Pedaling is a great way to exercise and it’s easy on the joints. But if you don’t have room for one of these big machines, there are plenty of other options that will work just as well. These 7 mini-pedal exercisers let your legs do all the heavy lifting while taking up less space than an actual pedal bike.

The “best mini exercise bike for elderly” is a type of cross training that is great for people who are looking to stay in shape. There are 7 different types of mini-pedal exercisers that can be used by anyone.

7 Best Mini-Pedal Exercisers | Cross Training

Vive Pedal Workout 

Vive Pedal Exerciser

If you are looking for a pedal exerciser that comes in a compact and sleek design that helps you burn calories while increasing your stamina and improves your concentration, then the Vive Pedal Workout is perfect for you! Vive also markets this as a stress-relieving pedal exerciser, which puts it among our list of the best mini pedal exercisers in the market! 

The Vive Pedal Workout can help you improve your focus and concentration for a more productive day while strengthening and toning your arms and legs. Just like the DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser, it has adjustable resistance levels for whatever suits your routine. Its Design is compact. easily fits under any desk for use in the office or at home. It even has non-slip rubber feet so that the mini pedal exerciser stays in place, whether on a tabletop, carpet, or hard floor surfaces. Comfortable non-slip pedal bars accommodate any type of shoe. It even includes adjustable toe loops for added comfort and safety. It has a large LCD screen that can display the RPM, time, speed, distance, and calories you burned.  

The Good

This mini-pedal exerciser offers several advantages, particularly those listed in the highlights. Vive has touted this device as being simple to put together, so you can get started exercising right away! 

The Bad

The Vive Pedal Workout, even though it comes at a good price, has its negative features. You cannot use it while in a reclined position because it can be pushed away from you. The arms of the pedal are short, which will give you a cramped feeling while peddling, making exercising less comfortable. Finally, it has fewer resistance levels compared to the first product. 



  • Excellent for arm and leg muscle toning. 
  • Design is compact. 
  • Easily accessible large LCD screen 
  • Simple to construct 


  • Cannot be used when lying down. 
  • Leg workouts are difficult with short pedal arms. 

The “sunny mini exercise bike” is a cross-training machine that allows users to work out their muscles and burn calories. The device is small enough to fit on top of your desk.

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