The Culture of Health Equity Network website is designed to provide information about research, policies, practices and advocacy to create and advance a culture of health equity.  We’ve captured close to two decades of our history and the intellectual capital we have dedicated to the health equity programs we have directed as well as our continuing work.

Kaiser Permanente Burch Minority Leadership Development Awards Program
The Kaiser Permanente Burch Minority Leadership Development Awards Program enhances the voices and leadership development of multi-disciplinary junior minority researchers committed to improving service to the underserved and reducing health and healthcare inequalities by strengthening support for public hospitals and other safety net providers, as well as addressing the social determinants of health. More

Kellogg Health Scholars Program
The Kellogg Health Scholars Program (KHSP), a two-year postdoctoral fellowship program that ran for seven years, trained multidisciplinary leaders skilled in research on the social determinants of health, academic-community partnering, community-based participatory and community research, and application of research to strengthen advocacy and achieve policy change. More

Scholars in Health Disparities Program
The Scholars in Health Disparities Program, one of two KHSP legacy programs, prepared a new generation of minority scientists for careers and leadership roles in health disparities research, health policy research and health policy and practice by training, mentoring and exposing them to public policy-making and knowledge exchange and the interactive process of translating research findings into policy and practice. More

Kellogg Fellows in Health Policy Research Program
The Kellogg Fellows in Health Policy Research Program supported talented underrepresented minority individuals enrolled in doctoral programs in public health, health policy or social policy leading to a doctorate over the course of at least five years. More

H. Jack Geiger Congressional Fellows in Health Policy Program
The H. Jack Geiger Congressional Fellows in Health Policy Program brought widespread attention to healthcare access and health disparities issues of minority and underserved populations in the US by providing highly trained minority health policy advisors to the Congressional Tri-Caucus groups, health committees and offices on health disparities and health policy. More

Social Determinants of Migrant Health
The Cross-National Initiative on Place, Migration and Health researchers collaborated to prepare a conference proposal on the “Social Determinants of Migrant Health” for the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center, in Bellagio, Italy. This proposal was accepted, the conference was held on October 7-11, 2014, and produced a Bellagio Report and Call to Action. More

Place, Migration and Health
, spawned from the KHSP’s place, migration and health thematic group, generates and improves knowledge on the links between migration processes and the health of (im)migrants, their families, and their sending and receiving communities using a cross-national lens for research and policy. Developed in partnership with researchers now at Brandeis University and is hosted by Brandeis. More

Diversity Data
, developed with researchers now at Brandeis University and hosted there, identifies metropolitan area indicators of diversity, opportunity, quality of life and health for various racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. It is grounded in work on urban and health inequality which point to the significance of racial/ethnic disparities in health, education, employment and housing opportunities across metro areas. More