Yogis are known for their impeccable posture: they always seem to be square, and their bodies appear to be almost perfectly straight. So, why is this important? It’s important because your posture is influenced by your nervous system, where your nerves send signals to your muscles. For example, you can lose or gain weight depending on your nervous system, and you can even experience stress-related illnesses if your nervous system is weak.

The modern yoga wear industry is booming. With an unbelievable assortment of styles and fabrics, it’s no wonder that many yogis are drawn to the clothes they wear while practicing.

If you want to know which brands to check out when looking for some new pieces of yoga clothing, then this blog post is for you. I’ve done my best to research the brands that are worth checking out and I’ll list the ones to look for and what you can expect from each.

It’s great to have a few favorite places to buy yoga and workout clothes, but it’s also great to explore and go beyond the tried-and-true brands – because yoga is all about trying new things and figuring out what works best for you.

Here are 15 new yoga clothing brands (in alphabetical order) to expand your horizons and try something new today. You might just find a new favorite pair of leggings or a top that fits you best!


Inspired by the energy of her hometown of New York City, Alala’s mission is to create a fun and stylish brand for strong, confident women. Sizes range from XS to XL for women.

They also offer the opportunity to create your own Captain Tight, which is a la carte.

Website : Alala


Yoga over

Fun, bright, well-fitting clothing that collaborates with a variety of designers, including Solly Baby for Beyond the Bump and Kate Spade New York. Sizes range from XXS to XL for women.

Website : Yoga over


Carbon 38

Founded by classically trained dancers Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak, who met while taking ballet lessons. To ensure the highest quality of products, the founders work with a team of fitness and lifestyle experts who check their products in writing. Sizes range from XXS to L for women.

Website : Carbon 38


Corey Vines

Cory Vines offers three collections (Neighborhood, Path and Lane) to meet all training needs, including pre- and post-workout apparel. They are based on high quality materials that look good and offer maximum performance. The men’s sizes go from S to XXL and the women’s sizes from XS to XL. The company also offers convenient shipping and free returns.

Website : Cory Vines.


Clean clothes

Clean lines, beautiful prints and great fabrics make Pure Apparel a really great choice in yoga clothing. Women’s sizes range from size 2 to size 10. Men’s sizes range from S to XL.

Website : Clean clothes


Active green apple

Founder and veteran sports designer Christopher Smith and his team members have combined unique combinations of fabrics, colors and styles for ultimate comfort. Their mission is to create new organic and biodegradable products.

All garments are made from organically grown bamboo and certified organic cotton. Sizes range from S to L for women.

Website : Active green apple


Yoga Hyde

After quitting her corporate job and following her love of yoga and design, Anne-Kerr founded L’Ore Hyde. In collaboration with yoga teachers and the yoga community, exercise items are made from organic, natural and sustainable fabrics.

There are also charity parties to benefit organizations both in their home district of New York City and around the world. They have ladies sizes from XS to L.

Website : Yoga Hyde.


Jala Clothing

Founded in 2008 by Kelly Colterman, the SoCal-inspired clothing brand is committed to ethical and responsible business and manufacturing practices. In addition, Jala Clothing has partnered with Yoga Gives Back, a non-profit organization that helps mothers in India start their own businesses and send their children to school. Sizes range from XS to L for women.

Website : Jala Clothing


Justa Yoga Wear

An innovative yoga and outdoor clothing brand that focuses on the ethical production of clothing by fairly paid Chilean women. All clothing is handmade and soon there will also be men’s clothing available. They currently range from size S to L. As they are all handmade, it is worth trying to contact them by email for specific sizes.

Website : Justa Yoga Clothing



Karma has its roots in fashion and athletics and was founded to improve lives through high, medium and low impact activities such as running, yoga, barre and après-ski. The brand promises quality, functionality and style for strong and liberated women. Sizes range from XS to XL for women.

Website : Karma



We focus on producing women’s workout clothes with quality materials and careful design. The brand offers a limited selection to focus on the highest quality. They also pride themselves on their excellent customer service. Sizes range from XS to L for women.

Website : Montiel



Oiselle (pronounced va-zell), traditionally a running brand named after the French word for bird, suggests weightlessness and a sense of flight. Founded by Sally Bergesen, the company makes beautiful, close-fitting clothing that is perfect for both mat workouts and running. Sizes range from XS to L for women.

Website : Oiselle



We focus on creating products for life, breath by breath. From their home in the Himalayas, the founders combine classic clothing principles with the spirit of yoga to connect, collaborate and make a positive impact beyond the mat. Women’s sizes range from US 2 (XXS) to 12 (XL). Men’s sizes range from S (30) to XXL (40).




The products are manufactured in Vancouver under ethical working conditions with fair wages for the workers and are EPA approved. Every product sold feeds a child in need through the BUY ONE FEED ONE program. Sizes range from S (36) to XXL (47) for men.

Website : STRONGBODY Clothing



Individually handcrafted in a Los Angeles design studio, 100% ethically and sustainably manufactured, Olympic-quality compression fabric promotes good muscle control, provides comfort and protection from chafing. The sizes for men and women run from XS to XL.

Website : VERKSHOP Eagle Rock

P.S. Although not listed, these three companies are also worth mentioning: Evolve FIT Wear, La Vie Boheme Yoga and RE3.

What are your favorite brands of yoga clothing? Share them with the community in the comments below!If you’re looking for a new yoga wear brand, you might come across some, which might make you wonder, how to make a decision? Well, that’s a difficult decision to make, because there’s a lot to consider. First, you need to take the quality of the fabric into consideration while selecting your yoga wear. Next, you might consider the length of the garments as well as the design. And lastly, if you still can’t make a decision, why not try some of the beautiful yoga wear brands and see which ones you like the most?. Read more about yoga brands and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best yoga clothing brand?

The best yoga clothing brand is Lululemon.

What are the best yoga brands?

The best yoga brands are those that offer a wide variety of styles and types of yoga, as well as a wide range of prices.

What are the best activewear brands?

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Lululemon, and H&M are some of the best activewear brands.

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