With the new Barefoot Yoga Mat, people with arthritis can attain the benefits of yoga without the pain. Jute is a durable material that’s biodegradable, eco-friendly, and has all the benefits of yoga mats without the harsh chemicals and toxins that most yoga mats contain. Many people with arthritis find that yoga poses are painful and it’s hard to find a mat that’s comfortable and durable. The Barefoot Mat is the perfect solution.

If you’re a yogi that’s yearning for the earthy, organic feel of a jute mat, look no further. Barefoot Yoga has come out with a yoga mat made from jute that is soft, durable, and naturally antimicrobial. The mat is called Ceneo, and it’s the perfect addition to any yoga studio.

The yoga mat made from jute is a new product that is making waves in a very competitive market. This product is priced a little lower than what it’s competitors are selling but it has more features than you would usually expect from a yoga mat. It has a non-slip surface which provides excellent grip. The mat is eco-friendly and comes at a reasonable price.

When choosing a yoga mat, I pay attention to the most practical qualities: its composition, the way it feels under my hands, feet, elbows, knees and even my face (if I fall on it after a particularly difficult sequence). I want to know if it can withstand a hot, sweaty, energetic practice, so to speak, and also a quiet practice (i.e. if I can feel comfortable in savasana). So, the PER jute yoga mat from Barefoot is now on the floor. The first thing I noticed about the Barefoot Jute yoga mat was its appearance. And indeed, the product descriptions underline this distinctiveness. The natural jute fibers set it apart from other rugs (you may not need to put your name on it), and it can be used as a bold rug in an Asian-inspired space. An advantage or a trifle? It’s up to you. But here’s my analysis.


  • Pro-Planet – Jute is a natural plant and a sustainable and inexpensive resource. And the acronym PER stands for Polymer Environmental Resin, which means it’s environmentally friendly and won’t harm you or the people making the carpet. Barefoot Yoga also uses environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Lightweight – this gadget is easy to carry in the car, bus, subway or rolled up in a suitcase on long trips.
  • Affordable Price – At $42.95, this mat is more affordable to your wallet than other eco-friendly mats.
  • Don’t cheat – some sticky mats can make you do more work by making it easier for your feet and hands to grip the mat, but not this mat. Their natural fibers make me think that if you want to recreate the yogi experience of 5,000 years ago, this rug is the closest thing to it, unless you count the dried palm leaf courses.


  • Thin – the downside of being light is that you lose good padding for bones like elbows and knees.
  • Unpleasant texture – That being said, I did not like the rough, coarse texture. It was a little uncomfortable for my arms and legs, not to mention my face. I left with temporary tattoos on my forehead (because of the baby), arms and legs.
  • Burn in the feet – If you slide your feet when moving from the head up to head down dog position, you should not be surprised if you feel a slight burn. This mat is rough on the skin, especially in positions where elbows and knees are used. My elbows have taken a lot of abrasion from forearm plank, forearm stand and headstand exercises; they still feel like they are recovering from a bike fall. I ended up having to flip the mat in all the forearm poses to prevent my skin from chafing, which was annoying to say the least.
  • Smooth – I’m skeptical that this rug will hold up against the other sticky rugs. Despite the rough texture, the surface sometimes remained smooth, although this may change after several months or years of use. Even more frustrating, the bottom of the carpet has virtually no traction, so it slides across the wood floor. I had to do wide jumps or lunges much more carefully, and after most vinyas I had to flatten the mat because the transition from face-up to face-down dog would collapse on my feet.
  • Susceptible to foot soiling – the light shade of carpet may be susceptible to soiling. So if you don’t like footprints on your carpet, this may not be the best option for you.
  • Questionable durability – I don’t know how this mat will stand the test of many hours of yoga, or if the burlap fibers will loosen and flake. The jury has not yet deliberated.

When to practise

The PER yoga mat made of jute can be suitable for soft yoga styles with a blanket next to it as padding. But for energetic, lighter exercises like power yoga or ashtanga, this may not be the best solution if you don’t already have a mat cushion that serves as a pillow.

Did she convince me?

I’m intrigued by the mat, but as a vinyasa practitioner, I wouldn’t choose it. I could definitely manage on the road with a blanket or towel to ease the roughness.

You can buy this yoga mat on Amazon.Have you ever wondered why you’ve never seen a yoga mat made out of jute? Or, have you ever wondered what the hell jute is exactly? Well, wonder no more! Barefoot Yoga has been creating crazy yoga mats out of all sorts of crazy things lately. It all began with the stick yoga mat. But what follows is nothing less than a jute mat.. Read more about best yoga mat 2021 and let us know what you think.

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