and sliding on your mat and to provide additional safety while practicing on smooth surfaces without your mat nearby.

Yoga socks are also often referred to as barre or Pilates socks because of their adaptability. They are offered in a variety of colors and patterns and come in different lengths and styles, such as long tube socks and low-cut toeless ones.

My favorite yoga equipment must-haves

Regarding my yoga equipment, I have high standards.

It supports my efforts for a sustainable yoga practice and lifestyle, thus I’m willing to spend some money on high-quality, ethically created products that are durable and environmentally friendly.

What Yoga Socks Do, Part 2

Yoga socks are certainly not a need for a fruitful and fulfilling yoga practice, but they may greatly assist practitioners in developing confidence in certain postures and sinking deeper without fear of sliding and falling. The benefits of yoga socks go well beyond the added grip, however. Here are some extra advantages that wearing yoga socks might have for your yoga practice.

Guard Your Feet. There’s always a danger of getting some unpleasant foot bacteria unless you practice yoga at home. Yoga studios often have a stringent no-shoe rule, so if the thought of practising barefoot on a rented mat or strolling on the studio floor gives you the creeps, yoga socks may offer you peace of mind by protecting your skin from viruses and fungi.

Please Keep Warm. Some students find that they start to become cold during their yoga session, regardless of the weather outside or how hot the studio’s air conditioning is operating. I myself get chilly feet all year round, regardless of the weather. Yoga socks will keep your feet warm and cozy so you can concentrate entirely on the exercise.

Wick Off the Sweat. During the strenuous flow, yoga socks will keep your feet cool and dry and absorb extra perspiration for maximum comfort.

Give you more time to hold poses. Slipping into Downward Dog or Warrior often indicates that your body is still developing sufficient strength. Yoga socks provide you the benefit of added traction, allowing you to concentrate on your breathing, posture, hold postures for longer, and gradually develop the essential muscular strength.

Make traveling and doing yoga simple. I adore my Manduka eKO yoga mat so much (read a detailed review here). However, I don’t feel like taking it or a yoga towel on my trip. Yoga socks provide a lightweight substitute for a safer non-slip practice on hotel tile and hardwood floors, or even on wet grass in the yard, as I don’t want to stop exercising either.

Keep You Safe. Yoga socks are useful if you prefer to practice in shoes rather than bare feet or if you need to hide your feet from view due to a medical condition, for example.

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How to Choose Yoga Socks, Part 3

When selecting yoga socks, keep in mind the kind of yoga you practice and the benefits you want to get from this equipment. If you need the socks to practice yoga, Pilates, or any other activity while traveling, take a closer look at the open half-foot or half-toe style that will be lightweight and take up no space in your suitcase. If you want to stay warm during the practice, choose an ankle-length and closed-finger style.

Fabric, style, grips, and size are generally the four factors you would want to take into account while shopping for the ideal pair of yoga socks.


When practicing yoga actively, high-quality socks will be composed of permeable material that will absorb perspiration and stop it from leaking on the mat. Yoga socks are currently produced using both synthetic fibers and natural materials like cotton and bamboo. Although there isn’t much of a difference between them, bamboo and cotton tend to feel softer, and the latter is a popular fabric for high-performance clothes since it may have higher moisture wicking and anti-bacterial characteristics.


Today, e-commerce companies provide practically every kind of yoga sock, from open foot to knee-length. Yoga socks sometimes include toe separators in addition to the typical tube shape to assist spread your toes during specific poses, however they can be arduous to put on and may first feel a little unpleasant.


No matter whether they have a heel-to-toe dotted pattern, lines, or other distinctive design, all yoga socks have an anti-skid bottom. Generally speaking, dots are a little bit harder on your feet, particularly on hard surfaces. While some individuals may like getting their feet gently “dotted,” others who are sensitive to lumps and bumps might prefer flat anti-slip skids.


While some yoga socks are very elastic and accommodate most sizes, others come in a variety of sizes for both men and women. Before making a purchase, pay particular attention to the size since yoga socks should fit snugly and softly embrace your feet without twisting.

Yoga Deals & Discount Codes

the brands I love and use

Here is a list of businesses and products I’ve used and loved. They are divided into 4 categories by me. Each category’s brands are listed alphabetically and have a link to my comprehensive assessment, a brief description, and a promotional code (if available).

4/7 Washing & Care

Before cleaning your yoga props and accessories, always check the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Some of the yoga socks may be washed in the washing machine, while other types must be washed by hand and will last longer. To maintain the fabric’s quality and grip surface, I advise hand-washing your yoga socks in cold water whenever possible.

Always wash your yoga socks inside out on the mild cycle if you decide to wash them in the washing machine. Do not tumble dry, bleach, iron, or apply fabric softener to your yoga socks.

5/7 Women’s Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Women's Grip Socks for Yoga by Hylaea

Women’s Grip Socks for Yoga by Hylaea

  • RIGHT NOW, THIS SOCK IS PATENT-PENDING. Yoga socks without toes Better tactile sense and balance may be achieved by wearing socks with exposed half toes since they maintain the feeling of being barefoot.
  • Anti-Skid Socks: The silicone gel grips on the bottom of these socks prevent you from slipping on slick surfaces, improving your balance and stability. It is a lovely present for those who practice yoga, pilates, ballet, or dance as well as for people who are ill, pregnant, or elderly.


  • a cotton-polyester combination
  • equipped with gripping silicone nubs
  • sweat-absorbing
  • stylish design with a ballerina theme
  • create a sense of foundation because to the half-toe design.
  • available in 3 sizes & come in several colors
  • free bag of storage
  • 30 day policy for returns


  • arduous to put on
  • could pierce the toe webs
  • cross strap problems with durability

These Hylaea half-toe yoga socks are not only reasonably priced, but also fashionable and quite functional. Due to their half-toe shape, they will facilitate Hand-to-Big-Toe poses and help you feel more balanced in your standing positions. These socks are great at collecting perspiration during the rapid flow and preventing the formation of germs since they snugly fit around each finger. Users claim that the bottom nubs are very gripping and improve stability and safety throughout any activity, whether it is yoga, Pilates, or barre.

On the downside, be prepared to come to your class earlier than usual – Hylaea yoga socks can be arduous to put on, especially if you’re in a hurry. Some users have also noted that the socks might sometimes pull back the skin between your toes in certain ‘long-hold’ poses.

Hylaea yoga socks are offered in 3 sizes and a variety of colors. They also include a complimentary bag for easy cleaning, transport, and storage. Additionally, if you return the item to the manufacturer within 30 days of the purchase, you will get a refund or a replacement if you’re not quite happy with your new yoga equipment.

Women's Low Rise Full Toe Socks from ToeSox

Women’s Low Rise Full Toe Socks from ToeSox

  • The ToeSox Low Rise grip sock is ready for all of your barefoot activities and packs a protective punch for your toes, arches, and heels. FULL TOE GRIP SOCKS: The Achilles tendon is cushioned by a raised heel tab, and arch bands provide pressure to lift and support.
  • NORMAL TOE MOVEMENT: Whether your day involves barre, Pilates, or yoga, the five-toe design lets your toes to flex and spread naturally. This makes it easier to breathe and keeps your feet unrestricted.


  • a cotton-polyester combination
  • warm & sweat-absorbing
  • exclusive non-slip soles
  • fitting heel to avoid bending
  • additional support from an arch band
  • washable by machine
  • available in a variety of sizes & colors


  • pricey
  • might have excessively lengthy toes

ToeSox are not your typical yoga socks; they are made to “share love and toes.” With their structure and design, they work to make your practice more sanitary, balanced, and steady. The TeoSox shoe has a revolutionary non-slip sole with grips that extend from the back of the heel to the tips of your toes. It also has a fitting heel to avoid sock bunching, a raised heel tab that provides extra cushion for the Achilles tendon, and an arch band for further foot support.

Despite the fact that ToeSox socks are significantly more expensive than their rivals, you should still get two pairs. Who wouldn’t, after all? For you to discover your ideal fit, there are several sizes, more than 30 colors, and studio-to-street designs.


  • constructed from a combination of silky combed cotton
  • stretchy & breathable
  • reinforced toe & heel for extra durability
  • a manually joined toe seam
  • Y heel design for improved fit
  • washable by machine
  • adorable yoga-inspired style
  • Each pair donates $1 to charity.


Toe Talk yoga socks’ adorable design with the slogan “Be Mindful” on the top will provide a boost of inspiration and encouragement in the midst of your yoga or Pilates lesson.

These socks, which are made of a soft combed cotton mix and suit women’s shoe sizes 6 to 9, will keep your feet warm, cozy, and sanitary. The bottom has a yoga-inspired non-slip design that grips just as well as it looks.

Toe Talk yoga socks are slightly thin but feature a reinforced toe and heel for durability as well as a manually joined toe seam and Y heel for superior comfort and fit. And the best thing is that the company donates 1$ from each pair to the charity of your choice.

Yoga socks with knee highs from Tucketts

Yoga socks with knee highs from Tucketts

  • I NEED OPEN TOE GRIP SOCKS, BUT WHY? Tucketts toeless grip socks provide full sensory contact between your toes and the ground, activating the foot-brain connection. Your favorite hobbies, whether they be yoga, pilates, barre, aerial arts, yoga, dancing, ice skating, or just pacing around your house, will feel more secure and reassuring when you have greater stability and grounding.
  • PROVIDES STABILITY, GRIP, and BALANCE. Free toes, lightweight knit, and superior grips support postural alignment & balance to increase your body awareness. Helps stabilize your stance for dynamic movement and create neurological pathways in your brain. Get the freedom of that barefoot sensation!


  • a cotton-polyester combination
  • soft & moisture wicking
  • include a non-skid sole.
  • sewn heel to secure the foot
  • Design with 4 toes free for optimal comfort
  • bright & unique patterns
  • zero cost mesh storage bag


Tucketts high yoga socks might be precisely what you need if you prefer to stand out. These toe-less yoga socks will draw attention thanks to their vivid and distinctive designs, but they’ll also keep your feet clean and your calves toasty for optimal comfort.

Tucketts yoga socks are a cotton-polyester combinationed with nylon and spandex so your socks will retain their shape after wearing and wick away sweat during the intense workout. The toeless design ensures a better tactile sensation during the practice on the mat, and grippy soles will prevent you from slipping on any other surfaces.

Tucketts provide just one distinction between your big toe and smaller toes, unlike other yoga socks that aggressively spread your toes. This gives you more mobility and solves the issue of the fabric cutting in between your toe webs.

Be aware that these yoga socks tend to run a little small, so think about getting one size higher.


  • composed of plush combed cotton
  • consist of silicone gel grips
  • breathable & sweat-absorbing
  • stylish design with a ballerina theme
  • many different color choices
  • free bag of storage


  • unreliable sizing
  • Some customers had problems with durability.

Thanks to their beautiful crossing strap design, these women’s yoga socks will give you a ballerina-like feeling. Yoga socks from Ozaiic are really soft and pleasant to wear whether you’re going to your yoga, Pilates, or barre class, and you probably won’t want to take them off at home too. They are made of 100 percent combed cotton. More stability and assurance are provided by the anti-skid silicon bottom grips whether practicing on a mat, tile floor, or even carpet.

Despite all the benefits, the design of these yoga socks is one size fits all, which rapidly becomes “one size fits none.” The socks have been reported by some consumers to be overly big or broad for their feet. Despite their attractive appearance, the straps might fail before the sock does, rendering the device useless from the start.

Ozaiic might be a good choice for those who are not really into toe socks, which are more versatile but nevertheless might cause some unpleasant sensations for some people. Moreover, these yoga socks come in pairs, there are tons of colors to choose from, and every purchase comes with a free bag of storage.

6/7 Best Men’s Non-Slip Yoga Socks


  • a cotton-polyester combination
  • thin & breathable
  • increased stability is achieved with heel-to-toe grip bottoms and more heel grip on the inside.
  • an elevated heel pad for improved support
  • washable by machine
  • comes in a variety of hues
  • 90-day policy on returns


These Great Soles yoga socks, which come in two sizes, will suit the majority of men because of their capacity to stretch and cuddle the foot. They retain the ideal balance between thickness and thinness, allowing you to wear them all year long and to any exercise, including kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, and activities that make you sweat like intense gym sessions.

These yoga socks protect your Achilles tendon because of the elevated heel, and the bottom nubs and heel grips within the sock provide superior stability for your foot and hold it in place even during vigorous exercises. Additionally, the 90-day return or replacement policy offered by Great Soles allows you to purchase yoga socks without any danger.

Men's Toe Talk Non-Slip Sport Socks

Men’s Toe Talk Non-Slip Sport Socks

  • Unisex grip ankle socks are ideal for the hospital or anyplace you need a little more grip, so you can concentrate on recuperating rather than sliding. We took special care to create a warm, cozy, and non-slip sock that remains on your foot.
  • Anyone whose foot fits may wear these socks, which come in sizes ranging from 8.5 for women to 11.5 for men. The design is neither either feminine nor overtly masculine. The sole design is ideal for distributing grip evenly.


  • a cotton-polyester combination
  • stretchy & breathable
  • strengthened toe and heel for added sturdiness
  • Terry bottom cushioning
  • Y-heel architecture
  • arch bands with ribs to help the socks stay in place.
  • come packaged as a gift.


  • just one design is offered

Thanks to the rubber nubs on the bottom and the terry fabric padding preventing you from uncomfortable feelings on the hard surfaces, you will be able to concentrate on your practice rather than your feet with the Toe Talks non-slip yoga socks.

Toe Talks socks are made of a flexible cotton mix and have a Y-heel to avoid bunching or twisting during vigorous activities. They are also held in place by several ribbed arching bands. For increased longevity and the ability to handle additional hours of demanding usage, the toe and heel have been strengthened.

Men’s sizes 6 to 10.5 may be comfortably accommodated by Toe Talks yoga socks, which also come with a complimentary bag for easy cleaning and storing.

7/7 Best Non-Slip Yoga Socks for Men and Women

Yoga, traction, gym, tread, non-skid, non-slip socks with hospital socks: STOPSOCKS

Yoga, traction, gym, tread, non-skid, non-slip socks with hospital socks: STOPSOCKS

  • WORLD’S BEST MULTI-SOCK: Forget uncomfortable hospital gripper socks. The superior quality, attractive, and comfortable STOPSOCKS non-slip socks with grips have other purposes besides rehabilitation.
  • No-slip socks can help you maintain your balance on any slippery surface, including the Pilates class floor and the hardwood floors in your kitchen and living room. SUPPORTIVE ANTI-SLIP SOLE Wear your STOPSOCKS everywhere—at home, the gym, yoga class, and more!


  • composed with a mix of polyester
  • with bottoms that are non-slip
  • warm & comfortable
  • available in a variety of sizes
  • available with several color patterns
  • washable by machine


  • too heavy for hot yoga or the summer
  • may be tight around the ankles.

StopSocks, which are knee-high in length and made of a thick polyester mix, are perfect for frigid winter days when you need a little more warmth for your yoga practice.

StopSocks will reduce slipping and sliding throughout your practice so that you may feel secure in the difficult positions. They include anti-skid bottoms with tread patterns.

The socks are made for both men and women, however according to customers, they run a little small and tight. Keep in mind that the socks may suit yogis with slim legs better since some customers have complained that the tops are a little too snug for them.

Non-Slip Gripper Sticky Tread Grip Socks

Non-Slip Gripper Sticky Tread Grip Socks

  • Not your normal hospital sock, but a stylish design. These distinct patterns and hues feel as lovely as they look.
  • SAFETY – For those slippery wood and tile surfaces, our grip tread pattern on the bottom was designed to provide maximum surface coverage.


  • composed with a mix of polyester
  • warm & breathable
  • have a rubber sole for traction.
  • additional padding for comfort
  • both long crew and low cut variants are available.
  • cool patterns and hues
  • washable by machine


  • might feel too heavy for hot yoga or the summer

Without any extraneous decoration, these Grip Tread yoga socks perform as intended. They are thick and long-lasting, made of a polyester and spandex combination, and they keep your feet warm during exercise while still allowing them to breathe. You may feel secure and steady not just on your mat but also on slippery surfaces like tile or wood thanks to the grippy rubber sole. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the grippers on the bottom hurting your feet when you exercise on hard surfaces since there is additional padding to cushion your soles.

Unisex Grip Tread yoga socks are available in one size that suits men’s and women’s shoe sizes 7–12 and 8–13 respectively. And their vibrant hues and enjoyable patterns will create a fantastic family appearance.

Yoga socks from Ellaste that are anti-skid and non-slip

Yoga socks from Ellaste that are anti-skid and non-slip

  • Maximize your performance during every workout with the trendy anti-slip sole of the Ellaste Socks, which is ergonomically designed to follow the natural curve of your foot and provide a strong grip so you can push yourself when it counts. Take away any other influences so that you may totally focus on your performance.
  • Yoga socks often include dotted skid grips that provide prickly pressure to the sole of your foot. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A STRONG AND COMFORTABLE GRIP. Or use ornamental skids that are flatter but do not sufficiently cover the surface area to provide a firm hold. Ellaste yoga socks include flat, cozy skids that cover a large surface area and provide a firm grip.


  • a combination of bamboo
  • Discreet anti-slip skids that follow the contours of your foot
  • soft & stretchy
  • breathable & sweat wicking
  • available in several sizes & colors
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • arduous to put on
  • may cut through the webs

Some individuals may find the soles of shoes with dotted nubs to be unpleasant and painful at first. If you fall into this category, there’s no need to deny yourself the additional comfort and security that yoga socks give since Ellaste yoga accessory provides a workaround.

For outstanding grip on the mat or floor, these yoga socks include flat anti-slip skids on the bottom that mimic the form of your foot.

Ellaste yoga socks breathe and wick away perspiration to keep you dry and ward off germs and foul odors. They are made of a soft and stretchy bamboo mix. For yoga and Pilates, a half-toe design provides a barefoot experience.

No matter whether you’re a male or female sports fan, Ellaste yoga socks will be a terrific addition to your practice. They come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Do Yoga Socks Pay Off?

Yoga socks still have many detractors and are not a must-have fashion item. Some yoga teachers may even strongly encourage you to remove your socks during class since they run the danger of making you less likely to maintain proper alignment and form because you’ll be depending on their grip rather than putting pressure where it’s needed.

Additionally, there are certain additional yoga gear that are more effective for particular styles of yoga. For instance, if you’re genuinely committed to hot yoga, it could be more useful to get a complete mat yoga towel with rubber nubs rather just grip socks since you’ll be perspiring not only through your feet.

As a result, it’s difficult to determine whether yoga socks are worthwhile given that everyone is different. Whatever discipline you choose—yoga, Pilates, barre, or anything else—you should always do what feels right for you.

Yoga socks are an excellent complement for me personally to keep my feet warm during a more mild flow. They also made a huge difference in how I practiced while on regular trips; I couldn’t always have my mat with me, but with the yoga socks, there was always a chance for an impromptu Downward Dog on any surface.

I encourage you to give yoga socks a try. If none of the styles suit you, don’t push it. A extra pair of grip socks will always be useful for lazing around the house on a cold day, so they won’t be left laying about anyhow.

Yoga Kali is a company that sells exercise socks with grips. The company offers a variety of colors and designs for different types of workouts, such as yoga, circuit training, weightlifting, etc.

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