The rise of the “incel” is a new type of misogynist who often exploits internet culture to rationalize their violent misogyny. The incel’s manifesto features ritualized violence and sexual humiliation as he strives for power over women and acceptance of being sexually rejected by them, but his real motive may be more sinister than we realise.


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The desire for notoriety and attention drives many shooters. That is produced when the media concentrates on the shooter. The shooters’ identities and images won’t be sensationalized on our website.

2 November 2018. On Friday, a man shot and murdered two ladies at a yoga class in Tallahassee while also injuring five others. He then shot himself in the head with a pistol. He identified himself as a racist, sexist, incel, and far-right fanatic who spoke out against minorities and women online.

Incels is a hate organization that seeks to dehumanize women. A social group’s dehumanization is a primary cause of violence directed towards that social group. They keep spreading the lie that their philosophy is not bloodthirsty, that mental illness is the primary factor, and that their political ideology is a mere coincidence.

Following a spate of fatal attacks from the far-right in recent weeks, there was a shooting in Tallahassee. In a shooting that was deemed a hate crime by investigators on October 24 in Louisville, Kentucky, a man shot two black persons. 11 people were killed on October 27 when a far-right gunman in Pittsburgh opened fire inside a synagogue while yelling anti-Semitic slurs.

He remarked of women in mixed-race partnerships that they had betrayed “their blood,” “There are prostitutes in — not only every metropolis, not just every town, but every hamlet.”

What do we know about this man?

  • According to his LinkedIn profile, he served in the American Army from 2008 to 2010.
  • He identified himself an incel and released a number of sexist songs and videos online.
  • He resided at a Tallahassee apartment building for a while, where his neighbors said that he struggled to fit in with the younger students there.
  • According to police records, he was twice arrested, in 2012 and 2016, for groping the buttocks of young ladies on campus and at his apartment complex. The charges have been dismissed in both instances.
  • uploaded many videos of himself speaking in racist and sexist tirades, calling women whores and sluts, and making disparaging remarks about the females he attended high school with.
  • He mentioned another well-known incel who committed his atrocities in 2014 in one of his videos.


“I was concerned at the time since he was quite strange and unpleasant for everyone. Undoubtedly, there was worry. However, there wasn’t enough proof, and filing any type of case would have been a waste of time for the police. I was in the dark. – Former roommate Julien Brown

I wasn’t sure what his political views were at first. Although his Soundcloud and YouTube accounts were deleted, they were stored. When I finally reached them, I knew he was a sexist, racist, far-right type. For the wrong motives, he had harsh criticism for the Obama administration. In one of his films, he said that the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive assistance made him “resent having to fund as a taxpayer for the casual sex lives of promiscuous chicks.” He said that anyone seeking refuge in the US should be deported in the same video.

Every time one of these things occurs, we must act. We can no longer accept the police and the alt-assertions right’s that this guy had mental health problems and that the event wasn’t fundamental to how our society is shaped. We cannot maintain that the alt-right incel is not a toxic macho movement that poses a serious threat to all minorities and individuals with whom they disagree.

According to the police report, “He asked her if he could put sunscreen on it.” He was thanked by her, but she declined. The suspect then said hello and introduced himself. He then grabbed her butt and began to shake it. The suspect then rose and walked away from the pool area.

This is why the #MeToo movement is also necessary. He was charged with two counts of sexual harassment, but somehow the cases were withdrawn. Then what good is the judicial system?

It could be essential to stop sexual harassment if we want to save lives. People from the yoga studio could still be alive today if this guy had been detained and classified as a sex offender when he first began abusing women. Of course, locking individuals up won’t solve the problem in the long run, but we still need to act today.

These folks are given a platform by YouTube, 4chan, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and other website owners and communities, and they thrive in an echo chamber. These locations house angry, depressed men and provide them a group, a language, and a tool.

I’ll take a Reddit user’s Diogenetics tirade as an example:

I know I’m kind of recycling this message in several posts about this, but because Reddit for so long supported violent, sexist, far-right incel groups in an effort to uphold “free expression,” I feel like it bears repeating:

Reddit needs to stop prioritizing some esoteric idea above the reality of hate speech and extremism being promoted on this platform, namely the incel group who have too long dodged facing any repercussions.

Here is a research that demonstrates how effectively prohibiting hate subs may reduce total hate speech on this website: direct link to the study’s source (PDF)

Several excerpts:

  • Following the suspension, the same users’ hate speech decreased by up to 80% to 90%.
  • Reddit users from prohibited communities abandoned the site at rates noticeably higher than those of control groups.
  • Migration to closely connected (overtly racist) and distantly related (r/The Donald) subreddits was prevalent.
  • Hate speech did not, however, consistently grow inside such groups, despite a few minor hiccups when the invaders ran afoul of and tested new moderators and regulations.

The prohibition worked for Reddit in terms of how “work” was defined by our study questions. It was successful from both a user and a community perspective. Reddit was able to lessen the incidence of such conduct on the platform by removing subreddits that practiced racism and fat-shaming.

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He posted a song called “Fuck ‘Em All” with the lyrics: “To hell with the boss that won’t get off my back / To hell with the lady I can’t get in the sack” just before Friday’s shooting.

I believe in karma,” he said. “What goes around comes around, and those who act treacherously will eventually pay the price for it. Hopefully justice in a similar manner has been served.

How long will people continue to support this? Please abandon the incel moniker if you’re a virgin and not a sexist, racist dude. If you don’t, people are likely to conclude that if you use the word, you’re a worthless piece of trash and will behave accordingly.

Comment below with your thoughts to let us know!

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